Burundi: The jets of grenades everywhere in the country is the work of the Imbonerakure militia of the CNDDFDD.

Burundi: The jets of grenades everywhere in the country is the work of the Imbonerakure militia of the CNDDFDD.
It’s not difficult to see or to know it. The most embarrassing is to say high and strong. The Burundians who are dying by grenades jets are victims on the one hand from the assembly made by the military clique to try to annihilate all who she calls opponents of the CNDFDD system and on the other hand by misunderstandings within the Imbonerakure militia set up, trained and armed by the CNDDFDD power.
After the explosions heard around the airport in the night of September 18, 2021; What the Red Tabara movement claimed as an attack at Melchior Ndadaye International Airport on the eve of the departure of President Evariste Ndayishimiye to participate in the 76th UN General Assembly in New York, the Burundian Calvary had begun. The grenades have been heard everywhere, especially in both capitals, Bujumbura and Gitega. Let’s go back to the facts.
The night of 19 to 20 September 2021, a grenade was launched in a police officer’s cabaret named Jules to Gitega. Three people would be immediately dead; others would be dead of their injuries after their evacuation at the hospital because there were more than 20 wounded. On-site witnesses claim that the majority of victims would be members of the CNDDFDD. Two people would be apprehended after a search by the police.
The night of 20 to 21 September 2021 was the tour of Bujumbura. Grenades were launched in the car park of the former Bujumbura market and Jabe. A statement from the Ministry of the Interior, Public Safety and Community Development mentioned two deaths and 104 wounded. The real record could be heavier than that.
22September 2021, Nyandwi Sylvestre, Attorney General of the Republic, has hurried to animate a press conference to point some leaders like Alexis Sindihije, President MSD, François Nyamoya, Margarette Barankitse and others, being behind these attacks at grenade. He described them with terrorists and said that he will deliver international arrest warrants for them.
This media output of Sylvestre Nyandwi shows very well the first objective of the CNDDFDD military clique that sent its militia to launch these grenades to have a pretext of disqualifying, in the eyes of the international community, some of its opponents, including the MSD and Red Tabara. It should be noted that Evariste Ndayishimiye was in New York and that in his speech at the 76th Tribune General Assembly, he took the opportunity to put in the same basket, Red Tabara and ADF who already has killed many persons in the Ituri in the DRC. This shows that the jets of grenades in both localities respond to the plan of the CNDFDD military clique in power.
The second aspect of the plan was moved on 23 September 2021. A grenade was launched at the location of Lieutenant Col Aron Ndayishimiye, a former FNL and commander of the 212nd Battalion, whose majority of its elements are located in the Rukoko forest. His wife and servant would be dead, there would have also been wounded with a security element that was on site at the time of the facts. The Lt Col Aron Ndayishimiye is known for having removed, itself, many CNL members, led them to the Rukoko where they all killed because no one reappears after removal. The families of these people have no right to request where they would be.
For CNDFDD’s military clique, not only that this former member of the FNL is not loved in their system, he had also become an embarrassing element through his barbaric and inhuman acts made in broad. If his family has been targeted, it’s bad sign that his life is also in danger. Some sources indicate that there was a probability that he is at the moment at home, but it would have been prevented from returning from unclear circumstances. By organizing this attack, the military clique had the goal of showing that it is the members of the CNL who are responsible for this attack in Grenada to put them in the same bag as the Red Tabara. In this way, Agathon Rwasa would be the leader of a terrorist group like Alexis Sinduhije. The continuation is known to all: take away his parliamentary immunity and imprison him. A goal not yet reached. The military clique laboratory probably studies other strategies to get there. And especially that the immbonerakure, since 23 Sept 2021, mobilized via social networks, their comrades, to make a lot of night rounds all over the neighbourhoods and on all the hills. Nothing prevents them from launching other grenades where they want and enjoy it to stop who they want.
The attacks continued at Ruziba dated 27 September 2021, another in Vigizo-Gatumba dated 28 September and Mitakaka, in Bubanza dated 29 September 2021. All these grenades were launched by members of the Immbonerakure militia well known and have been arrested by the police; Except for Nestor, suspected having launched the grenade at ViGizo-Gatumba. Nestor has been killed shot by the police at the time of his transfer to the police station. The police said he tried to flee, at the moment when the administrator of Mutimbuzi, Simeon Butoyi said he died of the explosion of the same grenade launched by himself. A shameless way to hide the burrs committed by the police. It’s not for the first time that Gatumba police make such crimes. As of October 28, 2020, 04 people were killed by bullets in their heads by the police officers of Gatumba while they were detained at the dungeon. The police said they were bandits who were killed, shot by a police officer when they tried to flee after trying to disarm the brigade commander who asked them. A justification that does not hold the road.
URN Hitamwoneza regretted a lot to see Burundians who die every day due to the acts of members of a militia, put in place, trained and armed by a sensible provision protect them. We once again ask all of the Burundian people, of all political, regional or ethnic trends, to leave this great sleep to note that the military clique in power has genocidal aims and stop all effective strategies to hunt it as fast as we can. This is the only way to find peace so long sought after in our country. The departure of this clique would give us the opportunity to choose other leaders responsible, capable of leading us to peace for all and the desired social development.

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