Burundi: When President Evariste Ndayishimiye make a fool of himself in front of US Ambassador to Burundi.

Burundi: When President Evariste Ndayishimiye make a fool of himself in front of US Ambassador to Burundi.
He lied to Mrs. Melanie Higgins on 21 Jun 2021 by declaring him, without shame, that Burundians scrupulously observe the barriers against Covid 19, which is why the country recorded a remarkable reduction in the rate of contamination. This is how it told him that Burundi does not yet think about vaccination. It is when the US Ambassador in Burundi offered him the help of his country in immunization in the COVAX program to which all countries around the world are recourse to share vaccines against COVID19.
If President Evariste Ndayishimiye is used to lying to Burundians by announcing measures that know that they will never be implemented, how can he dare to lie to the global power that has not only intelligence systems in Burundi, but also in the whole world. It’s ridiculous for a President of the Republic.
In addition, we do not need members of the FBI to know that in Burundi no barrier action against Covid 19 is observed. Burundians live as if this global scourge is absent in this country. The gatherings in public places (churches, markets, festivals etc …) are without washing hands, without social distancing, and especially without masks. What is this barrier measure against COVI19 which is observed in Burundi Mr President?
At the moment the world is under threat, at the moment when the sub region knows a resurgence of the disease, some like Uganda and Rwanda have reduced minimum strictly a lot of activities to stop spreading, Burundi opens all The borders and what is serious, the CNDFDD leaders refuse to rigorously control the foreigners or Burundians who come from the outside. The measure taken by the government to make tests for those who come from outside the country and let them go where they want to wait for the results after 24 hours of time is more than criminal. Imagine the one who goes directly into a family without knowing if he has Covid 19 and that by misfortune it is positive, how many people would have contaminated during the 24 hours before he receives the test’s results? The specialists tell us that even those who have had the vaccine can catch Covid 19 and can contaminate others, everyone should pay attention. Unfortunately, everyone is not aware of being quarantined even; This is normally the government that should impose this restriction to everyone. It is his responsibility to protect his people.
When the Higgins ambassador talks about the revival of cooperation with Burundi, when she talks about development support, funding for some projects and that it ends up on whether Burundi is ready to accept that USA supports the introduction of the vaccine as part of COVAX, Evariste Ndayishimiye did not know that it was facing a very difficult test. And it is easy to answer that Burundi is not yet at the vaccine stage because the contamination rate decreases due to respect for barriers. However, he forgets that his Minister of Health, Thaddée Ndikumana, said on the media that Burundi is waiting for the vaccine that will be produced and delivered by Russia; the direct competitor of the USA. In a few words, his answer about COVAX has cancelled everything else. « Your priority is elsewhere and not the USA » will tell Ambassador Melanie in his interior. Refuse to engage and hire the country in the COVAX program also shows the irresponsibility of the power of Gitega. It is the same attitude that John Magufuli pump of his lifetime, but today, Tanzania asked to join this program to benefit from vaccines like other countries around the world. Burundi remains the only one in the world that seems not to be concerned by this program; As it is the last country in the world economically (the world’s leading country in the world), it is also the last to worry about the life of its population.
URN Hitamwoneza once again applies to the Burundian people to realize that it is directed, not only by foolishness, but also and especially by criminals. We know that many people die at home because of this pandemic because there are no ways to do enough tests or drugs; The country is found in financial difficulties without name. And now the military clique even refuses the exterior supports to protect the Burundians without his personal interests are not guaranteed. Probably that the Russians, to whom this military clique has given permission to extract ores in the Burundian subsoil and who have always supported them has requirements in this area. The Burundians will then be victims of this game of interest. It is then high time to get rid of these leaders who highlight their personal interests instead of looking at the general interest of the Burundian people. They will be responsible for this crime and others that they have committed (economic crimes or blood crimes).

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