Burundi: The colonizer has reduced the area of Burundi and Rwanda to weaken Tutsis and better control these states (third part).Why the Berlin conference?

Burundi: The colonizer has reduced the area of Burundi and Rwanda to weaken Tutsis and better control these states (third part).
Why the Berlin conference?
Our approach to demonstrate why our states (Burundi and Rwanda) were crumbled for the benefit of immense states such as Tanzania and the DRC, continues its way home. Our previous edition tried to show how monarchical powers like that of Burundi were strong and well organized so much that the penetration of white men was very hard and duller. We have already shown that Burundi was, well before the Berlin Conference, which has come to draw the new limits of African countries, a vast country that stretched not only on the current area of Burundi, but also on the North and the South Kivu of the current DRC and the North Buha and Buha South (Tanzania side)
Today, we retreat back to see when, how and why the organization of the Berlin Conference that resulted in redrawing the new limits of Africa, not to mention that of our country Burundi.
Our historians tell us that with the second half of the 19th century, the European countries that began to develop and have a lot of industries needed to sell their products, but also to have raw materials to operate, in a sustainable way, their industries. It was then necessary to see them elsewhere, in Africa and Asia, so much more than their basements were not so sanitized in mineral matters. Many writings simply say that the causes of the convening of the Berlin Conference were  » rivalry between the European powers in Central Africa  ». Convened on the initiative of the German Chancellor Ottovan Bismarek and the French Prime Minister Jules Ferry, it took place between November 1884 and February 1885. Participated in this conference 14 countries including 12 of Europe and the United States of America and Russia (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Empire Ottoman, Spain, United States, France, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia and Sweden). African peoples and kings were kept away from all discussions.
We propose you the General Act signed on February 26, 1885, on behalf of the Almighty God, according to the participants in the Conference:  » Wanting to settle, in a spirit of good mutual agreement, the most favourable conditions for the development of trade and civilization in some parts of Africa, and ensure all peoples the benefits of free navigation on the two major African rivers that flow into the Atlantic Ocean; Desiring, on the other hand, to prevent misunderstandings and the challenges that could raise new possession on the coast of Africa in the future, and at the same time concerned with the means of increasing moral well-being and Materials of indigenous populations, resolved, on the invitation that was sent to them by the Imperial Government of Germany, in agreement with the Government of the French Republic, to bring together a conference in Berlin for this purpose, and discussed and discussed and Adopted the following points: (1) a declaration relating to freedom of trade in the Congo Basin, its mouths and circumcise countries, with certain related provisions; (2) a statement regarding slave trafficking and operations that, on Earth or Sea, provide slaves to trafficking; (3) a declaration relating to the neutrality of the territories included in the conventional basin of the Congo; (4) an act of navigation of the Congo, which, taking into account the local circumstances, extends to this river, its tributaries and the waters which are assimilated to them, the general principles set out in Articles 108 to 116 of the final act of the Congress of Vienna and intended to settle, between the signatory powers of this act, the free navigation of the navigable watercourses that separate or cross several states, principles conventionally applied since to the rivers of Europe and America, and in particular in the Danube, with the amendments provided for by the Paris Treaties of L856, from Berlin of 1878 and London of 1871 and 1883; (5) an act of navigation of Niger, which also taking into account the local circumstances, extends to this river and its tributaries the same principles enshrined in Articles 108 to 116 of the Final Act of the Vienna Congress; 6 ° a declaration introducing in the international relations of the uniform rules relating to the occupations which may take place in the future on the coast of the African continent.
In a few words, in addition to market research and raw materials in Africa, the objective of this Conference was to avoid conflicts that could bind the occupation of our African countries by these States. Those who came to Burundi did not have facilities; they managed to overcome and occupy the country after harsh battles. The King’s strength resided in cohesion and unity between Burundians, a good organization of the country and a training of badasigane (the royal force) with an outstanding patriotic sense. We will come back to our later editions.
URN Hitamwoneza benefits from this opportunity to remind the CNDFDD leaders who are currently leading Burundi that their colonial behaviour to ‘’divide to reign »(exclusion of all Tutsis and Hutu of the opposition of the country’s management) will lead them to them only to their defeat in all areas (especially security and development). For them, staying in power in any conditions and continue to loot the little that remains as economy of the country; It’s their main concern. The Burundian people should not observe this situation helpless. Everyone should meditate on the ways and means necessary to free this country from this more devastating colonization than that of white men. It’s a question of time; The departure of these lack of vision leaders is near; But, everyone is challenged to give his contribution.

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