Burundi: The actions of the Red Tabara movement are only an opportunity given to the CNDDFDD power to complete the outstanding genocide.

Burundi: The actions of the Red Tabara movement are only an opportunity given to the CNDDFDD power to complete the outstanding genocide.
Everyone knows it well; But very little dare to say it up. A simple action made in the direction of combating the CNDDFDD power led by the military clique is a golden opportunity for its death squads to stop the maximum of unjustly qualified people of the enemies of the country. This is to say all those who are not members of the CNDDFDD. To be precise, it is usually Tutsis and members of the CNL of Agathon Rwasa. When such opportunity is slow to introduce themselves, power does not hesitate to create it. It sends its militia Imbonerakure to disrupt security in a targeted sector so that after the police and the information service stop and imprison innocents under the pretext that they are doing investigations. A few times, they lead them into places held secret; Which is an opportunity for them to torture them and kill them then. Thus, the genocide of all that is called Tutsi and Hutu of the opposition continues in absolute silence and total impunity.
The installation of Red Tabara positions or any other armed movement in Tutsie dominance areas.
We start from the content of the communiqué signed by Patrick Nahimana, the military spokesman of Red Tabara on September 25, 2021. He stipulates that  » a detachment of the National Army attacked our positions in Juru and our resisters pushed back the enemy … .  ». Note that Juru is located in Mugamba commune. The next paragraph adds that  » RED Tabara resistants’ are determined to continue the fight to the defeat of the CNDDFDD army and its Imbonerakure militia’’. The project is very interesting, it can be, once realized, a solution to the current problems of Burundi; Only it is very ambitious with regard to the typical force of this group. On the other hand, the CNDDFDD power uses the means of the state and the violence that characterizes its squadrons of death causes enormous damage on innocents when this movement does not yet have the operational capacities to defend them. Installing recognized positions in areas where this power is likely to think of the complicity of the population with this movement is a non-thoughtful strategy or simply a criminal act. It is known to all that under the pretext of looking for these fighters, the CNDDFDD defence and security bodies will spare non-member cnddfdd person in the vicinity. A better strategy of any fighter who wants to oppose a military force to the CNDDFDD defence and security bodies should install its positions away from CNDDFDD power dwellings.
We do not agree with those who think that combating the government is attacking the positions of the defence and security forces. These military and police are for the most part your brothers, neighbours or friends who have nothing to do with the crimes committed by a handful of criminals under the injunctions of the military clique in power. Killing them is somehow unfair. They should normally dislocate with these criminals; But, to go where? That’s the question. This does not save them to bring this responsibility to serve criminal power; But there is a way to understand them when we know that not to follow his orders is to expose himself to a certain death. A good strategy to combat cruel and criminal power like that of the CNDFDD would be well targeting and attacking the real planners and executing abductions, torture and extrajudicial executions as well as their accomplices. It would then be necessary to separate from the good grain from the troop. In this way, the military on position that does not accuse anything will receive more likely illegal order and work professionally.
Grenades attacks push the Imbonerakure militia to strengthen nocturnal patrols in neighbourhoods.
Following the attacks claimed by the Red Tabara movement and the jets of grenades unplanned, but that the power of Gitega puts on the back of this movement, audio messages began to circulate on the social networks where all the members of the imbonerakure militia were called to mobilize to make nocturnal patrols in all neighbourhoods. No sooner said than done. With ak47 weapons hidden in long coats, they immediately invaded all the neighbourhoods, abused all those they meet, especially in the recognized neighbourhoods having manifested against the third term of former President Pierre Nkurunziza and who were targeted by CNDDFDD power as opponents.
Here we want to warn the population that the risk is great that these imbonerakure sow more insecurity than they say they will ensure the safety of the population. Tomorrow, they will start throwing grenades in these targeted neighbourhoods and will enjoy it to stop people in cascading. Another information to our possession is that they also benefit from identifying families who could be their next targets if attacks of any movement, which they were able to resume in the country.
URN Hitamwoneza once again asks the Burundian population, of all trends, to shout high and strong and refuse a militia ensures their safety when there are law enforcement forces for this work. Any armed group that would like to release the Burundian people should first think to safeguard the life of all those who are threatened with genocide so as not to play the game of the military clique in power. The sub region, the African Union and the United Nations should keep a vigilant eye on the acts of CNDDFDD power represented by President Ndayishimiye instead of being blinded by his attractive speeches. The deployment of members of the Imbonerakure militia in the neighbourhoods and on the hills, the maintenance of the FDLR / FLN negative forces in the kibira, are signs that do not deceive a disaster can fall, from one moment to the other on Burundi and the sub region.

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