Burundi: The colonizer has reduced the areas of Burundi and Rwanda to weaken Tutsis and better control these states.

Burundi: The colonizer has reduced the areas of Burundi and Rwanda to weaken Tutsis and better control these states.
Everyone is of the opinion that the boundaries of our states were not the same before the arrival of the white man they are today. Burundi and Rwanda were broader than they are on this day. The two states were well organized, which is why it was very difficult in the colon to penetrate and control them. Everyone remembers the resistance of Mwezi Gisabo to the Germans
The historians tell us that the kingdoms of Burundi extended both to Tanzania and to the DRC. The current Tanzania has a large area which was a territory of Burundi (Bugufi and Buhangaza). The Gisaka region of Rwanda had also been annexed on Tanzania, but it was quickly recovered and delivered to Rwanda. On the side of the DRC, the Bushi and Bugenzi which constitute the North Kivu; the Bufuru, currently South Kivu would be territories of Burundi; So much so that Lake Tanganyika was inside Burundi. The proof is that King Kinyoni was called King of the Barundi is to say Burundian communities who still live in this part is the DRC. Three-quarters of the population that occupies these territories are of Burundian origin, while a quarter would be of Rwandan origin.
The cutting of Africa took place between November 1884 and February 1885 with the Berlin Conference. It is surprising and people continue to ask questions of why vast countries like the DRC, Tanzania and Uganda enjoyed the territories of small countries like Burundi and Rwanda so much so that some became still larger and others even smaller. « For we will give to the one who has, and he will be in abundance, but to the one who does not seem to take away what he has  »: Matthew 13: 12
The answer is in the will of the settlers to reduce the power of the chiefs of these states in order to be able to dominate them without much difficulties. When they found that the density the population of these countries was great, they resorted to a decongestion system, sending some Rwandans or Burundians in the DRC. A Burundian family that had 8 boys could be stripped of 4 of the 8 to send them to South Kivu. A way also to empty the formidable human resources on which the king could appeal. We will come back in detail on this file in our next editions.
URN Hitamwoneza asks everyone who has information about it to write to us to highlight the truth that many do not want to put in broad daylight. If there are always endless baffles in this region between Rwanda-East of the DRC and Burundi, the Colon has a large part of responsibility. If Hutu extremists from the area have always sought and still seeks to eliminate Tutsis, the origin can also be searched on the colon side. However, after their departure (even if they keep some influence on our leaders and always seek to stubborn fire), our leaders should, over time, have already introduced systems that bring together our populations to avoid unnecessary disorders and think about development.

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