Burundi: The returnees and non-members of the CNDFDD released in prisons are in the collimator of the Imbonerakure militia

Burundi: The returnees and non-members of the CNDFDD released in prisons are in the collimator of the Imbonerakure militia
We have been observing arrests for some time here and there in the country, especially in the sectors where there has been any incident. It is above all in the province of Mwaro, after the attack by armed men in a Cabaret de Rusaka on April 16, 2021 which made 7 targeted victims that the investigations began to be directly directed to the Ex Fab and the members. CNL who have been systematic arrested and imprisoned in unknown places. The ambuscade by armed men on the road Bujumbura-Muramavya on May 9, 2021, a few kilometres from the capital of Muramvya (armed men who would have returned instead of the ambush on the private vehicles as evidenced by the Population) was followed by arrests all azimuth from the members of the National External Army of Burundi, Tutsi young students on vacation and members of the CNL of Agathon Rwasa. The attack at the grenade made by men hitherto unknown in the economic capital Bujumbura has also been followed by excavations of vehicles, excavations in households who have caused arrests of many people who do not know the destination exact. Social networks have shown us in recent days, a crying mother asking that his son, mental ill, be released and remitted to Legentil  » (place of treatment of mental patients). Hussen Karianene was arrested and tied up by the police and his image circulates on social networks. His arrest reminds people that of Claude Christian Butoyi, a mental patient who was arrested by the police, accused of killing the Italian sisters of Kamenge in Bujumbura City Hall.
Today, information from the Immbonerakure militia say that the order has been given to monitor all returnees, especially those from Rwanda and all those who have just come out of the different prisons by Presidential grace and who does not are not members of the CNDDFDD. The Imbonerakure received the mission of knowing even the origin of everything they eat, the people who are in contact with them and all the movement they do. The purpose of these CNDFDD leaders who give this mission to their militia is to find a small pretext for once again stopping them. We do not know if this time they will still have the chance to return to prisons; The great probability is to  » make them bear the red beret  », expression used by the militia Imbonerakure to say  » Decapitate people  ».
After the recent grenade attack on May 25, 2021, all non-cnddfdd members should be careful. It is enough to be suspected and arrested, you are already called a  » terrorist’’ and your fate is known. You will be killed and your corpse will be thrown away from your home and the administration has orders to have you buried as quickly as possible without any identification. Your family will believe that you are in prison somewhere while you are already buried in the worst conditions in the world
URN HITAMWONEZA once again calls on the Burundian people to stand in solidarity and protect each other from these arrests made by some agents of the SNR, the police, the army and the imbonerakure militia. We have already demonstrated, in our previous editions, that all these unfortunate events are created by the laboratory of the ruling military clique with a view to arrest and kill or imprison as many opposition tutsis and hutus as possible. So you have to take certain security measures such as not walking alone in the street, avoid answering phone calls from strangers or dates from corrupt old friends etc … Again, this is not the best solution. As we have already said and we will never stop repeating it, Burundi is ruled by a handful of criminal men who must be driven from power at all costs. This is the only way out that we have left. Although they are too rich because they have had the opportunity to store state property, our will and determination are our formidable weapons that they will not be able to defeat with their money. Let us then avoid fear and give each his contribution. Together, we will get there without delay.

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