Burundi: The colonizer reduced the areas of Burundi and Rwanda to weaken Tutsis and better control these states (sixth part).

Burundi: The colonizer reduced the areas of Burundi and Rwanda to weaken Tutsis and better control these states (sixth part).
In 1916, Hens Meyer, in his book  » Die Burundi  » Page 27: « As long as the Batutsis will be the masters of the country, an intellectual and cultural rise of the Barundi people remains impossible, because only this low level of the Bahutus, maintained during a secular isolation, ensures batutsis dominion. For the moment, we will have to stay in good terms with the Batutsi and materially interest them in our initiatives in Urundi, because we are still too weak to go openly in the field against them. But the purpose of a long-term colonial policy should be to break the batutus dominance, to release the Bahutus from Batutsis joug and to gain them to our civilizations that also correspond to their own interests  »
This sentence of Hens Meyer shows very well how much colonization was able to destroy a well-established and respected administrative structure of everyone, Hutus like Tutsis, to be able to divide the Burundians and thus have facilities to reign. The Germans have seen how difficult it was to penetrate and directly impose their dominance in Burundians; The Belgians found Burundians united and it was necessary to divide them to control them well. The colonizing strategy was first of all to show the Tutsis that they are intelligent, the only ones able to lead, that the Hutus are incapable because not educated and not elegant. On the other side of the medal, the settlers said to the Hutus that they are numerous, that it is impossible to be dominated by numerically minority Tutsis. It was a way to revolt them against Tutsis. It is this colonial policy that resulted in the 1959 social revolution in Rwanda. An example that has always tried the Hutus of Burundi; They have always tried to copy and paste without doing it perfectly; Which did not fail to cause innocent Burundian blood rashes. But, the Burundian leaders have kept the unity whatever Hutu extremists kept provoking opportunities to exterminate Tutsis or simply to push the power to act with force to enjoy it and revolt the Hutu mass.
Until independence, Burundi has kept the unit between Burundians and Prince Louis Rwagasore and his Uprona party have been the undeniable model. To Albert Mauss’s Hutu Extreme Ideas (Albert Mauss was a missionary of Scheut in Ruanda-Urundi, defeated and contributed to the creation of the APROSOMA (Association for the Promotion of Mass) in Ruanda and the PP (Party of the People ) in Burundi. He had settled in Resha from where he committed suicide rather than return to a metropolis); Prince Louis Rwagasore replied that Burundi does not have a breed problem, that his concern is to find solutions to the development of « small » and « weak who do not have a race ».  » And we find small and weak in all the layers of the company  ». For Rwagasore, attempting to separate the Hutus from other groups, the Tutsis of the rest of the population; Imagine forgetting the batwa or the Ganwa, all this is suicidal because it’s putting your finger between bark and tree  ». In other words, adds the prince, it is distorting the Burundian nation; It’s violating it in its essence. And, convinced of its Burundian unity policy, Rwagasore thought that « nobody can reach long term yesterday, like today or tomorrow  » if it returned today, it would be extremely disappointed with current leaders. He would find a diametrically opposed policy to his.
The example of Hens Meyer and Albert Mauss (these are just examples) shows how much the colonizer has always sought to divide our peoples into ethnic groups in order to weaken us in us now in these deadly baffles to better dominate us. The problem is that this policy of « dividing to reign » has resulted in genocides perpetrated by extremist huts who only dream of being able to disappear on the planet Earth all Tutsis; which is impossible
URN Hitamwoneza has always shouted up and strong that the ideology of genocide conveyed by some extremist hutus of the sub region must be combated; Which are currently facing for once again provoking another genocide in the region, but the international community does not seem to give value to our cries of warning. Perhaps the sub region is not sufficiently weakened so that Westerners can strengthen their influence and draw the natural resources there. Support genocidaires by all means (financial support from countries in the form of development projects) is the strategy used by some countries to achieve their goal. We must then be vigilant to fail these macabre plans for genocidaires and their partners by barring the road to these governments like that of Burundi who only seek to sow hate, divisions and war between peoples. United, we will overcome. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
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