Burundi: President Evariste Ndayishimiye installed in an armchair he does not deserve (second part)

Burundi: President Evariste Ndayishimiye installed in an armchair he does not deserve (second part)
Balance sheet: Security
It was May 20, 2020, all the Burundians mobilized to go very early on the polling stations to fulfil their citizen duty: to elect the President of the Republic as well as their representatives (the members); since the two elections were scheduled the same day. Yes, they voted, and they voted well. Unfortunately, they are now led by the one they did not want to see the head of the state. This is General Evariste Ndayishimiye who is sitting in an armchair he stole. A Rundi adage says it’s easy to steal a drum, but have a place to beat without being heard becomes very difficult. Evariste Ndayishimiye took a power that did not belong to him, but exercise it for the interest of the people is difficult task for him. Soon a year at the head of the Burundian state, but the results are largely negative. A student who fails is either returned or can redouble in the same class to try again the following year. Evariste Ndayishimiye does not deserve second chance, so his failure is deep.
We start today by developing one year’s assessment at the head of the state safely. We will also continue in all sectors of national life.
This year of the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye was mainly marked by the assassination of Tutsis and Hutus of the Opposition of the CNL. The number of corpses discovered especially on Rusizi in Cibitoke province says it. Human Rights Organizations in Burundi provide a record of 368 people since the beginning of the year 2020, of which 278 has been only since the beginning of the investiture of Evariste Ndayishimiye in power. The ITEKA League gives us the details of the balance sheets of the second half of the year 2020 and the first quarter of the year 2021: from July to September 2020, 198 people were killed including 72 corpses that were discovered; 13 people missing, 30 women and girls who are victims of sexual violence and gender-based; 44 tortured people; 407 people arbitrarily arrested; from October to December 2020, 123 people were killed including 63 corpses found and 11 victims of extrajudicial executions; 22 missing persons; 32 victims of sexual violence and gender-based; 21 people tortured and 265 arbitrary arrests; From January to March 2021, we read in the report that 82 people were killed including 37 corpses found and 3 victims of extrajudicial executions; 5 disappeared persons; 18 victims of sexual violence and gender-based; 15 people tortured and 235 arbitrary arrests;
It must be emphasized here that it has been since the beginning of the Ndayishimiye power that a lot of corpses were beheaded; a practice recognized at the FDRL / Interahamwe. On the same register, the Evariste Ndayishimiye power has greatly supported Rwandan genocidaires grouped into the FDLR / FLN who disrupted the security of neighbouring Rwanda from the Kibira Forest / Burundi side. Yet this power did not fail to participate in meetings with military and diplomatic authorities with Rwandans, but without results
This period was also marked by attacks of rebel groups like Red Tabara that only gave this criminal power a golden opportunity to kill and torture the Tutsis of affected areas and Hutus of the CNL. More than a hundred young Tuts were arrested, and no one knows where they are today; Some would be already killed (they would be among the corpses found here and there), the lucky stroll in prisons after being tortured.
Its diet has also been characterized by attacks / ambuscades attributed to armed bandits while at the end of it are blows mounted by power through the NSR for account regulations or to eliminate some annoying elements of power. We will remember recent attack on the Bujumbura Muramvya road that took 13 people while the ambush specifically targeted a FDNB officer. Successive attacks in the province of Mwaro are also in this guideline. These are conflicts between members of the CNDDFDD who have already carried over more than a dozen lives; But power has always benefited from stopping and imprisoning opposition people (ex fab, young Tutis and CNL members). The game is already known to all.
All these crimes are committed by the SNR and some members of the defence and security forces that are under control of President Ndayishimiye and especially by his Imbonerakure militia that he continues to sing the merits. Since it is in power, and following the passage to the land of said Red Tabara elements, this militia benefited from other training sessions everywhere in the country, after which they were also reinforced in arming (weapons additional were distributed). This militia has also strengthened its presence in the DRC be saying to look for the rebels that attack Burundi from the east of this country, whereas in reality, they accompany FDLR / FNL elements (which leave Burundi to go for Completely logistics in their bases) in FDNB fighting outfits not to be easily spotted.
Note also this harassment that power Ndayishimiye has strengthened on Burundian refugees, in collaboration with the Magufuli power, to force them to return to the country; One way to show the international community that peace is a reality in Burundi. Refugees have been removed in the camps by immbonerakure sent by the Ndayishimiye power and in support with Tanzanian police; Some were killed, other tortured in the dungeons of Tanzania, others handed over by the Tanzanian police at the SNR; A dozen found themselves in the prisons of Muramavya and Bubanza in Burundi
We cannot tell everything about the crimes committed by people under control of Evariste Ndayishimiye since his entry into office; We have just given the main elements, non-exhaustive, evaluation. In general, on this safe plan, the balance sheet is below zero.
URN Hitamwoneza is among the Burundians who have been documenting the crimes committed by the CNDD-FDD power since 2005. We remain convinced that sooner or later, the leaders will have to answer for their acts before independent jurisdictions. The only way to get there is to drive them out of power. And there is the responsibility of each of us to give his contribution. Together, we defeat.

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