Burundi: Would the EU really be about to lift economic sanctions against Burundi?

Burundi: Would the EU really be about to lift economic sanctions against Burundi?
The question is on the lips of all the wise observers who master the issues of Burundi. Everyone is the question of whether actually the conditions of respect for human rights and good governance mentioned yesterday on June 21, 2021 Claude Bochu before the press after announcing to Evariste Ndayishimiye what the members of the clique military in power have called  » good news  ». Yes, if the EU agrees to give them money when they continue to kill all those they want without prosecution, would be a very good news for them. They would find in this occasion an encouragement and means necessary to continue their dirty work.
Although Claude Bochu, representative of the EU in Burundi, said that all 27 are favourable to the lifting of sanctions against Burundi, even though he stated that the train has already started, it is a diplomatic language. He just wanted to say that the process is in progress and we do not know how long it will take. Evelyne Butoyi, President Ndayishimiye spokesman gave more details on the issue at BBC Gahuzamiryango. According to her, it is not the revocation of the decision Claude Bochu went to announce to his boss, but he went to tell him that the dialogue on the question will continue and that it is on the right track. But, many observers find that the train that is running on which Bochu was likely to turn off the engines once again or reverse instead of moving because the power of Gitega is not ready to give up the killings of the Political opponents and Tutsis that he always suspects be criminals, enemies of the country.
If the sentence of the German RUKUKI activist (initially condemned unjustly at 32 years in prison) has been reduced to a year of prison by the Ntahangwa Court of Appeal just to show the EU a sign of goodwill on the respect for human rights in Burundi, the CNDFDD killing machine has not stopped. Prosper Bintunimana, a 39-year-old man, native to the municipality Ndava in Cibitoke Province was killed, his corpse thrown on the road in Buterere Zone. According to SOS Media, this man had been kidnapped at 20 June 2021 on Nyamitanga Hill, 7 km from his native hill. His corpse was found in Buterere on the morning of July 21, 2021. According to the information gathered with the population of those around him, he would be accused of helping people cross the Russizi separating the DRC Burundi. And now the sanction is the most extreme, death. It is not the only one to undergo such atrocities by SNR agents or Imbonerakure militia of the CNDDFDD. June 20, 2021, Vyamungu Alias Sungura de la Muhumure hill, Commune Nyanza Lac in Mkamba Province was killed while returning home from a cabaret de la locality; the corpse of Sylvestre Bitoreye, native of Gisasa Hill in Gitaramuka commune from Karuzi was found at the Nyabiho River on June 16, 2021. According to the information gathered on the spot, it was killed at the machete by Imbonerakure of the Gasasa Hill. The accused of flight on the same hill. Once again a serious violation of the right to the life of Burundians by the Imbonerakure militia controlled by the Evariste Ndayishimiye power. In short, to conclude on this register, the Iteka League transmitted to Evariste Ndayishimiye, a letter on the occasion of his first anniversary in power, which contains the balance sheet for violation of the right to life by the services under his responsibility. In a period of one year that he has just passed to power. This Iteka League Report shows that the CNDDFDD killing machine killed for only one year of Ndayishimiye power, 25% of the people it killed in the 5 years during which Nkurunziza illegally led Burundi (since 2015). In terms of numbers, the Report of the Iteka League reported that 554 people were killed, 250 corpses were found here and there in the country in a period of one year that President Ndayishimiye was in power.
In the face of such a situation, how the EU countries that advocate respect for human rights can think about the revocation of the suspension measure of direct aid for Burundi? Positive advances in respect for human rights and good governance, which most of the Burundi partners whose EU speak are based only on the declarations of intent of Evariste Ndayishimiye at the moment when the machine to kill CNDFDD continues its dirty task and the big fish of the CNDDFDD continue to loot the country’s resources in total impunity when the low people is in total misery in a poorest country on the planet.
URN Hitamwoneza once again asks EU countries to assess the real human rights situation, including the right to life, on the Burundian field before taking this action to lift the sanctions against Burundi because the reasons who pushed them to impose these sanctions in the country are still there. To grant him the direct aid would mean, under the current conditions, to support the power of Gitega in his various crimes as economically as well as blood crimes. If these countries persist and sign and improve these sanctions despite the cries of warning of human rights activists, which they are preparing to share responsibility in these different genocidal crimes with the military clique to power in Burundi. For Burundians, we ask for the monitoring of these cases of serious human rights violations for one day we can block the road to this power and bring these criminals in front of courts and tribunals.

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