President Evariste Ndayishimiye installed in an armchair he does not deserve (sixth part)Balance sheet: field of education

President Evariste Ndayishimiye installed in an armchair he does not deserve (sixth part)
Balance sheet: field of education
We continue to show a year of a year of the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye even though the CNDDFDD has not yet organized events to celebrate the stolen victory in the elections of May 20 2020. Members of the military clique will not fail to organize such ceremonies because they are proud to have made this electoral holdup and that they managed to silence everyone until the party that had won the elections. But, do not forget that even if the people remain calm for fear of being persecuted by the SNR and the immbonerakure, it will arrive a moment when they will all rise together to say no at this pressure of the CNDFDD on the Political opponents. We notice in their meetings that their calm does not mean abandonment total.
We have shown that the assessment of Evariste Ndayishimiye power is very negative, in many areas. Today, we approach the area of education that is essential in the future of the country; An area that takes care of the preparation of the leaders of tomorrow.
The idea of putting all children at the age of being enrolled in schools is commendable. The idea of educating free children is the best. But, the CNDDFDD has always lacked planning for a good educational system that can come out of well-educated children. Poorly planned because putting many children in poorly built schools, not equipped does not allow children to follow classes, sitting on stones or bricks; Building schools without finding books for students, without sufficient and qualified teachers, without the league books, it is to give truncated training; Send children to school and ask them to make patrols all night in the Imbonerakure group is a crime. Many teachers live in bad conditions because the last deployment separated their families; Some were sent away from home, forcing them to look for another home and pay two rations with their meagre salary; others make a lot of kilometres walking around and getting the evening very tired, unable to even prepare the course of the next day. Another crime observed with the CNDDFDD power, they are teachers who dare to violate their students and who remain unpunished; they benefit from the coverage of all the authorities, both administrative and judicial by the mere fact that they are members of the CNDDFDD.
In front of all these gaps, Burundi comes out, at the end of the studies, children unable to build or pronounce a sentence in French while it is the language of education. Those who have been trained for trades become like simple peasants who have never been at school because, not only that they do not find materials to execute trades projects, because they do not find capital to do business, their future remains dark.
For this reason, all children of the CNDFDD leaders who have had the opportunity to loot state property, study in large schools in Europe or the US; Those who could not gather a lot of money put them in schools of excellence in Burundi. And now abusive, power dares to call all members of the CNDDFDD  » Abenegihugu  » (those to whom the country belongs) while there are some who enjoy the wealth of the country at the moment when others fail not to eat twice a day and do not benefit from an education that can guarantee them a good future
In short, with the fundamental system, the level of children lamentably dropped so much that future executives, capable of doing competitions on the field of professional work will only be the children of the riches. The others will always be content with manual or commerce work if they find capital. There will be a very remarkable social gap; which may cause conflicts from another nature.
URN Hitamwoneza still reminds Burundians that a well-educated youth is a certain future of a country. Non-educated youth is a danger to the country. There is a generation of people sacrificed by the CNDDFDD that will one-day rise and ask these leaders. All the Burundian people are entitled to ask the military clique to power why Burundi is the first poor in the world, the last in all areas when it has immense economic potential. The answer is not far. It is the incompetence of leaders; it is bad governance. A solution to this descent into the hell of our country is to dismiss the power these unable to sing that they were elected by the people as they stole the voices of the people, bring them to justice and to choose Patriots capable of driving the country to development.

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