Burundi: When the end of divisions within political parties in Burundi?

Burundi: When the end of divisions within political parties in Burundi?
The question is difficult to answer. As long as the CNDDFDD will be in power in Burundi, political parties that do not have visionary leaders will always be weakened by the power that divides them into wings by taking advantage of the weakness of those who are the leaders of these organizations, but who at the end of the tunnel are only priests of positions of responsibility to survive.
Dividing parties into wings to weaken them is not only a political game of the CNDDFDD, but it is mainly a well-established program since its accession to be able to silence everyone, even the political parties, so that it Continue to maintain and complete the genocide of Tutsis and Opposition Hutus who do not want to adhere to this project.
Since it’s in power in 2005, almost all political parties have been divided into wings. We said it’s a plan established because a team of people in charge of doing this work and funding had been set up for a long time. Former General Adolphe Nshimirimana was at the head of this team when he was head of the SNR. The other members of the team were Jean Marie Rurimirije, by which all the funding to fulfil this mission passed; the General Agricole Ntirampeba , Onesime Nduwimana; Ezekiel Nibigira and Burikukiye. Edouard Nduwimana who was a minister of the interior was aware of the game and was about to approve the new party created after an extraordinary congress funded and supervised by the CNDDFDD. Today is the super minister Gervais Ndirakobuca Alias Ndakugarika who is the pilot of this project.
With respect to the Party of Prince Louis Rwagasore, it was noted and it was a secret for anyone, that the personalities chosen by the CNDDFDD, or to direct this party, or to occupy the positions of responsibility within the government or in other structures of the state are men without personality; Men and women who need only bread to survive, regardless of the conditions in which they receive it. To have Prosper Bazombanza, Gaston Sindimwo as Vice-Presidents of the Republic is a shame for the party of Prince Louis Rwagasore who has thousands of experienced intellectuals and politicians who know how to defend the interest of all the people as did their model and national hero. See Mbayahaga Defend the Uprona at the beginning of the year 2020 and sell it to the CNDDFDD in the May 2020 elections has surprised anyone because it is a dubious man who can change as a chameleon and who does not go that where the grass is greener than elsewhere. He is known to all that he has sold Terence Sinunguruza to President Nkurunziza, just to get a job. He was his Protocol Manager. Sinunguruza was fired from his vice-president, Mbayahaga was assigned to a position he did not deserve because he was waiting for his degree in theology that had nothing to have with a technical position. He was pastor of the CNDFDD because in his teachings, he distorts the true meaning of the Bible to adapt it to the will of the party in power which gives him something to fill his belly. These are the calibres of men and women that the CNDDFDD highlights. It shows the international opinion that it is the unity of Burundians, that there are Tutsis within the organs of the State at the time he has appointed rascals. The rest of the Tutsis are killed, imprisoned for unfounded reasons, impoverished overnight, harassed to force them to exile and men say nothing. Some of them even betray the other Tutsis (sell them to the CNDDFDD to kill them), only to manifest their unwavering support to the system in order to maintain themselves in their positions. General Joseph Ndayishimiye, Deputy Chief of Staff of the FDNB will never leave a word from his mouth when former military ex fab and young Tutsi of Mugamba are arrested and killed or tortured without a valid reason when he is native to this region. Ridicule does not kill.
The elections of new Leaders of the Uprona party called illegal Congress by Gaston Sindimwo and his team returns to the CNDFDD plan announced for a long time. It was a desire to break the CNL by attributing places that returned to him by his position during the May 2020 elections to the members of the Uprona. Second declared when he won these elections, the CNL should have a place of choice in state institutions. Yet this is not what happened. The CNDDFDD wanted to exclude this party from all the positions of responsibility except the places to the parliament which return to it. The CNDDFDD plan was to place some members of the Uprona Pro CNDFDD (whose leaders have just been elected) in state institutions with a dual objective. First, showing the international community (at whom the Government CNDDFDD is commending money for its functioning) that all components of Burundian society (especially Tutsis) are sufficiently represented in the institutions. Then, it is a question of deceiving certain not notified Tutsis that the CNDFDD is concerned by their interests so that no one supports the cause of the CNL which seems to worry this party in the coming elections if it does not reach the time to claim its victory in 2020 elections by other means. In the coming elections, the CNDFDD is confident that it has already eliminated the maximum possible CNL members and especially leaders at all levels and discouraged the rest of the members who will be forced to adhere to the party of the Eagle.
Finish, whether it is the Uprona party or the others, the CNDDFDD plan is to use all the way so that there is no real opposition to Burundi. All political parties, non-governmental organizations working in Burundi, all must follow the guideline of the CNDFDD system, otherwise they will be forced to disappear in order to leave the military clique to continue and complete its large scale genocide plan.
URN Hitamwoneza still calls on the Burundian people and the international community to remain vigilant. Instead of restarting cooperation with a power that constantly violates human rights as shown by 43 national and international human rights organizations (we will come back), the international community should instead exert pressure on the military clique to power to respect certain basic principles of human rights as the right to life, otherwise impose new sanctions or support the projects of its dismissal that circulate in the heads of many Burundian and Foreigners who like Burundi and who see only the only solution to cure the Burundi of this cancer that has gone for it since 2005. Together we will get there.

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