Burundi: The coronavirus is wreaking havoc in the country and the military clique on power facilitates its spread instead of fighting it.

Burundi: The coronavirus is wreaking havoc in the country and the military clique on power facilitates its spread instead of fighting it.
It’s not a secret for anyone. All Burundians and all those who visit Burundi are surprised to see how much Covid 19 seems to be a concern for the military clique in power, at the moment when the whole world trembles because of this pandemic.
None are the question of why this behaviour of the power of Gitega. Could it be because the contamination rate is still weak? Hypothesis to be rejected because not only that in almost all the provinces of the country the pandemic has already helped at the door, but also that for a strategist, the best way is to fight the pandemic seriously from the first hours of its appearance. Are they awaiting hundreds of deaths a day to take all necessary measures as elsewhere in the world? Difficult to understand. Would it be in unconsciousness? By negligence? Or for lack of means of raising awareness and control of respect for barrier measures as well as for the purchase of the protection tools of the population?
To all these questions, we think rather that the lack of vision of our leaders, their arrogance that pushes them not to do like the others while they are nothing and have nothing; The lack of concern for the Burundian people, would have as many reasons that would justify this strange behaviour. Yes, the means are screaming in the country. But, vaccines are given / or offered free of charge (or with relaxation measures) by states or organizations that fear that only one country remains in the fight against this pandemic can contaminate others in case the world would manage to overcome this battle. The World Bank has proposed vaccines to the power of Gitega. The latter has accepted them with too much hesitation. Here too, the military clique made statements of denigration towards donors, and announced that it will just keep this donation of vaccines and will take wondering. This shows that this vaccine, so asked by many countries, may be at risk of inventories in Burundi.
We insist on the unconsciousness of the authorities of Gitega and their lack of concern for the Burundian people because there are facts and gestures that cannot be posed by responsible men and women. Hold. As early as March 2021, after the Hotel Source du Nile has ceased to host the sick, people tested positive returned home or in hotels of their choice and are not followed by the government to ensure that they remain in isolation so as not to contaminate others. Even serious patients who do not find places in hospitals are asked to go home; no medical or administrative follow-up is done. The few deaths announced by the government are those known by hospitals; And here too, they are not all declared officially; Some are hidden on purpose, saying not to alert the international opinion or scare the rest of the population.
Can we talk about the collective unconsciousness of the whole Burundian population since people die and they know it, but they continue to behave as if the pandemic does not exist? The churches are full to crack every Sunday, people meet in the holidays, buses, without any means of protection. And the CNDDFDD power did not even hesitate to organize the communal day on Saturday 7th August 2021. It was an opportunity for meeting, exchange and sharing between the population on the hills and natives of these regions living in different urban centres. A safe means of propagation of this pandemic throughout the country since not only that no one has thought of any protection, people shared local beer by exchanging torches without any worries. Just consult social networks, these images that are shame when you know the damage caused by this pandemic in the world and in Burundi, circulate all over the world.
URN Hitamwoneza believes that in the face of this manifest refusal of the military clique to protect the Burundian people from this global danger; Instead of Burundian partners believe in recovering their cooperation with this power of CNDFDD; They should rather put pressure on the latter so that it takes consequent measures. In case this military clique would continue to have a hard head, the solution is to support Burundian patriots to drive it out of power and condemn its members for crime against humanity. The Burundian people could at this time choose other more responsible leaders capable of planning their future and development.

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