Burundi: President Ndayishimiye multiplies visits to African Heads of State to make them accept his illegal and illegitimate power

Burundi: President Ndayishimiye multiplies visits to African Heads of State to make them accept his illegal and illegitimate power
He left Monday, May 31, 2021 in Kenya. President Evariste Ndayishimiye is at his 7th visit to Africa. He started by Tanzania on September 19, 2020, exactly in Kigoma where he met former Tanzanian president John Magufuli Pompe that President Ndayishhimiye called daddy (his father); Then he visited Equatorial Guinea on November 2nd 2020 and spent 5 days; He then went, with 4 ministers and 10 businessmen in Egypt on March 23, 2021; He then went to Central Africa on March 29, 2021; Then at Congo Brazzaville on April 15, 2021 and finally he went on May 11, 2021 in Uganda. It was during this visit that he dared to call, in an approximate English, the President Museveni the father of the Burundian nation. In Kenya, he called President Uhuru Kenyatta  » Grand Brother  ». Anglophones could explain to us what he wanted to say. Otherwise, if he has a language problem, he should speak in a language he understands and let the interpreters do their job.
Upon arrival, President Ndayishimiye was welcomed by the Vice President of Kenya, but he had the opportunity to talk to his Kenyan counterpart who did not forget to congratulate him for being elected President of the Republic in a  » democratic electoral process  » according to Uhuru Kenyatta. He said so without forgetting the cheating that marked these elections. It is a diplomatic language to legitimize his power. Evariste Ndayishimiye knows himself, to the Fund of his heart (if he is fervent Christian as he says) that he has cheated these elections and that he is not in his true place.
Evariste Ndayishimiye was accompanied by a group of 15 tambouring and 11 businessmen, according to the VOA captured on May 31, 2021. He took the opportunity to invite Kenyan businessmen to invest in Burundi; A country, according to Evariste Ndayishimiye, which offers many opportunities for investors in many areas. He visited Kisumu, the third city of the country (after Nairobi and Mombassa) where his counterpart gave him 50 cows as a sign of fraternity. But knowing that Africans know how to use a lot of strategies to corrupt, we cannot think that Uhulu Kenyatta wants it to close your eyes on Burundian chimpanzees who are in this country and bringing currencies for this country Since 1995. We have written on this issue in our previous editions. Here is a brief reminder of this file.
30 chimpanzees removed from the kibira are embedded, destination Kenya. Reason: Protect them from the country’s crisis. They became Burundian refugees in Kenya. Minister Jean Marie Niyokindi of the Burundian Government of October 2019 said, during the oral questions to Parliament dated 16 October 2019, that it was chimpanzees instead of 30:  » There are chimpanzees. Burundi refuge at the Nanyuki Park in Kenya during the 1994 crisis with tourist revenue sharing agreements that these beasts would cause, but Burundi did not receive anything, « he said. First cheating.
Maybe the minister did not have much information on this file. Our sources tell us that these chimpanzees are gone in two slices. They embarked at first and in a second round (instead of 10; what would make the minister alluded to). They were gathered near Chanic in a hangar; Then put in adapted and embedded cages in planes to Kenya.
Well-informed sources have revealed to us that it is therefore 30 chimpanzees instead of 20 which were mentioned in a convention that would have been signed between Kenya, the Burundian Minister of Foreign Affairs and the INCN, Institution in charge of the protection of the environment.
Today they are in the sanctuary for Chimpanzees Sweetwaters, report the journalists of Aljazeera who saw a chimpanzee from Burundi of the name of Poco, 37 years old. They are called chimpanzees without borders because come from several countries including Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, Congo, Mozambique, United Arab Emirates and even Iraq.
26 years later, some sources say they are today 96 from Burundi and only one would be dead. This figure seems to us too very insignificant; Unless they have been affected by the birth limitation policy. For what interest because they need rather than numerous to attract a lot of tourists and bringing currencies. This means this figure can be wrong. In this famous convention that has been signed, it would be stipulated that a Burundian doctor should visit them once on the three months, but our sources tell us that no one has set foot since 1994. That’s what worried more.
Here, there is a lot of questions: the government speaks of 20 chimpanzees that have been refuge in Kenya. Where would the other 10 be since it is known that they have been removed from kibira and embedded aboard an airplane? Have they been sold? Are they with others, but are not counted? How much are they really today after so many years? How much do they give per year in terms of dollars? On which accounts would be paid tourist revenues since Minister Niyokindi said in 2019 that the government did not receive anything? These are so many questions that President Evariste Ndayishimiye should ask his Kenyan Uhulu Kenyatta counterpart and who should give answers to his descent from airport to Melchior Ndadaye airport.
URN Hitamwoneza hope that President Evariste Ndayishimiye will not be satisfied with the 50 cows offered by his counterpart and not to plead for the interests of Burundi. If he does so, it would not surprise anyone because the CNDDFDD system that has engendered has always been characterized by unnamed corruption (the aircraft that have been sold, those who have been purchased and who have never taken off, etc …). Burundians must remain vigilant and monitor all records; the day these people will not be in power, they will have to answer their crimes (crime of blood and economic crimes).

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