Burundi: Burundi is a daily bereaved by imbonerakure who have been armed by the CNDDFDD power

Burundi: Burundi is a daily bereaved by imbonerakure who have been armed by the CNDDFDD pouwer

This is too much. The children of Burundi die every day; families are always mourning in a country that is safe. Even during the war period that lasted more than 10 years, we did not register as many deaths a day. There is curse in our poor country. Hold: Only aware of the past weekend (from May 8th to 9th, 2021), more than 20 people died in Burundi. Think about this loss of human resources that the country has just recovered in one-time lapse. It’s regrettable.
The most unfortunate thing is that some Burundians are killed by members of the Imbonerakure militia of the CNDDFDD, to whom the power has distributed weapons, a shame for a country that of the defence and security forces in sufficient number, with the opportunity to recruit as much as it wants according to the need. The Imbonerakure militia is the main cause of the largest number of Burundians who die since its creation. It’s a real CNDDFDD system killing machine.
The recent ambuscade tense on 4 vehicles on the road Bujumbura Muramvya, 4 km from Muramvya this Sunday 9 May 2021 has just made a very heavy balance of deaths. 13 people in all would be dead (those who died on the field and those that would be succumbed from their hospital injuries). Here, it is not useless to point out that President Evariste Ndayishimiye and his wife had joined the same day to the Christians of Muramavya in the Sunday prayer. This precision is important. We will come back to it.
The ambush of Muramvya has created a lot of polemics. According to the witnesses, it is a carefully prepared operation and done by experienced people who are familiar with the premises. Heavily armed men and who even had grenades have made too much damage. Vehicles would have also been burned. Among the victims are a colonel of the FDNB named Onesphore Nizigiyimana, working for the African Union (logistics leader at Eastbricom) which was on leave. He travelled aboard a private vehicle with the members of his biological family. He and one of his children died on the field; The child would be burned with the vehicle, his wife and the others were injured.
The information not yet verified say it is the colonel Onesphore Nizigiyimana which would be sought in this ambush. The others would have fallen on this shot. Why? We will talk about it later.
This kind of operation is entrusted to the immbonerakure of the locality who know the places well. These operations are always well coordinated. Pierre Nkurikiye, the current spokesman of the department who encompasses both inside, public safety and community development is informed in advance to mount things to say after action. The imbonerakure of the locality are prepared to launch audio messages via whatsaap to alert others (but also to disorient the opinion) that these are criminals who have just attacked and that you have to look for them everywhere. Police announces that she has apprehended some suspected criminals and that surveys will continue. Nobody has annexed the suite reserved for these surveys. This is the scenario around the assassinations organized by the CNDDFDD system. It is already known to all.
Apart from this case of Muramvya on May 9, 2021, people remember the careful attack of people in a Cabaret de Rusaka in Mwaro on April 16, 2021 where 7 people were coldly executed with AK47 by men not yet identified. According to the witnesses, people to kill were targeted. This action has been put on the back of the political opponents, people have been arrested, authorities as the first vice-president of the Republic, himself native of the province involved; One way to get the tracks of serious investigations because the culprits were known.
Another ambush in the image of that of Muramvya took place on the RN7, on December 30, 2020, where a vehicle on board were 5 people was riddled with bullets on the route Ijenda -Bujumbura in Buhoro in the municipality of Mugongomanga. Sybella, 25, inhabitant Mutanga Nord died in this attack, 3 among the occupants of the vehicle were injured. The police announced that it stopped 2 people with a can of gasoline and medicine and that it continued to look for a third. How did she know that the criminals were 3? What was the filter of gasoline and medicine? A montage to make it believe that it is a rebellion group like social networks were already starting to circulate that it is a rebel group that has been ambushed this 9 May 2021 On the road Muramvya Bujumbura. Some even did not hesitate to say that it is the Red Tabara which is cited in many dirty strokes until the Banyamulenge massacres in the DRC.
It is limited to the three cases to illustrate these kinds prepared by the CNDDFDD system and which are either attributed to the bandits or to rebel groups.
These blows and ambushes can only be made by the Imboberakure militia because, patrolling everywhere on all the hills, there is no means that another unknown group can interpose each other to commit a package in a given sector. How to explain that a sector like the Muramavya region (not to mention the most recent case) where the President of the Republic had spent a day, he could be organized an operation as thoroughly as the one who took the life of a dozen people, by people who are not from the sector and without any coverage for their decline? Impossible. This proves sufficient that this action is the work of the Imbonerakure. Those who advance the thesis, like the attack targeted Colonel OneShore Nizigimana say that, being a close to Evariste Ndayishimiye and Prime Niyongabo, Camp Bunyoni and Ndakugarika would be a sponsor of the operation. This CNDFDD member would be the great commissionaire for the two men ( Evariste and Prime) for the fees from the Amison (given his position at the African Union) to which Bunyoni did not have easy access. Hence the reason for its elimination.
URN Hitamwoneza finds outrageous use of the CNDDFDD killing machine, the imbonerakure that use the means of the state, to kill the Tutsis and the Hutus of the opposition, but also to eliminate the annoying elements of the CNDFDD; and all this for seventy interests of false leaders who run this country. It’s time if it’s not too late for this situation to cease. And she cannot stop as long as these men remain the first managers of the country. To all of us blow them up and place them in the place they deserve, prison. This is the only way to give peace and security to all Burundians without exception. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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