Burundi: Who would be responsible for regularly stretched ambushes on the Bugarama-Gitega road?

Burundi: Who would be responsible for regularly stretched ambushes on the Bugarama-Gitega road?
Difficult to say precisely. It is rather a complicated affair that must be analysed with a lot of wisdom because it is too much. The ambuscade of this June 26, 2021 evening has made other innocent victims. Official sources speak of two dead, but the information collected on the spot speak more than a dozen dead people, many wounded and two burned vehicles. In these ambushes tense on the road Bugarama-Gitega, there is something common: the mode of operation: block the road with stones, then open a fire nourished on the vehicles that stop at this place, and finally Kill people and burn vehicles. What begins to be a habit is that this kind of ambushes multiply in recent days on the road Bujumbura- Bugarama-Gitega, not far from the hometown of President Evariste Ndayishimiye. The question that remains in the spirits of Burundians and neutral observers who are interested in the Burundian question is that or those behind these attacks. Other issues that are never lacking are: who are the members of this group of commandos? What is their goal?
We say that some analysts who believe that it is a nascent rebellion of the opposition that leaves the kibira to tend to tend to tend to the centre of the country are mistaken a lot. We give some reasons: no armed element of a rebellion of the opposition cannot cross mountains and mountains for ambushes on the roads in the centre of the country without being seen by the armed immbonerakure scattered on all the hills. Let’s say they can infiltrate without arms and find hidden weapons on site. And how to retreat after actions when the whole population is alerted? Impossible. And if possible, this element would have benefited from the complicity of the population or the Imbonerakure militia of the locality. Benefit from the complicity of the population would mean that all this population and its surroundings are all in the opposition. So, they would all be decimated or imprisoned by the squadrons of the death of power. Another possibility is that this population would be a member of the name CNDFDD but do not agree with the actions of the children of the Eagle; At the moment these are disguised opponents. And we think they are not lacking.
The most likely thesis is that this group would be under the responsibility of the influential members of the CNDFDD and who have a hand put on the Imbonerakure militia that operates in the centre of the country. After the ambush, the immbonerakure are the first to alert the opinion on social networks; Even orders for rapid intervention to their comrades in WhatsApp groups. Pierre Nkurikiye, spokesman of General Ndirakobuca Alias Ndakugarika is used to rushing on the media to say that they are armed bandits and that investigations are underway to identify them and trap them. And that’s limited there. For this case of the ambush of this June 26, he has not spoken yet. But, interrogated by Radio Isanganiro, the administrator of the municipality Rutegama where the ambush took place did not mean any word and recommended the journalist to contact the Ministry of the Interior and Public Safety. So he sent the journalists at Pierre Nkurikiye. We are waiting for it to say that it is always armed bandits. Yet the survivors claimed that the passengers were trying to give money to this group to let them alive, but that on the other hand they pulled more on them; No round has been looted on all these vehicles burned. The thesis of the bandits is then excluded.
And to conclude that it is an action organized within the CNDDFDD; either for having the opportunity to stop and imprison some members of targeted oppositions; Let these are internal opponents within the CNDFDD system that want to sabotage the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye by showing that peace and security that he keeps singing are only on his lips. Unfortunately, they are innocent victims who leave life; and it does not matter to CNDFDD criminals
URN Hitamwoneza has always warned Burundians that CNDDFDD power has no problem for the benefit of the population; Only the interests of a small group of leaders seeking to maintain power at all costs priority. They are capable of everything, until pouring the blood thousands of Burundians, provided that their interests are safeguarded. We must then bring together all the effective strategies to block the road and lead them straight in the criminal space, the prison.

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