Burundi: Why would the World Bank force the power of Gitega to receive a Covid 19 vaccine that it did not ask?


Burundi: Why would the World Bank force the power of Gitega to receive a Covid 19 vaccine that it did not ask?
Incredible but true. The World Bank (BM) cares about the health of the Burundian people more than the power of Gitega that was supposed to protect it. The BM proposed to the military clique in power in Burundi vaccines against COVID-19. It took a fierce discussion within the Commission in charge of prevention against this scourge to accept this free offer. Here too, the power accepted it under conditions: that the one who gives it does not require money; that the government is not responsible for the unfortunate consequences that would happen to the one who will take this injection. That is why the power of Gitega immediately did a media outing to make fun of the BM by announcing the people that the vaccine was not on his agenda, which it was proposed without asking and they didn’t only want to refuse this free offer. He wished to clarify that the vaccine will be taken by the one who wishes. These statements were made by the Minister of Public Health, Thaddée Ndikumana and the Super Minister of the Interior, Public Safety and Community Development, General Gervais Ndirakobuca Alias Ndakugarika. The latter does not go by four ways:  » This vaccine has not been requested by the government that is in relation to its plane related to Covid-19  ». For him, the one who wants to bring the vaccine to Burundi is welcome, but that he does not ask for money and gives no conditionality. The government will show them where to put it and will be taken by the one who will want  ».
Clearly, the military clique in power does not want this vaccine because it does not have on its program the vaccination of the Burundian population. He did not simply dare to say no to the BM because he knows he will need all the time the support of this institution; But obviously, the doses that will be delivered will not be used, they are very lucky to deteriorate in stocks; Although even storage conditions inspire people confidence in a poor country like Burundi with limited infrastructure with insufficient electrical energy. As Minister Ndirakobuca said, almost alone those who will be struck by constraints to be vaccinated before traveling will take this vaccine because  » They were forced to pick it up in Nairobi (Kenya); they will be able this time to find it on the spot without much spending  », said with a lot of arrogance the super minister ndakugarika
At the moment many countries are looking for the Covid19 vaccine without finding it in sufficient quantity when they are ready to pay for it, why should the BM impose on the military clique in power in Burundi a vaccine that it does not want? For what interest does the BM seek that this vaccine is delivered to Burundi while it will not be used because power does not want it? Why go store vaccines in Burundi who may be at risk of deterioration when there are countries that require with insistence and do not find them? So many questions that deserve answers.
On the other hand, why at the moment when the world is threatened by the Covid-19 pandemic that makes a lot of mutations with new variants, the military clique in power is disfavouring from the rest of the world by refusing the vaccines then make the pandemic rage in Burundi? The Minister Thaddée Ndikumana himself acknowledged, at a press brief, that Burundians no longer respect barrier measures against Covid 19. They meet in public places, in celebrations, nightclubs without any protection. It may be the prayer that protects them as the authorities like to say when it is impossible for them to sensitize and even to force the people to strict respect of the barriers. Consequence: people die from the pandemic, but the power does not speak about it. Today, power seems to be overwhelmed by many positive cases of COVID 19, especially in the northern provinces, but still refuses the vaccine.
URN Hitamwoneza believes that if a power refuses to save a people in distress, he commits a crime against humanity. It should either resign or be forced to resign or simply should be dismissed without delay. The BM and other international organizations should not continue to supplier this power to accept vaccines for its own people, they should rather help all the living forces of the nation chasing power this military click that takes hostage the Burundian people and Look for new leaders capable of planning and leading the people with love and willingness to lead him to his development.

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