Burundi: What does the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye wait to implement effective citizen protection strategies against COVID-19?

Burundi: What does the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye wait to implement effective citizen protection strategies against COVID-19?
 » The best protection against this global pandemic is prevention, read this beautiful sentence on the RTNB tweeter (National Burundi Broadcast), citing the Minister of Public Health, Thaddée Ndikumana. It is among the greatest leaders of the fight against this pandemic; But the assessment of this today’s work is negative. If the Burundians do not die in cascading as in India or yesterday in Italy, it is not because the authorities have made efforts to combat this scourge, it is necessary to look for the cause elsewhere. The authorities have completely failed their mission of protection of the population; So much so that we are concerned about the danger of this global pandemic.
The best protection is prevention. That is true. It’s the vaccine. And the countries around the world are doing everything to have sufficient doses to vaccinate their citizens. The European Union is at the stadium to no longer allow travellers to attend their countries if they are not vaccinated. Tomorrow, no one can be allowed to board the transport aircraft of persons without Covid-19 vaccination card. And yet, the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye does not hear about vaccine. It is not yet safe, it is still at the trial level, the Russian vaccine is awaited, these are all pretexts put forward by the Minister Thaddée Ndikumana in charge of the health of Burundians. The real reason is elsewhere. Burundi does not have financial means to obtain it, but also and above all, Burundi lacks informed leadership that could come into contact with other nations to receive them and repay them gradually. It goes to the health of a whole people, and the whole world is very sensitive about this global health issue.
The other means of more or less effective prevention is the implementation of known barriers from around the world. But, it is still preceded by an outrage awareness of the population on these measures and the availability of the necessary equipment (masks, water and handwashing material etc.). In Burundi, the authorities speak when opportunities are present, they did not prioritize them. Some CNDFDD leaders even stated that the masks should not be wearing, that it gives a bad image of the country. Imagine that! Moreover, it is said that the leader is the example. The little that the people were able to catch the barrier measures to protect against COVID-19 cannot be applied because the leaders seem to be concerned with the port of masks. The President of the Republic and his continuation bear the masks only when they land at the airport of another country that has serious leaders who know the value of being good models for their peoples. In churches, in meetings bringing together thousands of people, Evariste Ndayishimiye, like other CNDDFDD leaders, never wear masks and social distance is not their concern. However, there is a commission in charge of raising awareness and fight against CVIV-19 led by the Minister of the Interior, Public Safety and Community Development, Gervais Ndirakobuca and the Minister of Health, Thaddee Ndikumana. What assessment does she show? In his recent meeting, this committee only deplored « some relaxation in the strict enforcement of the barriers against Covid-19, especially during the holidays in Bujumbura town hall, read on a tweeter of RTNB. Here, reading this message, the question that all those who know what is done in Burundi on protection against Covid-19 are entitled to ask the question of when and where these barrier measures have been applied? We observe Burundian days in parties, in the churches, in the markets, in the clubs, in transport buses etc. … crammed like bean bags, without masks
Today, the information to our possession say that there is a shocking lack of reagents for Cvid-19 tests, the little that remained had been reserved for those who come from outside the country. The others, with this pandemic or not, they continue to circulate mutually contaminating without knowing it. The Minister Thaddée Ndikumana announced on May 4, 2021 that Burundi was expecting 100 thousand rapid tests, which will allow them to detect students, state officials and traders. At the same time, he announced the reopening of the border of Gatumba to allow the resumption of trade between Burundians and Congolese. Screening stations will be installed on the border, in Gatumba, according to the minister. What about their operation? What about the availability of equipment in sufficiency? In all ways, it is also another source of entry from the pandemic to Burundi; Which may do more damage than it does today. People die at home by lack of care and no one talks about it
URN Hitamwoneza believes that the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye took bankrupt on its mission of protection of the Burundian people against this pandemic of COVID -19. Burundians are called upon to use ways to protect themselves. We know it’s very difficult when it is not a government requirement so that everyone to observe the same rules, but, avoid public places, bring disinfectant products, wear a mask, so many measurements. Who can help you limit easy contamination.
But, you must think of putting pressure on the CNDDFDD power so that it is more serious and more responsible for imposing such behaviour to all for the interest of the people, otherwise the Burundians will be in isolated day from the rest of the world. If power is incapable or manifests its poor will to do so, replace it would be the best solutions. And it becomes a duty of every Burundian. Together, we can

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