Burundi: Does Pierre Nkurunziza really deserve the title of Supreme Guide for Patriotism? (Third part)

Burundi: Does Pierre Nkurunziza really deserve the title of Supreme Guide for Patriotism? (Third part)
Pierre Nkurunziza designated Supreme Guide for Patriotism by the CNDFDD CNDFDD military click; a title that is only recognized by this group of leaders and some sympathizers who have had the chance to share the cake with this first and some zealous that only follow blindness. That’s up to those we want to give a light so that they know how to distinguish the good of evil. Many observers keep saying that if he was not dead, his final place would probably be in prison. By attributing the title of the supreme guide to patriotism, the military clique wanted to mask or forget the Burundian people the crimes they committed together with him.
By the time they were in boss to defend democracy  » as they said as in reality their first objective was to kill the Tutsis who had escaped death during the 1993 genocide prepared and executed by the Frodebu as The report of the United Nations Commission (S / 1996/682 of 22 August 1996), Pierre Nkurunziza is sentenced to death by Burundian justice for his responsibility in the installation of anti-tank mines in the capital Bujumbura, a crime that took innocent human lives. Despite this, he takes the lead of the FDD in 2001, after being appointed Deputy Secretary General in 1998. Nkurunziza and the FDD refuse to participate in the negotiations that resulted in the 2000 Arusha Peace Agreement between Burundian political parties and who marked the beginning of the end of the Burundian civil war. In December 2002, Nkurunziza signed in Arusha a ceasefire agreement with President Buyoya, but the FDD continued fighting against the regular army. On the initiative of heads of state of the region, Burundian President, Domitien Ndayizeye and Nkurunziza have negotiated and signed a peace agreement, says Pretoria’s agreement, in November 2003 on the basis of a political power distribution, military and economic on an ethnic basis. The FDD then turned into a political party: The National Council for the Defence of Democracy-Forces for Defence of Democracy (CNDD-FDD); Nkurunziza was subsequently provisionally amnestied and became minister of good governance.
Nkurunziza did not want to sign the Arusha agreement for peace and reconciliation. Is it the reason that pushed the CNDDFDD power to violate these texts that constituted a basis for living together Burundians? Another question no less important: how has the CNDFDD been admitted as a political party as such with the FDD name (defence force of democracy)? Is this the reason that today pushes the military and police to control all the levers of the state? In any case, it will be necessary to analyse the nature of the officials of the Ministry of the Interior who were in charge of the aggregation of political parties during this period. It is visible that they were accomplices with Nkurunziza and his companions and violated the law in this area for the benefit of the rebellion men who had just returned to the country.
This is a little historical that briefly traces us the course of this man eager to power and wealth because those who knew him say he did not drop any money. No investor wanted to start a business in Burundi should start work without paying a certain amount that was about his account. Two men were designated to collect these commissions. Jean Marie Rurimirije was responsible for collecting big sums from large corporations and NGOs at the time when General Agricole Ntirampeba took care of the collection and placement of money given by small local companies or individuals. Unfortunately, he died without enjoying these funds acquired illegally. People have never forgotten economic malpractices recorded in the plantation of lawyers (called Peter), dozens of properties he had recovered in many provinces saying he seeks to give a good example to the population in terms of ‘Agriculture and Livestock. There, we do not talk about heavy files for the sale of planes and purchase others who have never stolen.
This is the man who deserves, in the eyes of the CNDFDD military clique in power the title of the Supreme Guide for Patriotism. The acts laid during his power are nothing patriotism. It’s just the opposite: the cases of killings of the Tutsis and Hutus of the opposition, torture, arbitrary arrests and imprisonment, not to mention the cases of flights, corruption and economic malpractices which are responsible for members of the Military Click to power since 2005.
URN Hitamwoneza thinks like many other Burundians as Nkurunziza Pierre’s place, if he were still alive, as well as that of the handful of men and women of the CNDDFDD who took hostage the country and his people was in prison. He left, but those who remain, starting with his successor who swore to continue his works, will not escape. If it’s not today, it’s tomorrow. We must all cove to block the road, drive them out of this power that gives them the strength of arms, arrest them and translate them before the competent jurisdictions. The sooner the better.

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