Burundi: Ntibantunganya sylvestre occult the truth of 1972 to make us forget its role in the planning of 1993 Tutsis genocide

Burundi: Ntibantunganya sylvestre occult the truth of 1972 to make us forget its role in the planning of 1993 Tutsis genocide
The Senate of Burundi organizes conferences debates with the end objective of qualifying the massacres of the Hutus made by the power Michel Micombero in 1972 of ‘genocide of Hutus ». The mission given to the CVR of Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, to dig up all the bones of the people rightly qualified from victims of 1972 returns in this plan. We say well  » rightly exclaimed  » not to deny that they do not exist, but simply because we are sure and some that Ndayicariye does not have technical means to know if such a bone dates from 1965, 1972, 1993, etc … He says his team is content with the testimonies of the people who saw the stage; But, he forgets that when they make montages to prepare Hutus who killed the Tutsis in 1993 to show where they threw them to dig up to disappear the traces of the 1993 Tutsis genocide, all Hutus are not agree with this plan. These are these same Hutus who reveal this plan. All Hutus are not extremist, some even hidden their neighbours Tutsis in 1993. This testimony says a lot – an old Hutu named Rurrankiriza living in 100 m of Parish Gasenyi / Kayanza gave him death when he saw machetes landed in his home by the former Director-General of the documentation, Mr. Ndikumwami Richard, having echoed the destination of these machetes (C.à.dd killing Tutsis), Rurankiriza, who had deep friendships with Tutsis, and , having begged his two sons to not adjoin such acts but obtained from them an end of non-reception, rather preferred to kill himself instead of attending these massacres-
Here we have no intention to deny the Hutus massacres that have been made by the Micombero power. We find it scandalous and all those who committed this crime should have been judged and punished. Only we insuring against the politician exploitation of these events by extremist huts like Nibantunganya, Ndayicariye and the military clique to power who only seek to revolt the Hutus by telling them that it is the Tutsis who killed their fathers and grandfathers in 1972 so that they get up to take revenge against Tutsis. This is the Tutsis genocide plan that these extremist Hutu leaders seek to continue to implement in Burundi and the sub region.
Nibantunganya Sylvestre who plays the clever by passing by the truth of what happened by telling what was asked by the CNDDFDD power, it is among the first planners of the Tutsis genocide in 1993 (see report S / 1996/682 of August 22, 1996). After these extremist Hutus remarked that they did not kill all the Tutsis as they had planned because the army was able to intervene and save what remained to save, they resumed the rebellion saying to defend democracy while in reality the goal was to continue this incomplete genocide. Ntibantunganya was also among the designers of this plan and he supported this rebellion even when he was president of the Republic. Many reports on the genocide of Rwandan Tutsis in 1994 show that Sylvestre Ntibantunganya argued that the Interahamwe genocidaires who were in Zaire (current DRC) take up arms to kill the survivors under the pretext that they go on the counter-attack to recover the power already conquered by the RPF. It is therefore the ideology of genocide that it has learned, as other members of the Frodebu and currently members of the CNDFDD, at the School of Juvenal Havyariman which animates them. Instead of going to the competent jurisdictions and responding from his actions, it is awarded lessons after obscuring the truth about what happened in 1972.
In his presentation in front of a thousand people selectively invited to support his remarks, without asking any questions, he shows that he calls Hutu genocide in 1972 has been prepared since 1961 by the Tutsis Hima under what he calls ‘’ Simbananiye plan’’ that he recalls the 4 stages: to sow ethnic hatred and dirty the Hutu leaders; provoke the anger of the population; Spread rumours of recovery by force by the Hutus and stop and kill Hutus based on the pre-established lists. It is happening for an intellectual, but there are not the stages of the genocide. If the conference participants had the right to ask conflicting questions (everyone is afraid of saying what is wrong with the guideline of the power of power), Sylvester Nbbantunganya should tell the public who listened to the one who listened to him who recruited and formed the May Malele who attacked the country and who killed Tutsis in the south of the country. Is it Micombero who would have sacrificed Tutsis from his province of origin to have a pretext to kill Hutus? Did the SIMBANANIYE PLAN he spoke had that heading if he saw it and read? In 1993, Hutu was seen to take machetes (mostly distributed by the national documentation) and systematically kill their Tutsis neighbours on incitement of Frodebu leaders, a party of which Ntibantunganya was among the first founders. Could he tell what corner he saw Tutsis take the machetes and kill Hutus?
That the CNDDFDD power it is serving because they share the ideology of genocide of Tutsis declares tomorrow that in 1972 there was genocide of Hutus, it is their right. But who will accept it? Only Hutus extremists like them who know what they want to succeed. But they stop putting on the back of Tutsis the responsibility of killing their Hutu neighbours. They did not do it; let alone current generations that do not know anything about what happened. To want to make it an important file today aims once again to silence Tutsis who would talk about what a handful of extremists in power, yesterday Frodebu, today CNDFDD, have done since 1993 until today. But what they need to know is that the strength they have today, they will not have eternally and one day will have to answer for their actions.
URN Hitamwoneza is once again against all orchestrated killings in Burundi since time. All those who killed innocent Burundians (Hutus like Tutsis, military as rebels) should be judged and punished in accordance with the law. This impunity makes the same extremists continue to invent the innovative extermination strategies just to maintain power and remain definitely unpunished. We tell them that everything has a beginning and an end. Their end will be tragic; And she is close. That the hints, Hutus like Tutsis, do not despair, the good will soon overcome evil, the truth is to the point of triumphing over the lie conveyed by these extremists. We will absolutely have to live together as Burundians; Just have good unifying leaders. They will emerge among us soon. Let’s have a little patience.

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