Burundi: Burundians begin to take some individual measures against Covid19

Burundi: Burundians begin to take some individual measures against Covid19
It has become a reality. In recent days, Burundians are gradually starting to become aware of the dangerousness of the Global Pandemic Covid 19. It was abnormal to see smart people, who follow the news and who see how much pandemic is ravaging in the world and continue to continue behave as if Covid 19 does not exist in Burundi.
Despite the presence of the Commission (directed by Gervais Ndirakobuca alias Ndakugarika and the Minister of Health Thaddée Ndikumana), in charge of the fight against COVID 19, the Government is content with announcing barrier measures against Covid 19 but does not reach mobilize the entire population for their implementation. Although the government is desperate to hide its scale, Burundi is at risk because the pandemic is widespread throughout the country and the government does not have sufficient means for testing and care. It was time, if not later, that each Burundian takes individual measures of its protection.
A happy observation is that this consciousness begins to win some frameworks. Some members of the CNDFDD were observed at Congress from 26 to 27 to August 2021, wearing masks although social distance was almost impossible; The embraces and kisses have also failed. The spokesperson for this presidential party also said that the delegates all did the COVID19 test before entering; difficult to believe it. Think about it is already an awareness; What was not the case before.
We also seen, at Gatwaro, Kayanza Province, a lot of state and administrative executives wear masks in the stage this 30 August 2021. Even the soldiers who made the honours to the President of the Republic in Kayanza wore All masks. Evariste Ndayishimiye had gone there for a moralization session (teaching the executives good governance and the love of the homeland as if he were the specialist or the model in the matter). Would it be the initiative of Colonel Remy Cishahayo, governor of the province of Kayanza or an instruction from the Presidency of the Republic? The latter option is to be rejected because President Evariste Ndayishimiye and his protocol did not wear masks while he should give a good example. The leader is the example, it is said. If it was Colonel Cishahayo’s initiative, it would not surprise anyone because it also shows elementary logic upon his arrival at the head of this province by announcing that the immbonerakure are not responsible for security, that there are security forces which are paid for this work, and that their only role is to be the eye and ear of these security professionals. Unfortunately, it was an unfortunate initiative because the Minister of Youth, went to deny him in his own province by calling the immbonerakure to get to work as quickly as possible. It’s like luck that he was not immediately replaced. It is also possible that people are starting to become aware of the danger and carry masks on their own initiative. What would be a good attitude? Which is still safe and certain is that the platoon of honour did it on instruction. Congratulations for the one who did it.
The mask port is one of Covid’s control methods, but it alone is not enough. People should also think of bringing, in such meetings, disinfectants; Avoid shaking hands or kissing. The other method of fighting Covid 19 in vogue today is the vaccine. The height of misfortune is that the power of the CNDDFDD refuses to sensitize the people to be vaccinated at the time the international community was ready to provide the vaccine for free. Ndakugarika’s response to the World Bank’s proposal to provide a Burundian vaccine is  » to bring, we will store this vaccine, will take it that wants and its risks and perils  ». It is an answer from an irresponsible government when the world is mobilizing to produce the maximum of vaccines and to make it even happen to the poor countries that fail to buy it. Some advanced African countries are already thinking about producing the vaccine at home to make it available near African applicants and can be cheaper. But it is first necessary to a political will of each country to obtain it. Burundi remains the only one to refuse to vaccinate its people as other countries already set as a goal of having vaccinated 100% of their populations by the end of next year. It is a power that accuses a serious lack of vision because Burundi is likely to be isolated from the rest of the world. Tomorrow, the one who will not be vaccinated will not have permission to put his foot in any country in the world. The East African Community (EAC) has already manufactured COVID passports; With little, the one that will not be vaccinated cannot travel to these countries, let alone in European countries or elsewhere.
URN Hitamwoneza would still like to win a wink to Burundians. All the misfortunes that arrive you will come tomorrow are caused by the CNDDFDD power that lacks men and women capable of planning your future and your development. They do not just fill their pockets as said it their leader Evariste Ndayishimiye when he was ‘’crying  » in front of judges and magistrates, that he is wrongly accused or in terms of corruption and economic malpractices. « No peace, no development in a country where there is no justice, » he said. Faced with this state of affairs, there remains only one solution: hunt these men from power by all possible means. While waiting to bring together the best strategies to achieve this, we encourage each Burundian to take individual measures to protect against this Global Pandemic Covid19.

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