Burundi: What prevents the effective return to peace and security in the Great Lakes sub region?

Burundi: What prevents the effective return to peace and security in the Great Lakes sub region?
The Great Lakes sub region is in permanent insecurity following rebel groups that are generally based on the DRC and prepare to disrupt the safety of neighbouring countries, but also that disrupt the security of the Congolese population.
With the arrival of the new President Felix Tshisekedi, he showed the desire to end this situation, but, his concretization is slow to come, according to the lamentations of the Congolese population and especially that of the east of this great countries that suffer atrocities committed by these rebel groups that swallow in this region.
It is found in eastern DRC of genocidal groups that committed the irreparable in Rwanda in 1994 and desperately seeking to reclaim the country since their defeat in 1994 despite the multiform supports of which they enjoy some external partners. Among their unmissable partner is the power of the CNDDFDD led today by Evariste Ndayishimiye. Even if they have failed to dislodge them all, the power of Felix Tshisekedi, with its FARDC, destabilized them so much that they have chosen to move certain elements of their staff to Burundi. It is in this same country that they have installed solid positions (in kibira), in order to attack Rwanda and collapse with ease. The recent attack of May 25, 2021 demonstrated it; A statement by the National Defence forces of Rwanda precisely. Like the one held in the bag, the National Defence forces of Burundi denied this information, stating that no member of the FLN has passed through the Burundian soil to attack Rwanda, that the border with this country is Well kept by his men (while they are the same men who facilitate them the passage and give them the necessary logistics; Burundian military fights have even been seized on the rebels killed). As a simple coincidence or simply coordinated action, the FLN spokesman said the same day on the VOA pickups that the FLN do not have positions in Burundi, that their positions are on the Rwandan territory.
This attack on May 25, 2021 came to reduce ten steps behind the stage already crossed in the warming of relations between Rwanda and Burundi, consider some observers. But, Urnhitamwoneza had already said many times that the power of Gitega is playing the evil, that he has no intention of blocking the road to the elements of the FDLR/ FLN who attack Rwanda. This attack came to confirm what we do not stop writing that Evariste Ndayishimiye and his military clique has a regional genocide project, which he cannot support these Rwandan genocidaires. By admitting talks with Kigali, his goal was to do some kind of diversion to allow these elements to have time to prepare for more muscular attacks.
And now he has just found a size ally. It is the President Museveni with whom he has just signed strong conventions of mutual aid in several areas whose defence and security. Ugandan President has promised to his counterpart Ndayishimiye, during his visit to Uganda, on May 14, 2021, on the occasion of the investiture of Musaveni for his 6th term, that he will send, in the brief deadlines military in Burundi. The two presidents also found a way to get around Rwanda and trade between their countries after improving the state of certain roads or built news from Tanzania and entering Burundi.
Uganda also comes in common with the DRC to deploy the first elements of its army on Congolese soil, Beni. Information disseminated by the VOA on May 26, 2021. Officially, these elements have the mission to combat the rebel Ugandan ADF group that has been in this region for more than 20 years and has made many Congolese victims. These elements would also secure the tracing of the channels of communication between the two countries. According to the VOA of October 08, 2020, Uganda committed to unlocking $ 300 million to build RD Congo routes: Uganda-Bunia roads, Uganda- Goma and Uganda-Beni (Bunagana-Goma, Mpondwe-Beni; Gori-Bunia).
Unofficially, these Ugandan soldiers would have other subsequent missions, held the evolution of security in this part of the DRC. They could, why not intervene in neighbouring countries if necessary. Burundi who has no border with Uganda could liaise with this country through these Ugandan quotas officially present in the DRC at the time the Burundi continues to send military with the imbonerakure to be said to search and fight Rebel groups that would seek attacking it.
This possibility of liaison between the Troops of Ndayishimiye and Yeweri Kaguta Museveni to the East of the DRC should worry Rwanda view that this part of the DRC is also one of the rear bases of the FDLR/ FLN that move as Fish in the water between this country and Burundi. Three enemies of Rwanda who find an ease of liaison and coordination of actions.
URN Hitamwoneza has always shouted that the central point of a genocide in preparation is the military clique of the CNDDFDD in power in Burundi. His links with Rwandan genocidaires make it possible that this power can in no way come up with a sincere and lasting peace with the Rwandan authorities. If there was a minimum of will to arrive at peace, which would prevent the two brothers from organizing joint operations to derogate from the FDLR/ FLN in the Kibira? Evariste Ndayishimiye will always find pretexts to refuse such an exercise. He says, for example, that Rwanda houses putschists that he wants to be given to Burundi to be judged there; But they are everywhere in the world, why ask them only for Rwanda as a condition not to support genocidaires that attack this country. In any case, in the face of this situation described above, if the African Union, the United Nations Security Council do not do something in the immediate future, the situation may turn bad. The other remedy, and the most direct is the reaction of the Burundian people of getting rid of this regime that only seeks to light the fire between Brothers instead of looking at country’s development issues. In view of this serious threat to our country, all the Burundians who love peace, Hutus like Tutsis, should get up as a single man to block the road to this military clique that takes our country and our people hostage. Together, we defeat.

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