Burundi: The case of Sudan should serve as lesson for Lt Col Aron Ndayishimiye and all the cndd-fdd squadrons of the death

Burundi: The case of Sudan should serve as lesson for Lt Col Aron Ndayishimiye and all the cnddfdd squadrons of the death.
After the demonstrations of June 2019 followed by deadly repressions and which led from President Omar El-Bashir after 30 years of power without sharing; the time is justice. When Bashir was the strong man of Sudan, his intelligence services, the army and even other militia affiliated with power as the Janjawid in Darfur did not think about a moment that their boss would leave one day and whom they would answer all the crimes they committed, so-called to defend this dictatorial and criminal power. Today, everyone is answering his own acts, starting with the same president.
Why would not it serve a lesson for Aron Ndayishimiye and all the squadrons of death that keep killing defenceless civilians that they unfairly qualify for political opponents? Criminals always have masks on their faces that do not allow them to see the truth opposite or learn by facts of history.
In Sudan, 27 members of the information services were sentenced to the death penalty for the murder of a protester. They have been convicted of tortured to death a teacher in January 2019.  » Ahmed al-Kheir Awadh, 36, had shown in Khashm El-Girba, a locality of the state of Kassala in the east of the country. At the time, anti-plan demonstrations had just started and went throughout the country. Every evening when returning home, this teacher was arrested. The information services reproached him from being among the organizers of the marches. He died in detention after being tortured « , can we read about the news of Sudan.
To speak only of his most recent acts,  » Lt Col Aron Ndayishimiye, commander of the 212 Battalion, arrested on August 5, 2021, in the 13th Avenue, Hill and Buringa Area in Gihanga of the Province Bubanza, Mr. Diomeda Mukaza , accusing the possession of ammunition. Yet it seems only a pure lie because in the morning, the police had made a search without finding anything. It was when this officer arrived there he said there was ammunition in his home. Aron Ndayishimiye would have asked if there is a machete around for him to finish him on the spot; That is, cutting it with a machete in pieces, tell the witnesses. He led it to a destination not yet known by his family. It is very likely that he would have already killed him as he did for Elie Ngomirakiza, representative of the CNL in Mutimbuzi, that the same Lt Col arrested himself on the road and led to the Rukoko reserve where he would have been killed and buried. First responsible? Well known: Lt Colon Ndayishimiye. And President Evariste Ndayishimiye did not fail the opportunity to declare on the international media that there are no arbitrary arrests in Burundi and that the missing persons are among the criminals who hide in Rwanda. This means that Aron Ndayishimiye will never be punished until Evarist Ndayishimiye or any other member of the CNDDFDD will still be in power in Burundi. It is this impunity that the intelligence services in Cibitoke and elsewhere, never cease to stop people, torturing them and after killing them, pack them in bags containing stones to throw them into the Rusizi with insurance that these bodies will never be able to go back to the surface. Other bodies are thrown here and there in the country and the administration is eager to bury them before they are identified. A well-planned action and executed by the power of the CNDDFDD: the death squadrons to kill, the administration to bury the corpses in a hurry without identification and the high authorities to deny the media that such acts do not exist in Burundi. Who deceives who? What is true is that the figures of people killed or corpses found advanced by human rights organizations are far from being true because criminals can hide a large number of corpses.
And before all these cases, the European Union and other regional or international partners in Burundi, continue to approach this criminal power to revive cooperation. Give him direct financial support simply means supporting their criminal actions.
If today President Bashir is before the jurisdictions with all those he used to kill all those who dared to raise the finger and say what’s wrong, what would prevent Evariste Ndayishimiye, all his military click and all squadrons of the death of the CNDDFDD to meet tomorrow all under the bars? WAIT AND SEE
URN Hitamwoneza once again applies to the Burundian people who are experiencing peace, anxious to see a Burundi of peace, justice and tranquillity, not to be discouraged. What happened elsewhere will arrive in Burundi. It’s a question of time. Let’s continue to document all these cases of killings, torture, forced disappearances, arbitrary arrests and imprisonment and specially to target their authors. The Lt Colon Aron Ndayishimiye and other criminals, as he will find himself, if they have the chance to survive, before the competent courts to answer the acts they committed. The President Evariste Ndayishimiye who shows himself as a man of peace in the speeches, but who assumed all these crimes and who believes that by ling on the media everything is finished, if he does not leave quickly as left his predecessor, will also have to assume his responsibilities one day. The future offers us surprises.

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