Burundi: Lieutenant-Colonel Aron Ndayishimiye has the heavy responsibility of the death of Elie Ngomirakiza.

Burundi: Lieutenant-Colonel Aron Ndayishimiye has the heavy responsibility of the death of Elie Ngomirakiza.
The LT Col Aron Ndayishimiye is the commander of the 212nd battalion that operates in the Rukoko nature reserve. It is a former member of the FNL, one of the few former rebellion that has been able to integrate the CNDDFDD and has achieved a troop command post. Most of those who have been able to withstand the pressure of the CNDDFDD are found in the offices, with lower responsibilities. Those who have not been able to digest abuse, the assault of the CNDDFDD in the early years of integration within the FDNB are gone, either in the various rebellions that have been created or in private life or in exile. The best known is the famous General Aloys Nzabampa who is in the Mountains of the DRC after leaving the General Staff of the FDNB where he had been affected after integration.
If Aron Ndayishimiye has won the confidence of the CNDDFDD, it is not by sympathy, for love or for its professionalism. This is because he has agreed to be used by the CNDDFDD as an object of repression of its fighting companions; and he did it with great zeal. And, he benefited from some advantages like missions outside. He has already made two missions in peacekeeping forces.
This renowned criminal has just crossed the red line. It was on the 9th of July, that he arrested, in broad daylight, on the road Bujumbura- Gatumba, Elie Ngomirakiza, this CNL representative in Mutimbuzi commune, he embarked on his vehicle, unknown destination (at least not known to the population watching the scene). He led him directly into the Rukoko reserve and coldly murdered him. Never seen elsewhere than the CNDDFDD system.
In any case, although it was proved that it is a criminal, a traitor, a rebel taken weapon in hand fighting the government, he could not be killed in this way, especially since the death penalty doesn’t exists more in Burundi. This shows how Burundi has become a jungle led by men without faith or law, real animals. And Evariste Ndayishimiye dares to talk about human rights respected in Burundi; With a National Human Rights Commission recently put back to category A, which closes the eyes in front of such atrocities. It’s unimaginable!
We say that this officer of the FDNB, Lt Col Aron Ndayishimiye, did not understand DH courses (human law), IHL (international humanitarian law) that inculcate war professionals, the notions of respect for the Human rights up to the one on you during the fight. If he stops shooting you and turning his back and runs, you no longer have the right to shoot him. If it is shown that the bullet you fired touched it from the back (when it was fled), you are reprehensible. Many military and police, from the CNDFDD, CNDD, or FNL, have been incorporated within the FDNB as they had, once or twice, were arrested, imprisoned and released by the members of the Burundians armed forces (FAB), with whom they were fighting for more than ten years. For those who remember, more than a dozen FNL executives, of whom a lady of the name of Blandine have integrated the FDNB or GNP after leaving the prisons of the national documentation at a trading session of war prisoners.
Why the death squadrons of the CNDDFDD in power today feel proud by killing those they are abusively opposing as if they do not have themselves entitled to life? If the military clique believes that it will remain in power eternally after eliminating all opponents or anyone who dare to denounce his abuses, she is very mistaken. She is rather dedicated to fold luggage and take the path of the prison for life.
As for the Lt Colon Ndayishimiye, it is important to remind him that  » who kills by the sword will die by the sword  » (MT26: 52). The benefits that the CNDDFDD is giving him after assassinating his Brothers will fly like powder to the wind and will be able, if he is lucky, in prison. Otherwise, it’s the CNDDFDD itself that will eliminate him when he will finish the mission entrusted to him, or so, he will be eliminated by friends and the brandies of all that he has already killed. In any case, his days are counted.
URN Hitamwineza once again calls on all Burundians and foreigners concerned with respect for human rights and especially the right to life, organizations to combat human rights violations, to rise and scream so that this type of acts like the one committed by the LT Col Aron Ndayishimiye cease and that the latter is exemplarily punished if it has not been mandated by Evariste Ndayishimiye. To the EU to investigate how this Elie Ngomirakiza was killed and conclude that respect for human rights is not in the hearts of men in power in Burundi and they are not to be supported if this organization still holds its principles. We still recommend a general mobilization of Burundians to get rid of this system that kills our Burundian brothers to just stay in power. The sooner the better

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