Burundi: Sylvestre Ntibantunganya and Pierre Claver Ndayicariye should not tell lies about the 1972 events; The truth is known.

Burundi: Sylvestre Ntibantunganya and Pierre Claver Ndayicariye should not tell lies about the 1972 events; The truth is known.
It is the bitter observation of certain eyewitnesses of the events of 1972, shed by these shameless mountings, begin to come out of their silence to give the real version of the events they have experienced themselves the night of Saturday, April 29, 1972, Without forgetting to talk about the warning signs that showed that certain Hutus extremists would prepare something, without knowing exactly the nature and extent. They also tell the facts that followed until the total judgment of the Tutsis and fighting with the military, as well as the nature of the Hutus who were arrested and killed after these attacks of the assassins.
The author of this first testimony of today does not hide his name. His name is Mamert Sabushimike, from the Vyanda commune in Bururi Province, survivors of 1972 events; He had only 12 years old. He says that on April 29, 1972, at 18 hours of the evening, they saw the houses of Tutsis living in Kirehe hills, Karirimvya, Nyakabinga, and Migera who began to burn; An action of the Hutus of the same hills. They have at the same time massacred with machetes Tutsis that they could catch. On these hills, they killed men, women and children while elsewhere they said that we should not kill women and girls because they claimed to marry them because considered more beautiful than theirs. They carried foliage of trees and herbs and pronounce slogans like May Marele (a term used in Zaire, Current DRC) that meant  » water only  ». They also had small wounds on the fronts and the breasts; These were traditional drugs that they rubbed on small injuries made with razor ram so that these drugs can reach the blood directly. In their beliefs, pronouncing Mayi Mulele, the cartridges of the military and the spears could not puncture them.
Mamert Sabushimike tells us that these massacres had been prepared in advance because the morning of April 29, 1972, two brave Hutus, Ngendanyi and Ponciyano from Gitwaro Hill in Bukanda had warned the Tutsis that their sons had prepared the machetes to kill Tutsis. In the evening, they advised them to flee. Tutsis did not take the information seriously because they said that there is no reason that they are killed by people who have no dispute with them. They realized that the information was correct when they saw the burned houses and they could flee to hide in the tides and bushes. The kick-off was given on the head of the zone, the councillor of the zone and the police who were with them because selected in the vehicle of the chief of the Rweza dispensary by the latter so that they are killed from the beginning of the events. The Hutu who killed these people came from Karehe Hill in Kibanda. These are the same who had been designated to attack Bururi’s military camp.
The houses of the Kagoma and Bwatemba hills were spared on Saturday because a primary school director had asked the executioners not to disturb the Tutsis living in these hills so that they arriving by mass at Sunday’s Mass to massacre Just at the exit of the Mass. A strategy to be able to massacre them without means of escaping; Mass did not take place because the event was already known every night on Saturday.
The criminals then killed the Tutsis on Saturday, Sunday; On Monday, a helicopter intervened and fired on criminals coming from Karagara, mugera, Karonda, Gatete, Kigwena, gathered on the Mazinga hill to go killing the Tutsis of Vyanda who had resisted. Believing that they could not die because protected by the traditional drugs they had been injected, they died in mass, burning dry leaf of banana trees believing that the flame would reach and burn the helicopter that pulled on them. The helicopter occurred again on Wednesdays to shoot the Hutus of Bukanda Hills, Gitsiro, gathered again to face the Tutsis organized to make the resistance. This time, these Hutus dispersed in all directions, after killing only 9 Tutsis.
The massacres have stopped, according to always Mamert Sabushimike, Thursday following the intervention of the military who had begun to compete with these criminals at the Gatongo Pentecostal Church on the Karehe Hill. He tells us that the Hutus who have been arrested and killed after these attacks have been targeted on clear criteria: those for whom the houses have not been burned while they cohabit with those of Tuts killed and those who had scars fresh on the fronts and breasts (marks worn by criminals).
He asks Pierre Claver Ndayicariye with his famous CVR to approach him so that he tells them what he saw and what heard from the mouths of some survivors like policeman Ambroise , managed to miraculously flee the Criminal action of the Misigaro Commander. As he commanded the Nyanza Lake Brigade (some say it’s the Nyanza Lake Military Camp), he aligned all the men under his command and disarmed and tumble all the Tutsis and then kill them. He would have fled to Tanzania and would be among those who organized the criminals who came from this country to help other Hutu criminals massacre the Tutsis. Mamert Sabushimike also saw Tutsis from Magara, with wounds of machetes on faces or on the legs and arms; They told the Calvary they had lived.
URN Hitamwoneza estimates that instead of Nibantunganya Sylvestre and Pierre Claver Ndayicariye to tell half-truths or shameless lies, that they take the courage to question the survivors, eyewitnesses of all trends, instead of being satisfied with Stories prepared in advance by Hutus or some Tutsis of the CNDDFDD that tell only what the power, which mandated Ndayicariye and Nibantunganya wants. Only the truth about all the events that shook our country can allow us to leave these black years. We must be able to identify all planners and performers of all crimes committed in Burundi since independence until today to remove them from society for ceases to impunity and those who have own hands feel safe permanently. To all those who do not accuse of nothing, we take a call to get up as a single man and denounce all the criminal acts and their authors so that they have demise their duties (in a thoroughly prepared way to minimize the Collateral damage) and translate them all before the competent jurisdictions so that they respond from their actions.

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