Burundi: Evariste Ndayishimiye sends in DRC other imbonerakure to strengthen the mai maï who chasing the Banyamulenge

Burundi: Evariste Ndayishimiye sends in DRC other imbonerakure to strengthen the mai maï who chasing the Banyamulenge
The whole world is observing helpless the massacres of the Congolese Rwandophone Tutsis, called the Banyamulenge. In recent months, more than 200 thousand have been forced to leave their lands following the fights that took place in the highlands of South Kivu in the DRC. Whole villages were burned, looted cattle and gathered to feed the fighters May May, associated with other foreign weapons groups. These actions aim to drive out of their lands these Banyamulenge, considered as strangers in this territory that they have been living since 1510 before the arrival of other tribes such as babembes, Bafurero and Banyindu, according to some sources. Some observers say that these acts are comparable to the genocide of the Tutsis of the DRC except that there is no government’s will to talk about true genocide. However, the Congolese army is present, even the Monusco is witnessing these large-scale massacres.
Many media relayed messages showing attacks on the Banyamulenge led by May may associated with the Burundian rebels of Red Tabara. Even if this movement has released late a communiqué, the question should be asked relating of the interest of Red Tabara fighters to attack the Banyamulenge. If the Red Tabara says fighting the Government of Evarsist Ndayishimiye, what relationship is there between cnddfdd power and the Banyamulenge? None in our sense. Why should Red Tabara do alliance with May may killing the Banyamulenge instead of going to fight in Burundi? So that, in turn they can one day support them for a fight in Burundi? We do not have an answer to this question.
But our sources of information in the DRC tell us that it is mostly the Nyamusalaba fighters who have associated with the Imbonerakure of the CNDDFDD power to puzzle these Congolese Rwandophones Tutsis. They openly tell them to return home to Rwanda while the DRC is their motherland. Nyamusalaba is the long-standing ally of CNDDFDD power; at a certain moment, he lived in Kamenge in Bujumbura City Hall, with a Guard of Burundian security services.
It is in this context that President Evariste Ndayishimiye has just sent this weekend (from April 30 to May 02, 2021), Imbonerarakure reinforcements in this region of the DRC. According to the testimonials of the population, some would have been recruited in the municipality of Musigati in Province Bubanza, others were gathered at the Mugina football field in Cibitoke Province before taking the departure to east of the DRC. Some information says they each received 100 thousand francs of mission expenses, and 200 thousand francs being paid on their accounts in Burundi.
Evariste Ndayishimiye knows that he has already mastered the Tutsis of Burundi, he wants to expand his influence in the DRC by associating on the other Hutu extremists with a view to completing his regional genocide project. It should be noted that its Imbonerakure militia is also in contact with the INTERAHAMWE FDRL and the FLNs seeking to destabilize Rwanda through Burundi. These negative forces enjoy multifaceted support for Ndayishimiye power in their plan to attack Rwanda.
The problem of the Banyamulenge is therefore in the plan of destabilization, annihilation or even genocide of the Tutsis of the region by Hutus extremists who have committed a lot of blood crimes and who seek to find power or to maintain it to escape international justice
Rwandan President Paul Kagame believes that it takes a concerted plan to stop these Banyamulenge killings. According to Igihe.com, he said at a conference of the extended National Executive Committee of the FPR Party held from April 30 at 01 may 2021. Meetings between the heads of the national armed groups and those of the security bodies of the countries concerned, organized in partnership with MONUSCO, could face this insecurity in the region, says this great African visionary.
URN Hitamwoneza has repeatedly said and never cease to remind him that as long as criminals are in business in some countries like Burundi, the sub-region will never have peace. Those who have courage are nice to enter into talks with them, they will never succeed in lasting peace; They will always pretend to arrive on a compromise, but the implementation will always be impossible. The only sustainable solution is that all criminals are put in the places they deserve and that citizens are led by clean hands leaders, and they are numerous. Only those ones will be able to make peace in the country and in the sub region by combating together with other countries, all the forces of evil who sow death and desolation in the sub region. The United Nations Security Council should support this honest men’s plan if it does not want to attend another genocide again in the Great Lakes sub region.

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