Burundi: A semblance of peace hiding serious violations of human rights

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Burundi: A semblance of peace hiding serious violations of human rights
It is the bitter observation of the United Nations Commission of Inquiry into Burundi. Its fifth report was made public on seven 2021 in Geneva by its President, Doudou Diene. « We call all the people concerned with Burundi to look under the surface. Since the investiture of President Ndayishimiye 15 months ago, not only serious violations of human rights have continued to be committed, but in some respects the situation has deteriorated. « 
Whatever to work on Burundian soil, the Commission says true and it is not the power Ndayishimiye which does not know it. He will never stop saying that it is a tele guided commission and gives fallacious relationships, but he never deny, evidence in support, his reports. For example, when we talk about people killed, corpses found here and there in the country, disappeared persons and other tortured, the government will just say that it is wrong, but will never show people abducted at Great day by the services of the State and whose traces will never find.
The targets are known to all. The report mentions them too. These are generally members of the main opposition party, the National Freedom Congress (CNL), former members of the Burundian Armed Forces (ex-FAB) dominated by Tutsis, returnees and some members of their families. Some were executed, others disappeared or were tortured as they were arbitrarily detained.
And the main authors of these serious human rights violations (some of which could constitute crimes against humanity, according to the report of the Commission) are also cited in the various reports of this UN Commission.  » These are the National Intelligence Service Officers (SNR), police officers – including mobile fast intervention groups (GMIR) – and Imbonerakure, the Burundi CNDD-FDD Youth League, known for their brutality  »
It is abnormal that a UN commission gives such reports and that the various regional and international organizations whose United Nations do not take measures to compel the power to celebrate these human rights violations in its country. It looks like Burundi has been thrown into oblivion, that Burundian citizens are left at the mercy of CNDFDD criminals like animals in the jungle. And the whole world continues to scream democracy and respect for human rights. When soldiers rise to stop some burrs of dictators in power (recent examples: Mali and Guinea), regional organizations hastiest to take sanctions, the various international organizations and some countries jostle by coming out of conviction. But, they do not say anything when these dictators kill in total impunity peoples under their responsibilities. Why? Because some, in their countries, they do the same, just to stay in power, but to different degrees. Only in Burundi, they are unable to hide everything because either, they kill a lot of people and exaggerate, either they kill stupidly.
President Evariste Ndayishimiye continues to make good speeches to make believe the world that it is good, that it does everything to improve the situation of human rights in his country, but people continue to die every day, his words are only vain words. And he is in the total inability to respond when he knows very well that it is the services under its responsibility that are responsible for all these despicable acts. The different human rights organizations in Burundi show that there are more people killed, missing, since he is on the power that during the power of its predecessor. The reason is simple: the criminals are the same, but they under consider the authority of Evarist Ndayishimiye and obey to the various leaders of executioners who have put on power Evariste Ndayishimiye by two lanes: they have imposed his candidacy for elections from May 2020 when Pierre Nkurunziza proposed Pascal Nyabenda; Then, after losing the elections, it was the military click that imposed it winner by changing the results. This means that he does not have power in hand, power is held by others. And he cannot even change them at the risk of losing, either that power or his life or both at a time. It became so a convention between him and this military clique: keep talking (to shout) and let us do our job.
The few sporadic measures taken by President Ndayishimiye are not followed by effects because they are in serious violation of any administrative or legal procedure. Commissioner Françoise Hampson said so well: « When government decisions are arbitrarily taken, even for positive purposes, this has a globally corrupt influence. »
She added that in Burundi, we cannot count on the judiciary to prevent or remedy human rights violations. Our report shows how the executive has only strengthened its control of justice under the new administration  ».
Yet Evariste Ndayishimiye spends whole days condemning them without changing anything. The judges and magistrates have kept reminded of the Supreme magistrate what he already knew: that they are the generals and influential men within the CNDDFDD who give orders to the judicial system and thus prevent it to do a professional job. The latter also take advantage of their service to meet the two ends of the month because as they said before President Ndayishimiye, they are also less remunerated in the image of many other state officials.
URN Hitamwoneza regrets that despite all these reports that show serious human rights violations in Burundi, despite alerts on a large-scale genocide risk that we launch every day, the sub-regional, regional organizations and the United Nations seem to close the eyes and ears and are content with President Ndayishimiye’s good intentions that are only vain words. Countries and organizations continue to welcome him as a head of state like the others (including the US-major human rights defender- who will soon welcome him), others start timidly to support financially his government. We will never cease to repeat it: that all these states and organizations that support this power is about to assume the responsibility of the large-scale or even regional genocide, that Evariste Ndayishimiye and his CNDFDD power are preparing. That tomorrow they do not say they did not know it and they do not run repair broken pots when they did not want to listen to us and prevent the worst before it arrives. Wait and see!

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