Burundi: President Evariste Ndayishimiye confirms that with the CNDDFDD system, Burundi will always go wrongly.

Burundi: President Evariste Ndayishimiye confirms that with the CNDDFDD system, Burundi will always go wrongly.
It’s a reality; He said it himself,  » where there is no justice, there can be no peace or development. It is the president of Burundi, Evariste Ndayishimiye who told him before the judges and magistrates of Bujumbura on August 24, 2021 at Nyakabiga High School. He told these so-called justice professionals that they are the root of all the misfortunes of Burundians (poverty, murders, etc.).
Urnhitamwoneza proposes to dissect a few key sentences of his speech to make some comments.
 » Even if you have billions in pocket, houses upstairs that you have acquired by corruptions and economic malpractices, God will destroy everything and you will be punctured  ». Mr. president, you know it well, billionaires within your team, is full. Application for example how much would be assessed the wealth of Powerful Premier Allain Guillaume Bunyoni. Where did he draw all that money? The former Minister of Energy and Mines, Come Manirakiza has built a house under the floor that it has endowed with the Government of Nkurunziza; He built villas at home on the hill. Where does all this money come from? Of their wages? What is this flourishing trade in Burundi who can bring so many billions? That of minerals and human trafficking probably. And these men high cited as examples (they are not the only ones), are not far from these files. Others emptied the little one that the state had in its treasure, and it is the people who suffer. Everyone, Mr. president, you know them and you did nothing. Expect that it is the almighty God who will come to punish them? Therefore, stop pouring crocodile tears.
« I prefer to go to the market (on public place) Crying instead of 12 million Burundians who cry for lack of justice  ». Everyone cries, from the little citizen to the President of the Republic, even foreigners. Which country is it? Which country is it exactly Mr. President? A country at the head of which a president is located who, instead of taking action authorized by the law, begins to lament before his directed! You are shame in our country, Mr. President.
« When I go downhill inside the country, citizens tell me that the lack of justice is at the base of their poverty because no one can have a fair trial without giving money to the judges (they are obliged to sell their goats or part of the plot). Mr. President, this people who addressed your authority waiting for you to take concrete steps to save it. These citizens know that you are powerful, the number 1 of the country, the Supreme magistrate. They ask you justice. Which means: stop these judges and magistrates, force them to repay what they have stolen and imprison them, replace them with integral men who can make justice with equity. And the answer you gave them Mr. President is to go lament or cry (as you say it yourself) in front of the executioners (those the same who committed these crimes). Stop this comedy Mr. President.
 » The crime observed in the country is caused by the lack of public justice; The population resorts to popular justice. On the one hand, you are right. There are cases of citizens who do justice because they know that impunity has become the method of government of the CNDDFDD system that you have come from and in which you have always had a place of choice since 2005. You have done nothing . If you do not have soaked your own hand in these corruption and economic malpractices, you have been complicit. Stop deceiving the opinion by your speeches because what is happening today is not new; It is a for a long time a system that has continued to ruin the country until it became the poorest of the world
Mr. President, on the other hand, you lie to the people because, which causes the death of many Burundians is not the bad work of judges and magistrates. These are your own safety services and your Imbonerakure militia that kill hundreds of thousands of innocent Burundians. It is this machine to kill that you have put in place that bindles the Burundi daily: your agents of the national intelligence service, certain elements of the police and army and the militia Imbonerarakure stop those you call opponents and that you rightly qualify for enemies of the country; Then they kill them and throw the corpses into the rivers or in the valleys or bushes and the administration is responsible for burying them without any identification. All this scenario is not strange to you Mr. President. And you do not do anything. We are waiting for tomorrow you will meet these bodies, as you did for judges and magistrates, to cry before them. The people are tired of your little game, Mr. President.
 » The whole world shouts that human rights are not respected in Burundi; The important thing is that he sees that the leader (the president) does not support those who violate them and that he is crying with the people  ». It’s already good that you know that international justice exists and that it can one day get you stuck, you and your men. But, stop making people believe that you are innocent because you have had the courage to denounce the bad behaviour of magistrates. They say them themselves, they do not act because are bonded arms and legs by your system. This is why you do not dare to replace them and punish them. This means that your declarations not followed by actions do not mean anything as well in the eyes of Burundians and the eyes of the international community. You are guilty and you will also answer all these crimes committed by men under your responsibility, under your complicit eye. If you do not punish them, that’s saying that you are enduring their actions or simply it’s you who mandate them. So stop doing evil, Burundians are not so beasts.
Urnhitamwoneza still calls Burundians to document all these speeches by President Evariste Ndayishimiye. They will serve us for evidence when the time comes. We remain confident that no one takes his statements seriously; Consider it’s a way of distracting you so that his men continue to kill you and loot state property with impunity. Let’s be more vigilant than before not to fall into this CNDFDD trap. His strategy is:  » Let’s leave the president publicly condemn us to distract our enemies and the international community and do what we have to do  ». Let’s unite our efforts to find the efficient ways and means to drive them out of this power they have stolen people and build a country on the basis of the principles of humanity, justice and respect for human rights and arrive at desired social development.

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