Burundi: For what does President Evariste Ndayishimiye and the CNDFDD afraid?

Burundi: For what does President Evariste Ndayishimiye and the CNDFDD afraid?
The question deserves clear answer because it is visible that the military clique is preparing for a very serious event, including the common Burundian ignores completely.  » Who wants peace prepares the war  », said Jules Caesar. And Georges Washington add that  » prepare for war is the best way to preserve peace ‘‘. Can we say that Evariste Ndayishimiye has no peace that why he prepares the war? Or can we say, according to Georges Washington, that Evariste Ndayishimiye prepares the war to preserve peace? Everyone can give his answer. But what is sure and certain is that there is no peace in Burundi, unless peace is synonymous with the absence of the war; what would be contrary to the theory of Barush Spinoza (peace is not the absence of war, but a virtue that is born of the strength of the soul).
If today, the military clique in power in Burundi distributes arms to its militia Imbonerakure across the country, it is not for the first time; She has always done it. Probably that she distributes weapons to those who have not yet, or replace those that would no longer be in good condition. And it is not in the objective of preserving peace because it does not exist. Nor is it in order to seek this peace so long as desired by Burundians; It’s just the opposite.
If in Burundi the corpses are picked up daily on the hills, in the streets, in the gutters or on the edges of the rivers; It is clear that these people are killed by the state services (members of the NRS, some military and police officers) and members of the Imbonerakure militia, all under the command of Evariste Ndayishimiye. The wise administration is still eager to bury the corpses so that they are not identified because the strategy used is to lay corpses away from their places of origin. An Italian proverb says that  » a feigned peace is more harmful than an open war « . The power sings peace every day, but kills in silence and in total impunity.
For Evarist Ndayishimiye and his military clique to power, arrest and kill Tutsis and CNL members (they qualify for enemies in the country) is a way to preserve peace in Burundi. They deceive a lot; It’s just the opposite. They attack hatred, they wake up the sleeping demons, they are more work bloodier than they will never be able to master and win.  » War is like typhoid fever; You have to escape it, but if we catch it, you have to fight, « said Etienne Soy. Evariste Ndayishimiye has imposed a war at part of the population; The latter is undergoing today because those who have not fled are not yet at the stadium to fight; They observe helplessly die them, but this patience has limits. Today, Evariste Ndayishimiye has the power and the means of the state at his disposal and believes that he can do everything he wants, that he can kill, imprison and force to exile who he wants. Tomorrow, he does not know what will happen. He must know that the fight is not won only by the material means, but by men. If he is not blind, he saw, during the elections of May 2020 that he no longer has the men behind him. All these men wanted a change, which voted for a change on which the military clique put a cross on it, do not sleep; He expects a good time to jump on you, Mr. President. And you will not have people to defend yourself. Your soldiers and police men? It’s not certain because  » a political self-conscious soldier is a powerful mercenary, said Thomas Sankara. They are not ready to die for only to allow you to sit in an armchair that you stole because they are the first eyewitnesses. Do not count on those. This is probably the reason that drives you to train and arm a militia when you have an army and a police. These young Imbonerakure will not defend you either; At the slightest fire, they will draw in all direction, once the cartridges are finished, will hide the weapons and take leak. This is why Evariste Ndayishimiye and his military clique are scared.
URN Hitamwoneza reminds Evariste Ndayishimiye and his military clique that the blood of the innocents they pour every day will not remain unpunished; And they know it, why they continue to pay it and even plan a large-scale or even regional genocide. These people are very dangerous for society. It comes up to us Burundians who still have his clean hands, and who wish a peace for all Burundians, to unit and stop all the strategies that would allow us to drive out the power this military clique and lead it before the competent courts to be judged for all these crimes. The sooner is the better.

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