Burundi: Again statements of intentions of the CNDDFDD at the Ngozi Congress

Burundi: Again statements of intentions of the CNDDFDD at the Ngozi Congress
The secretary general of the CNDDFDD, Mr Reverien Ndikuriyo launched a clear message to all members of the CNDDFDD: to comply with the members of the opposition parties; Avoid harassing other political parties. It was during a congress organized by this presidential party in Ngozi this 26 August 2021.
This is not for the first time that this kind of message is given by different leaders of this party’s party, but the rest is known to all. The CNDDFDD has as a goal of harassing, misleading members of opposition parties so that those who do not agree to join this party are killed or imprisoned. The CNDDFDD would like that there is no more opposition party in the next election. It is for this reason that the CNL party does not reach function as the law authorizes it; Its permanence is destroyed by the members of the Imbonerakure militia, its members are regularly arrested, some are killed, others are imprisoned after torture at the SNR. And when Reverien Ndikuriyo asks CNDFDD members to comply with members of other political courses, one wonders whether CNL members are number; And if so, what would be changed on their program.
We remain convinced that nothing has changed the CNDDFDD’s lie strategy that continues to distract both national and international opinion that it is righteous men, men of peace who care about the well-being of the people while in reality it’s pure hypocrisy.
This congress is held after only one day after the meeting of President Evariste Ndayishimiye and the judges of Bujumbura at Nyakabiga High School. It was August 24, 2021. It was during this meeting that it unveiled, in the eyes of the whole world, that Burundi knows no peace or development, because of the lack of justice, because of impunity established as a method of government of the CNDDFDD system since 2005. « No foreign investor can lead to Burundi when there is no justice, » said Evariste Ndayishimiye in front of the so-called Professionals of the low. The president’s words in front of his directed have caused a lot of reactions around the world. Some analysts qualify the words (these crying as he said himself) of Evariste Ndayishimiye of « Crocodile Tears » because he has all the authority to change this situation without lamenting before the people. At the moment when the most naïve qualifies the President Ndayishimiye of good, not corrupted, others think rather that he is playing the game of the CNDDFDD who asks him to make statements of good intentions to distract the national and international opinion, which does not prevent them from continuing abuses to those abusing enemies of the country. The proof is that they are content with these good speeches, but things go badly. They are not mistaken, the whole world observes them, the Burundians and the international community do not need good speeches, but concrete acts. The silence of the European Union on the lifting of sanctions against Burundi should serve as lesson. The good words that are not followed by actions are worthless.
URN Hitamwoneza, like other Burundians, do not wait miracles on the CNDFDD side. Ask members of the CNDDFDD to respect the members of the opposition parties is only a pure hypocrisy. Ask Burundian justice to be independent and do its job in transparency according to the rules of art, it is to request the impossible in Burundi governed by the CNDDFDD system. There remains only one solution: to mobilize to hunt this military clique of power and translate them before the competent jurisdictions. This is what will be able to relieve the suffering of the millions of Burundians who flow in misery since the country is taken hostage by a handful of men and women of the CNDDFDD. Let’s unite our efforts to get rid of them. The sooner the better.

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