Burundi: The repatriation movement of Mahama refugees at the dead point following the ill-treatment of those who have already returned.

Burundi: The repatriation movement of Mahama refugees at the dead point following the ill-treatment of those who have already returned.
The power of Evariste Ndayishimiye continues to blow hot and cold at a time. He says one thing and makes his opposite. It’s in many areas. For this reason, Burundians have not surprised to hear recently that the Council of Ministers held in Gitega on 9 June 2021 asked the authorities to prepare to declare their property in accordance with Article 95 of the Constitution. The advanced pretext is that the documents needed to make the declaration of their belongings are now available. This measure comes after the statement by President Ndayishimiye Evariste on September 25, 2020 at the public conference held on the occasion of his 100 days of power during which he said that the property of someone constitute a secret and that otherwise this exercise, if it should be done a lot of time. However, he had said himself, during the prayer crusade organized in Ngozi dated 23 August 2020 that any state official must prepare to declare his property to prevent the end of their mandate people say they have enriched with the means of the state. To say one thing and its opposite has become a habit for him
Today, we are talking about the repatriation of Burundian refugees. The power of Evarist Ndayishimiye moves heaven and earth for all refugees to return to the country, from will or of force. It’s not for love that he does it. Its objective is to show the international community and especially to the European Union, which has suspended its direct assistance since 2016, that the situation has normalized, that peace is total in the country, that even refugees have returned to the country. Everyone is aware that in complicity with the Tanzanian government, Burundian refugees in this country are repatriated forcibly. They are subject to inhuman conditions so that they choose to die home than to die in the camps. Some are even removed and killed, others are imprisoned, others are kidnapped and delivered to the Burundian SNR, which is contrary to the law. Those who are in the DRC, even if they do not suffer the same treatment, they lack what to eat and prefer to return home.
The most interesting case is related to refugees who are in Rwanda. With the call of the power of Gitega, many made themselves recorded and are massively returned the first days. They were welcomed, a way of encouraging those who were still hesitant to stir the first. What people do not know is that from the first day of repatriation, the same power had installed SNR agents in the province of Kirundo, at the border with Rwanda, for their entry into Burundian territory, SNR agents can select those they wanted to stop and imprison. Fortunately, they had a counsellor who banned this practice who might discourage the rest, especially since it was the first round of repatriation. They accepted the board, but they took a few days to start hunting. It is in this context that a certain Eric, CNL member, Gatete Hill, Gasare Zone in Municipality Busoni in Kirundo, repatriated in the 3rd round, was kidnapped at home after only two days. It would already be killed. Many meetings of the administrators and parliamentarians, particularly of the Kirundo province, have always asked to closely follow the returnees from Rwanda, accusing them free of charge of having suffered military training. Some were arrested and imprisoned, others felt the threat and chose to flee the country again. Those who have not had the opportunity to flee again are closely monitored by the immbonerakure and cannot even spend a night outside of their home without first warning the administrators. They live in an open pit prison.
This pushed these Burundian refugees today to slow down or simply stop their repatriation movement. The information from the Mahama camp in Rwanda say that people are registered but no longer show up to bus for departure or very few respond to this appointment. As an example, among 1200 who were enrolled, only 221 appeared during boarding; A second time, among more than 800 who had registered, only 60 were presented. It is this small number of those who agree to return today who pushed the authorities in charge of this repatriation to suspend it.
Is it the fault to whom? This answer is simple as hello. All the responsibility rests on the military click led by Evariste Ndayishimiye who asks refugees to return and pursues them afterwards to kill them or imprison them. Whenever a repatriate is arrested and mistaken, the others who stay in the camp know it at a minute afterwards; which is discouraging. Those who have the chance to regain once again the refugee camp tell the Calvary that they live when they arrive in Burundi, although the government says that peace and total.
URN Hitamwoneza once again reminds all Burundians that the solution to our multiple problems that do not end up is to drive out this military clique of power and bring them to justice. We must focus our efforts on stopping strategies quickly and with fewer breaks because they are able to provoke genocide instead of flying their power. We need to prevent them from time to do so. It’s time. Tomorrow may be too late. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com 
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