Burundi: The enemy of Burundi is not Rwanda, but his true enemy is the CNDFDD’s military clique that took hostage the Burundian people.

Burundi: The enemy of Burundi is not Rwanda, but his true enemy is the CNDFDD’s military clique that took hostage the Burundian people.
President Paul Kagame has just demonstrated that he wants the restoration of good relations with Burundi by sending his prime minister to Burundi support Burundians in the celebration of the 59th anniversary of his independence. Burundi and Rwanda are brother countries, they were considered a single country, Rwanda-Urundi of the time of colonization, they had independence on the same day. Rwanda prefers to celebrate this day on July 4th, the date of liberation from the country after the war. Today, the two countries, which had broken all relations, the borders are always closed, start timidly to talk to each other to see how to normalize these relationships. Meetings took place between the intelligence services of the two armies, others between the heads of diplomacy; And now Rwanda has just taken another very important step by sending his prime minister to Burundi on the occasion of the celebration of the anniversary of his independence.
Could hope that both countries will soon turn the page as President Ndayishimiye told it so well in his speech? Very few people who know Evariste Ndayishimiye and his military click can believe. Urnhitamwoneza is those who cannot believe in the words of this president used to make statements of good intentions that are never implemented.
We referred to it in our edition of yesterday on June 30, 2021, that on June 29, 2021, the Army of General Evariste Ndayshimiye, under the command of his friendly premium friend Niyongabo, deployed a lot of heavily armed military on the border between Burundi and Rwanda via Musigati in Province Bubanza. Our source among these elements has meant that the military authorities told them that there is information that the enemy can attack Burundi from Rwanda at the time of the celebration of the independence of Burundi. They did not ask if it was Rwanda who would attack Burundi or if it another enemy would use Rwandan soil to attack Burundi. The military went to defend this border. We did not want to talk about the visit of Rwandan Prime Minister to Burundi even though social media had already published the information since June 28, 2021. It was necessary to be sure and certain because many circumstances could do that this visit is Cancelled at the last second when a brother and frontier country begins to suspect attacks without any visible reason. Fortunately, nothing happened, and Rwandan Prime Minister was sitting today on July 1, 2021 next to Marechal Guillaume Bunyoni, Prime Minister of Burundi. A historical image of its presence in the honorary tribune next to Bunyoni, with behind the image of the widow of the former President Pierre Nkurunziza, circulates on all social networks
We will have to say that the Rwandan Prime Minister was not on his plate in the midst of these captive wolves; Only the strength and power of his power could reassure him. Otherwise, even Allain Guillaume Bunyoni who was next to him, like many other members of the military clique who runs the country, thought in their strong interior that his presence in Burundi is only a hypocrisy, that it does not is not for love. Evariste Ndayishimiye who likes to say anything in his statements so well told it in Busoni, in the Kirundo province, border with Rwanda that his country cannot cooperate with a hypocritical country. He spoke of Rwanda even if he was not ashamed to deny himself afterwards.
What brakes the restoration of relations between the two brother’s countries despite the efforts of President Kagame is nothing but love, concretized by the signing of the conventions, that Evariste Ndayishimiye and his military clique have towards the genocidaires FDRL / FLN who do not cease to try to disrupt the tranquillity of Rwandan citizens. For the power of Gitega, completely get rid of the FDRL is an almost impossible act; Some have even been integrated into the safe institutions of the country. How then the relations between the two countries can really improve if Ndayishimiye continues to leave these genocidaires use the territory of Burundi to attack Rwanda and providing them with the necessary logistics to commit packages to Rwanda? He must make a choice. Otherwise, continue to play the game of hypocrisy will rather lead to an unnamed crisis that even leads to the genocide in the sub region as has always planned the laboratory of the CNDFDD military clique in power.
URN Hitamwoneza once again reminds Burundians and the international community that the enemy number one of the Burundian people is only the military clique in power; that only its total dismantling can relieve the sufferings of the Burundian people. Accusing the neighbouring Rwanda of all evils is only a pretext for triggering a sub-regional war that will end with genocide. International partners planning the resumption of cooperation with this power must pay attention to the risk of regretting their genocide support

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