Burundi: Onatel staff will be used as guinea pig in the implementation of the recent ethnic census sponsored by the military clique in power

Burundi: Onatel staff will be used as guinea pig in the implementation of the recent ethnic census sponsored by the military clique in power
They believe the most cunning of all. Otherwise, they consider that all Burundians are blind. They mistake a lot. We are talking here about Evariste Ndayishimiye and Alain Guillaume Bunyoni who are at the head of the military clique that took hostage the Burundian people.
In their recent public statements, they are seriously tackled to the staff of the Onatel telecommunications company. This staff is accused, as a whole, to have ruined a society in which the Burundian state had invested a lot of billions of Burundian francs to generate profitable benefits to the people in general.
Two findings that show the very high degree of dishonesty of these leaders without vision:
From one, no particular can consume eternally the service of the onatel without paying; The service is automatically suspended. Only state establishments would have payment arrears for this company: probably military camps, state offices and other parastatal societies. This money was not perceived and poured into the pockets of Onatel staff as suggested Neva and Bunyoni.
Of two, this globalization by talking about Onatel staff hides behind another intention of these former rebels to hurt some of this staff. Otherwise, no one does not know that the management of the ONATEL company is not entrusted to all the staff. The executives who are the first officials of society are named by decrees, signed by Evariste Ndayishimiye and Bunyoni. And their choice is not random; The CNDFDD party laboratory must first make the selection or validate the choice. All this for those who are designated do not complicate their task when they want to use the money of this company for party or state activities. That’s what ruined and still ruins all parastatal societies since the CNDDFDD is in control. Evariste Ndayishimiye and Allain Guillaume Bunyoni attack all the staff for not pointing the first leaders to whom they entrusted the management because they know what the profits of the company served. They must cease to lie to the people or the international community by going on for good men, saints who are very concerned about the general interest. They are great hypocrites, real criminals who hide their true sides to mobilize the people behind the CNDDFDD. But who deceives who?
As we know, this a little strange behaviour of the military clique to power on ONATEL staff in its global hides a plan for implementing the results of the recent ethnic census sponsored by CNDDFDD power. The objective of this census was how many Tutsis remains in parastatal societies or in the public service compared to Hutus. We know that there are almost no more Tutsis who occupy the positions of responsibility; The little that remain are those who have agreed to join the CNDDFDD. But, their spirit of revenge pushes them to want to chase the little Tutsi staff to replace it with the young Hutus, Imbonerakure. In some state’s societies where there is no requirement of technical qualifications, cannot hunt Tutsis, they appointed hutus who do almost nothing but who are remunerated at the end of the month. These are still factors that these companies fall into bankruptcy or at least never release expected benefits.
The case of ONATEL is specific; That’s why Evariste and Guillaume Bunyoni, although they do not agree on a lot of files, together put their energies in order to hunt this staff without dismissal indemnifications. That’s what their speeches under heels. In fact, this staff is largely established by former societal technicians and they would be mostly Tutsis. This is irritating these Hutu extremists who want to make non reflected decisions. The majority of these people have unlimited contracts and it is, in the light of the law, impossible to hunt them as we want. Only foolish like these former rebels can do it, but sooner or later they will be put back in their rights and it is the state that will pay the broken pots. These false leaders may no longer be in these places
Urnhitamwoneza asks for this staff to be wise and read the law in this area, keep contracts and other evidence of non-payment of their wages because sooner or later, things will change in Burundi, and the truth will eventually triumph. We also ask all the Burundians to be in solidarity and to combat together this injustice that imposes on this power to a certain category of people because, if they are the Tutsis or the members of the CNL who are victims today, then those of the CNDFDD do not fall smoothly, tomorrow will be their turn. The Rundi adage says that you have to help your neighbour to extinguish the fire when his house burns because yours can also be reached. We must fight the evil everywhere he comes. To uproot the Burundian evil is mostly hunting the CNDDFDD from power and translating their leaders before the competent courts to meet their actions. Think about it; It goes from the survival of a whole people.

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