Burundi: The colonizer has reduced the area of Burundi and Rwanda to weaken Tutsis and better control these states (second part)

Burundi: The colonizer has reduced the area of Burundi and Rwanda to weaken Tutsis and better control these states (second part)
It is surprising that large states such as DRC and Tanzania have benefited from the colonizer from other territories that returned to Burundi and left it with such small area. We said it in our edition yesterday, if it is true that the Berlin conference subdivided Africa on map and not based on social realities, it is also true that some peoples of Africa, including the Burundians who we Today, have opposed a fierce resistance to the arrival of the colonizer. The most quoted example is that of Mwezi Gisabo and his troops who resisted in front of German machine guns for 7 years as they used arrows and arrows, spears and shields. One would not be wrong if it was said that Mwezi Gisabo defeated the Germans, to see the capacity of the material used by the two parts that ended up the signature of the Kiganda Treaty. Even if a lot of Burundians have fallen on the battlefield, we must recognize their bravery and patriotic spirit. The case of Bihome should be a good example of a flawless patriotism; He who has agreed to wear Mwami’s clothes to be killed in his place when he saw that he was under threat. He knew that when the chief dies in combat, the risk is great that the troop lies moral and dispersed in disorder. He then preferred to give his life to save the country and the people.
Today, we are interested in knowing why monarchical regimes before the arrival of the white man were very strong. Their organization was flawless. A well-structured organization, everyone knows his role for the smooth running of society. From the summit base, justice was assured, the Bashingantae (notable) were just and honest men who even went to lose trial to the king. His advisers were men of honour who made sure that the king’s decisions do not compromise the smooth running of the whole nation. A situation squarely different from the current situation where justice tanks from the injunctions on the injunctions of the leaders who govern; The advisers seeking only to simply say what pleases the leader who has committed them, just to stay in this position and have his salary at the end of the month. And we said to be educated patriot. Ridicule does not kill.
All the areas of life were well organized, so much so that nothing useful was missing from society. The defence force of the princes, the king and the country was formed from a young age, starting with learning to aim with jets of remnants of corn trunks (Ibitirritiri); Then with arrows and spears. From 18 years old, Burundians should train in combat. Many selections were made to find the most efficient to defend the king and suite.
We also mentioned that the territory of Burundi before the 1850s was too vast because the current Burundi, the North and the South Kivu of the DRC as well as the North Buha and South Buha on the side of Tanzania. All people living in these parts have Burundian origins.
We will come back to our next editions
URN Hitamwoneza reminds the military clique that takes hostage the Burundian people to proclaim  » patriot  », more serious  » father of the nation  » is neither less nor more of the copy-paste of the monarchical period while in reality, they do the opposite of royal governance. The king was the true father of the Nation because he directed for everyone without exclusion. Today, you are not a member of the ruling party, you are not allowed to participate in the management of your country if you are not killed, imprisoned or forced to exile. What kind of parent who nourishes some of these children and kills others? Burundi has leaders who love all citizens without exclusion. It remains to imagine the strategies to put out of state to harm those who sow hate and violence. The Sooner could be the better

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