Burundi: The unspoken on the dismissal of the Minister of Commerce, Transport, Industry and Tourism

Burundi: The unspoken on the dismissal of the Minister of Commerce, Transport, Industry and Tourism
It’s Honourable Immaculate Ndabaneze, it was removed from his duties by a decree No. 100/140 of 01 May 2021.The reasons for this dismissal are unclear in the decree which nevertheless specifies that his acts might compromise the economy of the country and to tarnish the image of Burundi. This is the official reason for its dismissal, but until then, the president or his services have not yet explained to the people what the minister Immaculate Ndabaneze is really accused. Concordant sources claim that she has been skewed at the SNR since Saturday, May 01, 2021.
The information that circulates everywhere say that it would be accused of having sold a Burundi aircraft to a South African society and diverted this money. It was not all the money that would have been diverted, but our sources say that a party would not have been paid into the coffers of the state. We will know how much the time coming. The information that it said that it would have sold without authorization from the government is denied by many sources saying that the issue had been discussed in the Council of Ministers who had authorized this sale.
It should be noted that the aircraft in question was the last of the company Air Burundi, the last flight in 2009 and the company remained of a name without air; All his staff who only sell only tickets. This device would have been sold in December 2020.
On February 4, 2021, a new airline called Burundi Airlines was created from the merger between the former Air Burundi and the Sobugea (Burundian company of warehouse management and assistance from stop aircraft). In this new company, the state will control 92%, while the Socabu insurance company holds a capital of 4%, as well as the succession of the former Belgian carrier Sabena.
In a country where malpractice and corruption have become like cancer in its economy, many observers doubtful that this new company is actually born and functioning as other known companies in Africa. So the CNDDFDD power has sold planes and buy others who have never operate. It’s very ridiculous. The Falcon 50 has made a lot of ink and saliva, nothing has been done. The CNDDFDD power sold it, the money would have been used to repay certain debts contracted during the rebellion. A president’s plane was bought with the money from the Amisom mission, with very few hours of flight, he did not have the flying permission because his license was almost at the end; It is currently at Melchior Ndadaye Airport. There is also another plane that would have been given by China and which did not steal. Probably that China would have given it in exchange for other farms in the country or deliveries of goods not yet known. China also provided drones that did not serve the country because the army thought he had ordered combat drones; she was surprised on arrival. We are not talking about the helicopters who have been purchased but who have never stolen.
Another no less important file that would be the true reason for the dismissal of the Immaculate Ndabaneze Minister would be the salt that has been given as aid in Burundi by Egypt. When this salt was landed in Burundi, it was noticed that he did not meet the standards. It has been suspended for consumption. The minister then revealed this secret while the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye probably wanted to change packaging to sell it. The money that comes from this salt was intended to protect the port of Bujumbura from the recent waters of Tanganyika Lake. When the decree of dismissal talks about the risk of compromising the economy of the country and tarnishing the image of Burundi, it is probably worth that it is.
We will then know more on the two files that would be at the base of the removal of the minister. It may be an emissary goat while there are other people behind this file or other hidden reasons; Everything seems to be organized by power to show the national and international opinion that President Evariste Ndayishimiye is determined to combat malpractice and corruption in his country. Which is not true because the great thieves are around him and are more powerful than him; He only lament in front of the pickups and cameras, but he cannot even send them a word to the risk of being ejected from his chair. URN Hitamwoneza only reminds the Burundian people that we should not wait for a development of the country when we have leaders who stand out only in blood crimes and economic crimes. Once again, the solution is unique: get rid of these false leaders to leave this place with compatriots and rallies who can put together all the strong forces of the nation and capitalize. And they are numerous and all trends. To everyone to make efforts to achieve this transfer of power. Together, we will get there.

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