Burundi: When President Evariste Ndayishimiye releases prisoners to stop and slaughter them afterwards!

Burundi: When President Evariste Ndayishimiye releases prisoners to stop and slaughter them afterwards!
It’s unimaginable but it’s true. President Ndayishimiye Evariste planned to release some prisoners in order to kill them. This is a president who keeps screaming aloud than one must not pay the blood of a man that has not been created; But who sends his services behind his services to kill any political opponent or Tutsi who is not a member of the CNDFDD. And he says Christian Fervent and presents each Sunday at Mass and received the body and blood of Christ with Burundian blood on his hands. Some will say that it is not he who kills; But all these corpses that are discovered every day in Cibitoke on the Rusizi and elsewhere, are men and women killed by his services and he does nothing to prevent them; So he’s the first manager. Since they are under his orders, it is simply to say that it is himself who mandates them. If it is not him then and that he finds himself unable to stop such acts, he should have already resigned; Otherwise, that he is about to answer one day of these crimes committed under his presidency
But URN Hitamwoneza had said it in one of our editions before the presidential grace is even implemented, that this grace mainly concerned the members of the CNDFDD victims of minor offenses, but that some Tutsis Ex Fab and members of the MSD and Hutus CNL or former FNL members will be released, but to be stopped and killed afterwards. People did not believe it. Yet we had verified information from the CNDFDD. So, something done. The first day of liberation of these prisoners, before he does not even arrive at home, a CNL member was arrested by the SNR officers, no one knows where he is. It is unclear whether it is not among the corpses picked up here and there in the country since the administration has a record of burying them quickly before they are identified.
Human rights organizations, and particularly the approval in charge of the rights of prisoners, have indicated that at least 10 persons released by Presidential grace have been arrested by the SNR and no one has the slightest echo their trace. They had the chance to be arrested and imprisoned; Today, the CNDDFDD killing machine will not commit this error; These people will be killed. That those who would be in the same basket are preparing, tomorrow it is their turn, the plan continues.
We know that some are approaching the immbonerakure of their respective entourages to betray their political parties or movements of origin to escape this hunt for humans. Once again, we are warning you; You can betray your friends, tell anything to the SNR or Imbonerakure to make you sympathetic, the plan is done, it will not change. You will not be killed tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, just the time to get some information, know that ends of the ends you will be eliminated.
Once again, URN Hitamwoneza reminds Burundians that it’s time, if not late, to get rid of these criminals that govern us. No peace, no development with this power of genocidaires. Their accomplices are mistaken a lot by believing that they are safe; They are certainly precariously safe today, but they have no peace; And they will not have so much as these leaders without faith or law are not driven out of power and brought to justice to answer their actions. The time has come; Let’s get up as a single man to say no to these crimes committed by a military clique in power. We will be able to put them out of order to harm if we all put together, Hutus like Tutsis, and all the trends, loving peace for all and for the development of our country. United, we will overcome.

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