Burundi: The measures against Covid19 taken late by the power of Gitega remain insignificant.

Burundi: The measures against Covid19 taken late by the power of Gitega remain insignificant.
The CNDDFDD power is comparable to someone who was in a deep sleep and who wakes up abruptly. He has just taken measures as if Covid 19 has just manifested in Burundi for the first time today. Yet he did and continues to make many victims in the country, even if the CNDDFDD power has always minimized the damage. Sometimes, for political motives, the authorities said that it does not exist in Burundi, that God is the only protector of Burundi against this global pandemic. Those who listened to such speeches wondered whether Burundi has a special God alone; a God who only likes this country. But it was simply statements of men without vision, without wisdom or intelligence; Men who do not care about the general interest of the Burundian people, but that are content to satisfy only their needs. They forgot that they could also die of this pandemic since it was noticed that Covid 19 does not spare anyone. The former President Pierre Nkurunziza , who was the first to hold such speeches would die of Covid19. We are not doctors to confirm it, but either we cannot exclude this hypothesis since the Burundians have not been informed of the results of his autopsy, if it was done (there are other sources that say that he died of poisoning by his relatives within the CNDDFDD, which is why the autopsy would not have been made)
What has done the Commission against Covid19 until today?
At the moment the whole world trembled, at the moment when some countries, including African states took draconian measures up to the total rock down of the country, the Commission, led by Super Minister Gervais Ndirakobuca Alias Ndakugarika and Dr. Thaddeus Ndikumana, Health’s health often met without taking seriously the gravity of the pandemic. Some barrier measures have been announced, but have never been respected because there has been no follow-up. The Commission has never proposed and put in place serious awareness strategies for the entire population on how the virus is transmitted and the strategies to combat it before it spreads everywhere.
Instead of joining the rest of the world for a joint alert, the Commission wanted to hide the true state of the pandemic in Burundi by announcing false numbers of contaminated and dead. Hospitals have been forbidden to announce these figures so that they are first sorted by the Commission so that Dr. Thaddee Ndikumana announces the figures made. Burundians have even begun to treat themselves at home with the help of natural products; did not go to the hospital only those who already had breathing problems. These did not even find adequate care because hospitals did not have sufficient materials or drugs to treat these serious cases. Many people who did not have money to pay for aircraft tickets to get treated outside are dead.
New measures to combat Covid19
The Ministry of Interior, Public Safety and Community Development under the tutelage of the same General Gervais Ndirakobuca who heads the commission against covid19 announced new measures against the pandemic after acknowledging at least it ravages in the country. The Minister has forbidden all festivals or ceremonies during business days; they should be made only on Saturday and Sunday; Except for cases related to deaths. Many observers find that these measures will have no effect because people could contaminate each other on Saturdays and Sundays if barrier measures against Covid 19 are not rigorously observed during these moments of great gatherings. It is important to remember that the mayor of the city of Bujumbura had already stated that meetings in public places without wearing masks should be sanctioned by a heavy almond 100mile franc Bu. Yet the same authorities that advertise these measures are the first to violate them. This Sunday was observed Prime Minister Allain Guillaume Bunyoni in one of the churches of Kanyosha, Bujumbura City Hall, prophesying without wearing mask. This means that all the measures that have been announced by the leaders of the CNDDFDD in power have never been implemented because there has never been a follow-up and evaluation to adjust them were not given positive results.
Quid vaccines against Covid19 in Burundi
The words pronounced by Minister Ndakugarika when the World Bank promised Vaccines in Burundi, circulate the whole world and are shambling CNDDFDD. They prove in the eyes of the world that Burundi is led by leaders without vision, true bushmen. To say that  » the vaccines will be stored and will be vaccinated who wants  » when many countries are looking for and do not find in sufficient quantities; These words can only go out of the mouth of a man to the consciousness below the average.
Today, the authorities are starting to be vaccinated in a stash because the vaccine has now become a pass to travel. When an EAC framework announced the implementation of a COVID19 passport , Prime Minister Bunyoni directly replied that this measure may be a violation of the right of mobility of the members of the Community. Yet it’s the global trend. Whoever will not be vaccinated will not have the right to travel. President Evariste Ndayishimiye went to attend the 76th session of the UN General Assembly. To enter the conference room, any participant must be vaccinated. The question that many have landed is whether he was vaccinated in a cache before his departure or if he would have been vaccinated in New York? Anyway, he is now vaccinated against Covid 19. And what about Burundi who are not yet vaccinated when the pandemic is spreading throughout the country? Will he at least realize that him and his military clique in power have made a serious mistake not to mobilize in time the people against covid19 as other countries and approach international partners to provide to Burundi enough screening materials, medicines and vaccine to save what remains to save in his country? WAIT AND SEE.
URN Hitamwoneza reminds Burundians that miracles should not be expected on this CNDDFDD power; it is necessary that each individual takes his protection measures against covid19. These individual measures will not have much effect if the government does not make general mobilization of the entire population and does not impose strict compliance with them; but at least you avoid being contaminated by any passenger. We are also entitled to demand that power CNDD-FDD searching for all technical means for screening and sufficient medicines for contaminated well vaccines. In the event that it would continue to delay ear, replace it with responsible men, who care about the general interest of the people, would be the only remedy that remains at our disposal. We will only have to unite our strengths to put in place effective strategies to achieve this goal

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