Burundi: CNL members and Tutsis released by presidential grace must die.

Burundi: CNL members and Tutsis released by presidential grace must die.
It is not to be taken lightly; This is information from the Burundi’s National Information Service. And it is not a decision taken today, it is a planned act well before their liberation by the squadrons of the death of Evariste Ndayishimiye. We wrote well before the official launch of the release of these prisoners by President Evarist Ndayishimiye on April 26, 2021. Prior to that date, we alarmed all concerned by the same channel that the power had decided to release certain political opponents and some Tutsis just to show the international opinion that Evariste Ndayishimiye is a benefactor, a charitable man who loves all his people. It was rather a gesture that should push the European Union to accelerate the lifting process of sanctions against Burundi. Yet it was impossible for SNR agents to wait for a minute so that Alexis Nsabimana, this member of the CNL, arrives at least at home. He was removed right at the exit of the prison; at the moment he was waiting for the one who should move it. This proves that the plan was already well developed.
Today, we decided to say it once again to all those who want to hear us: all the members of the CNL, all the Tutsis, members MSD, Uprona or not, who had the chance to leave prisons by grace presidential will be eliminated one by one until the last. The decision was made, no one changed it again. To everyone to make arrangements.
We add to those Mr Germain Rukuki who has just been released on the pressure of the European Union. You all know that he had sentenced to a 32 years of imprisonment and that so it was reduced to a single year as he had just spent more than 4 years in prison. Its effective liberation was not easy despite the decision had been made. Some CNDFDD hawks were not happy with its release. The decision was therefore taken by the squadrons of the death of the party of the Eagle that this gentleman must be eliminated. His family will not even find his corpse. The strategy that will be used is not that of removing it as they do for the common mortals because it would make noise. It will have to pay attention for its outings in the interior of the country. The plan is to follow it and reach ambush on its vehicle. The vehicle and all occupants will be burned as they already have experience. No doubt there will be other innocent victims (the vehicles that will be behind or before him today). And the choice of the location of the ambush will not be random. They will find a medium where they can find many members of the CNL or Tutsis in order to make two shots of a stone: eliminate the target and stop opponents of the surrounding area by accusing them of hosting the criminals.
The young Bernardin Baserukiye who has just been murdered shows how much the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye is very criminal. He would have been abducted by police officers under the orders of Commissioner Moise Akaza on June 30 in Kivumu in Mugamba commune and the family found the corpse the next day; The day of the celebration of the 59th anniversary of the independence of the country. When his family was crying, Evariste Ndayshimiye was at the celebration stadium, his 5-year-old girl scrolling in prince. And if Bernardin Baseroukiye was his son, would he have had the courage to give speeches in the stadium? He launches attractive words, full of good intentions, showing that he has a great concern for the good of the Burundian people, at the moment when his men pay the blood of the innocents so-called opponents everywhere in the country under his coverage. Evarist Ndayishimiye and his military clique should prepare to pay for the blood of innocent Burundians that they are pouring.
URN Hitamwoneza recalls once again that this power from the CNDDFDD rebellion is not afraid to kill because it is a genocidal power. Whether today or tomorrow, nothing will prevent them from paying Burundian blood as long as they feel that their personal and selfish interests will be threatened. We also remind you that no lasting peace is possible until they are in power in Burundi. And Burundians know what to do. There are no thousand solutions, one must rise as a single man and drive out these criminals of power, arrest them and translate them before the competent jurisdictions. The international community that begins to stroke in the hands of the hairy Burundian jackal should analyse with great wisdom the conduct of the assassination of this young Bernardin Baseroukiye to realize that it does not have a serious partner, but a criminal that it is necessary to condemn instead of providing it; This would mean supporting it in its criminal acts.

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