Burundi: Does Pierre Nkurunziza really deserve the title of Supreme Guide for Patriotism? (Fourth part)

Burundi: Does Pierre Nkurunziza really deserve the title of Supreme Guide for Patriotism? (Fourth part)
We walk towards the end of our goal to demonstrate that Fire President Pierre Nkurunziza does not deserve the title of the Supreme Guide of Patriotism that the military clique to power has stuck to him with the intention of keeping it as their idol that would always help them in the Mobilization of CNDFDD members to stay eternally in power. Unfortunately for them or fortunately for others, God has decided otherwise; He left without having time to say goodbye. Officially dead heart attack, unofficially poisoned death or Covid-19, he left this world without expecting.
We would like to remember a few dates and historical events before concluding in this chapter. Elected for the first time August 19, 2005, he swore on August 26, 2005. In 2010, for its second term, the CNDDFDD applied for a candidate on April 24, 2010 and the presidential election took place on 28 June 2010. comes then the time of the third controversial mandate, bearer of great misfortunes for the Burundian people: March 21, 2014, Parliament rejected the draft revision of the Constitution which would give it the opportunity to leaving a third mandate contrary to Article 96 From the 2005 Constitution. Despite this, he did not bow up; His candidacy was validated by a controversial decision of the Constitutional Court and on April 25, 2015, he won as a candidate for the presidential election of June 26, 2015. Burundians will never forget the coup attempt of May 13th. 2015, when Pierre Nkurunziza, on the move for a summit in Dar es Salam on the crisis situation of his country, and the recovery of his power two days after, on May 15, 2015. The days that followed were a Calvary for those who had spent days demonstrating against his mandate contrary to the law. Hundreds of people have been killed, other imprisoned and tortured, others exiled to exile. The election deemed illegal and rigged will take place on July 21 and the results were proclaimed on July 24, 2015, and Pierre Nkurunziza led in the blood the Burundian people for another 5 years until the end of its days, without having time to Putting the witness to his successor Evariste Ndayishimiye, designated CNDFDD candidate by the military clique for the May 2020 elections, while Nkurunziza, had wished to be replaced by Pascal Nyabenda, then president of the National Assembly. An easy man to handle, which was a good strategy because, having already won the title of Supreme Guide, Nkurunziza would have been president himself during this mandate since he had received benefits almost equivalent to those of a president in exercise. But, the military clique quickly saw his intention. Hence, the thesis of his poisoning would be most likely, a way of generating a major obstacle for the reign of Ndayishimiye evidence.
This is in summary the dates and elements that have marked the political life of this man who has received the title of the supreme guide of patriotism while since the rebellion until the end of his days, he committed, himself or the Men under his responsibility, many crimes of blood and economic crimes. The catastrophic situation in which today is Burundi takes root on its third illegal and illegitimate term: hundreds of deaths, hundreds of thousands of refugees, women and raped girls, imprisoned people, a country the poorer people; This is the largely negative balance of power Nkurunziza and therefore CNDDFDD because since the arrival of Evariste Ndayishimiye, the situation has worsened.
URN Hitamwoneza believes that instead of celebrating the Day of Patriotism in memory of Pierre Nkurunziza, this day should remind us rather the true patriots killed by his power while they sought only respect for the Constitution he violated himself by trying to stay in power. Those who gave their lives by struggling for a rule of law; All those who are victims, in one way or another, of this violation of the law by the CNDDFDD power, will feel relieved when, all of us Burundians, in our differences, will manage to get up as a single man, for Putting out of state to harm this bloodthirsty power and bring to justice its current leaders as well as those who are already dead (like Adolphe Nshimirimana, Darius Ikurakure, Pierre Nkurunziza and the others) to answer all the crimes they have committed. We repeat it once again, Pierre Nkurunziza does not deserve to be called the Supreme Guide of Patriotism, he deserves to be called Criminal even if he is dead. Those who succeeded him in power did only continue his work, they also deserve prison. And they already know it, they will end their days in prisons if they do not leave so early as their predecessors. Because, sooner or later, things have to change in Burundi; It’s a question of time.

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