Burundi: Does Pierre Nkurunziza really deserve the title of Supreme Guide for Patriotism? (Second part)

Burundi: Does Pierre Nkurunziza really deserve the title of Supreme Guide for Patriotism? (Second part)
We are not the only ones to ask this question. It is on all the lips and the answer is, in general, no. It remains for each other to give their opinions and demonstrate why it does not deserve this title. In the eyes of CNDFDD members, the notice is also shared. For the most zealous or rather those who have had the dairy cow his power, they affirm it high and strong without believing it. The others know very well that it is a title forged by his party and especially the military clique in power to carry out a campaign of mobilization of activists, (who have noticed no positive change in their daily live Gundy as soon as the reign of CNDFDD) , around his name.
We have in our previous edition shown the identity of this man, born of a Hutu father and a Tutsie mother; What did not fail to impact his behaviour throughout his life; a real extremist (like his fighting companions) intelligent or malignant, disguised as a Muhuza (the mediator). He did his studies in physical education and sport; He was also nicknamed  » Black Panther  » because of his interest in the movements of emancipation of American blacks; say those who have rubbed him. He intended to become an officer, but he could not; In 1991, he became professor of gymnastics. He even taught at the Higher Institute of Military Executives. In 1995, he joined the rebellion of the defence forces of democracy (FDD), created two years earlier after the assassination of Melchior Ndadaye on 21 October 1993, the first Hutu President of the country. After a few months of guerrilla, he is seriously injured but escaped death.  » It has been very thinking since then and his wife is in contact with American and Australian evangelical churches that financially support his cause  », say some sources.
Two important points to emphasize at this stage. The first is to ask the question of how can someone be believing and dare to pile a child by the mere fact that he was born Tutsi? It is a testimony that he has publicly made himself. How can people say that they have put God forward (God is love, tells us the Bible) and dare to stop people on the bus on the road, separate the Hutus from Tutsis, kill the Tutsis and let the Hutus Continue their trip? The famous rebellion he directed was only a genocidal band who were selectively killing Tutsis wherever they were going. Most of them had committed the genocide of Tutsis in 1993 under the Hat of the Frodebu, they joined this rebellion after the late intervention of the military who, still, prevented from exterminating all the Tutsis of Burundi as they had planned it.
The second point that should push the Burundians to think is how Pierre Nkurunziza, rebel leader who killed, whenever the opportunity presented, all Tutsi within reach, keeps his wife Denise Bucumi in Burundi, official of the state. In addition, he has never ceased to bring children from the same conjugal union. How? For those who do not know, Denise Bucumi regularly went to Tanzania greeting her husband and returned to Burundi without worry. What is a little incomprehensible in the eyes of some is that they are Tutsi officers (while her husband hunted as antelopes in the bush the Tutsis) who transported in vehicles with escort Denise Nkurunziza to the Tanzania’s border and welcomed her when she is back. Were they convinced of the cause of the FDD struggle? If so, serve two masters in this way is a sign of treating. And they remained unpunished; Maybe the command knew it later. But, if actually the members of this rebellion were sensible people, they should know that their problem was not the Tutsis and cease to kill innocents asleep at home by the mere fact that they are Tutsis. The ideology of genocide always turning in their veins, it is normal that they automatically lose any notion of humanism. They are until today killers, and they have the means of the state to do it. Poor Burundi run by criminals.
URN Hitamwoneza remains convinced that all Hutus like all Tutsis are not bad; All members of the CNDDFDD are not criminals. There are groups of Hutus, infected with the ideology of genocide, who only dream of exterminating Tutsis and Hutus who disturb their power to maintain and continue to loot the country’s resources. It is necessary to mobilize all the energies, Hutus and Tutsis, of all regions and political trends, to tackle these groups in order to destroy them after having removed the power on which they rely to continue their crimes as economically as well as blood crimes.

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