Burundi: July 1st, 2021: Happy birthday anyway!

Burundi: July 1st, 2021: Happy birthday anyway!
Burundi celebrates July 01, 2021, the 59th anniversary of its independence. On the day of independence for a country is a day of liberation from the colonial yoke, it is a day of joy. Unfortunately, this is not the case for Burundi. As of July 1, Burundians find an inner joy of having the Prince Louis Rwagasore as hero, who fought to have direct independence despite the opposition of his opponents supported by the Belgian Colon. They regret, however, that this independence has not been safeguarded, they feel the misfortune to have had as leaders the members of the CNDFDD clique who runs the country, become more colonizers than the colon itself. The chicotte was replaced by selective killings, the various taxes and contributions replaced the eggs and the gorge.
Today, Burundians still live in the fear of their next day. The military clique speaks all the time of security found over the entire extent of the territory; A kind of advertising that hides their inability to make it actually reign in the daily life of Burundians. The ambushes on the roads observed in recent days prove that the security of the country is threatened, that the country does not have professional defence and security forces capable of defending the physical security of Burundians. Human rights organizations are talking about 40 people killed by commandos during ambush on the roads. The members of these commandos would be, not rebels of the opposition as power seems to want to make it swallowing in Burundians and the international community, but probably rebels put in place by some very influential CNDFDD members, squadrons of the Death accustomed to killing without distinction; All this in order to stop and imprison political opponents and Tutsis, especially ex fab. Those who advance this last thesis find it impossible for a group of opposition rebels can cross mountains occupied by armed imbonerakure to tend to be ambushes and endorsed without worrying.
Human rights organizations have just drawn a dark assessment of the security situation of a year of power of President Evariste Ndayishimiye. More than 500 people were killed, more than 200 corpses were collected here and there in the country, especially in the province of Cibitoke, which has become almost a cemetery. It should be emphasized that these figures are far from exhaustive because what observers can see is what escapes the killers of the CNDDFDD system (members of the intelligence service, certain members of the police and the army and the imbonerakure.) who do everything to hide them; the administration is always on the custody to bury them without any identification. A set point provided probably by the military clique in power. When the physical security of Burundians is not guaranteed, we cannot talk about independence
In addition to this threatened physical security, human security is not guaranteed either. By human security, hear food security, sanitary, the right to education, fair justice, etc … Burundi is the world’s leading country; Not because it has no need for its development, but because it lacks visionary leaders who care about the general interest instead of looking for personal interests. When all this is missing for a medium Burundian, we cannot in any way talk about real independence. Yes, Burundi had it on July 1, 1962, but the Burundians will never live in reality as long as he will be directed by this military clique to power
On the eve of the celebration of this day of Independence of Burundi, the power of Gitega mobilized a lot of heavily armed troops and deployed them on the Burundi border with Rwanda. Our source of information within the Burundian army reports that the government fears an attack from Rwanda on the day of the celebration of national independence.
Here we would like to remind Burundians and the international community that Rwanda is not the main enemy of Burundi, but that his true enemy is the military clique in power that took hostage all the Burundian people. The hatred that the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye maintains with Rwanda comes from its support that it gives to the genocidaires of the FDLR/FLN who desperately seek to destabilize the power of Kigali. Evariste Ndayishimiye and his power will always assert that they are in talks with the Rwandan authorities to improve relations between the two countries, but in reality, it is only a hobby. The military clique lead by Evariste Ndayishimiye seeks rather to attack Rwanda with these FDLR / FLN elements that she supports to push him to use his right of pursuit and thus find a pretext to finalize the genocide of Tutsis and Hutus of the CNL.
URN Hitamwoneza again recalls that as long as Burundi is led by a group of CNDFDD criminals, it will never have peace or development; The independence that Prince Louis Rwagasore has acquired through his unit and social development policy will always be put to the test. The international community that begins to open the doors to the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye should think twice before moving on to concrete acts (unlocking money to support this power), otherwise it is likely to meet the responsibility to have supported a genocide in preparation by the military click of Evariste Ndayishimiye. We will never stop reminding us that one day all these countries say they did not know. A good deal, hi.
To all Burundians, we say: Happy birthday anyway!

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