Burundi: Many lists of the Hutus murdered by power in 1972 were recovered from the pockets of criminals or their accomplices

Burundi: Many lists of the Hutus murdered by power in 1972 were recovered from the pockets of criminals or their accomplices
This comes out of the eyewitnesses who have experienced the unfortunate events of 1972, which are beginning to get out of their silence after following the radios or social media of the declarations all azimuth of certain people saying  » authorities  » who start to distort the facts for sectarian interests.
URN Hitamwoneza first regrets all human life that disappears and especially when it comes to a Burundian, whether he is Hutu or Tutsi, he is the Divine Creation; She is entitled to life.
We often return to these misfortunes by Burundians during the different crises that hit our country by simple concern for the search for the truth. Many have their half-truth and seek to swallow everyone; But the truth is unique. The truth hurts some (especially those who are accused for something) but heals a lot of innocent souls.
The case of the 1972 events is today flowing a lot of ink and saliva because the CNDD FDD power is using them as a political stepping stone; One way to recover the maximum of extremist Hutus behind him because he lacks a corporate project beneficial for these Hutus and for all Burundians. Show Hutu that this power is looking for the truth that consoles them in order to mobilize them for electoral purposes is only their only objective. If not, where were they for 20 years that they just moved on to this power? Why today? Because they saw that other Hutus who are not members of the CNDD FDD are able to tear them off the power. The people have already noticed that this CNDD FDD military clique at the head of the state is worthless, it only fulfils their pockets and the country remains the poorest in the world. The military clique then wants to touch the ethnic rope to remobilize all Hutus behind the CNDD FDD; wasted effort.
In these lies around the CVR organized by the CNDD FDD, the power seeks to show that it is the Micombero power that organized the groups of criminals who attacked the country killing all Tutsi on their passage. It also shows that this power has drawn up lists of Hutus to murder in advance; starting with officials, intellectuals, traders and students. It’s too cynical to think that the Micombero power has organized the killings thousands of Tutsis to have a pretext to kill Hutus. And the most unfortunate for these Hutu extremists of the CNDD FDD, speaking of the power Micombero, they know that in the heads of our poor Hutus peasants (who may have seen their grandparents leave without seeing them again), they understand that they are Tutsis who killed theirs. None, no Tutsi took a machete to kill his hutu neighbour. On that, there is no objection.
We regret the blind repression that the Micombero power made after the attack of Hutus extremist groups in 1972. This power has made Hutus killing without any judgment, even if it had evidence that they were in the spot. There is also probably among them innocent victims and it is regrettable.
But in our search for the truth, we had eyewitnesses that tell us that many lists on the basis of which power was based to stop people to kill were seized in the pockets of criminals or their accomplices. Some Hutus even gave these lists to the authorities for themselves to be spared from this hunt.
Indeed, many Hutus, small officials (primary school teachers), until the ministers of the Micombero government, many officers of the army, had carefully prepared the conquest of power by force, after eliminating the maximum of Tutsis, starting with officials who should participate in the different dance evenings organized throughout the country. The kick-off should be given by radio; What has not happened after a happy human mistake. All those behind this shot were recorded on contribution lists so that the action can succeed. Understand that all those who hoped to participate in the management of the new power they wanted to conquer should  » make a gesture ‘to soon have positions of responsibility. Reason for which, everyone should be on one list of those who helped in conquest this power. That’s why many officials, traders, rich and even students who were interested in politics (or simply who had been sensitized for the cause) found themselves on people’s lists to kill by the power Micombero , told us our sources in Minago (in Rumonge), in Vugizo (in Makamba), and in Songa, Rutundwe (in Bururi), the day of April 29, 1972.
Another information often widespread by Hutu extremists who want to distort the facts and who has been denied by our sources, is that the helicopters who have fired on people did not target Hutu citizens gathered to be killed. These helicopters fired on groups of criminals gathered on land, a feast around the meat recovered cows in the households of Tutsis they had just killed. It happened in Vigizo, but also in Minago where our source meant us that these criminals threw some pieces of meat not eaten on the roofs of houses where they were hidden. It is at this moment that the helicopters fired on groups of criminals. We cannot affirm that there have been no innocent victims, far from us this intention. But, assert that helicopters were used to kill indistinctly Hutus gathered by power is far from basic logic.
URN Hitamwoneza regrets once again that our country has crossed many crises caused by extremists who were only looking for their own interests. It is also regrettable to see today saying the evil politicians of development projects to sell to the people, who only seek to exploit these unfortunate events to sow hatred and divisions within a peaceful population only for try to stay in power. We say we will do all that is at our height to explode the truth in the open so that all those who have committed crimes in our country are unveiled and put before the competent courts. We want the innocent to feel at peace, dismissed from criminals behind them to exploit them to their own profits. It is for this reason that we still call all those who have their own hands to dislocate criminals (without taking into account their ethnicity or political belonging) in order to be able to put them all out of state to harm and translate them in justice.

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