Burundi: Again a shameless montage of CNDDFDD power to mislead the Tutsis and Hutus of Opposition in Mugamba and Mwaro

Burundi: Again a shameless montage of CNDDFDD power to mislead the Tutsis and Hutus of Opposition in Mugamba and Mwaro
We are talking about another ambuscade tense on Saturday 11 Sep 2021 by a group of armed men on Route Number 7 (RN7) in a locality called  » Mu Gwingwe  », Coga Hill, Zone Vyuya, municipality Mugamba. The attack that has made at least 12 wounded including serious injuries at 19:00 am. A Fuso vehicle (which was burned), a type of vehicle Hiace and motorcycles were the targets of these criminals. Some sources indicate that this group has come from the municipality Bisoro in Mwaro Province and became folded towards the same locality.
This kind of attack is not new in Burundi. We will remember sad memory of such ambuscades tense on the road Bugarama-Gitega, especially in the province of Muramvya. The most recent date of June 26, 2021 and made a heavy assessment of 18 dead persons, 8 wounded and 2 burned vehicles.
The modus operandi is the same: the criminals put obstacles in the road, stop the vehicles, kill people and flock the vehicles. Those who refuse to stop and try to flee are shot. Before the end of the operation, the locality of the locality where the attack was disseminated on the social networks of the audio messages speaking of the conduct of the attack they attribute to the enemies of the country and ask their colleagues everywhere they are in this region to be too vigilant to catch these criminals. Yet no one will be stopped. After the package, the group folds at ease without any pursuit. The spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior, Public Safety and Community Development (former spokesperson of the police) goes to the niche to say that they are armed bandits and that they will be pursued, arrested and punished. Just words to make people believe that power cares about the safety of its population because, everything is to believe that and these immbonerakure, and this spokesperson are aware of the attack before it takes place. An operation prepared and executed by elements coordinated by the CNDDFDD power.
It is normally incomprehensible that power organizes groups of killers; But when we know that the CNDDFDD power has set up an Imbonerakure militia, it would only survey anyone to organize other groups of selected criminals among this militia to sow terror in the country.
The goal is known to all. Simulate attacks of armed groups (that the power calls the enemies of the country), take this opportunity to stop and kill or imprison Tutsis from the locality or Hutus who are not members of the CNDFDD. The most sought after are those of the CNL party. This is why most times, such ambushes are organized and stretched in areas inhabited by majority by Tutsis.
For the recent attack on September 11, 2021, that people expect arrests all azimuth from Tutsis and Hutus CNL in the Mugamba and Bisoro region in Mwaro Province.
URN Hitamwoneza reminds CNDFDD power represented by Evariste Ndayishimiye that all these montages are now known to all. We once again ask the Burundian people not to be manipulated by speeches of good intentions by President Evarist Ndayishimiye, but rather to document, like all of all, these cases of assassination of innocent citizens on the basis of the shameless mountings made by criminals sent and coordinated by the same power. Nothing is eternal in the world; This power will change tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, it’s a matter of time. All those who have committed crimes, economic or blood, will one day answer their actions before competent jurisdictions. Our role is to awaken Burundian awareness to keep unity and social cohesion so that together, we can do one block against all these killers. Our unity is our formidable strength that will destroy them one day. And the sooner the better.

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