Burundi: Who really want the death of President Evariste Ndayishimiye among the influential members of the CNDDFDD?

Burundi: Who really want the death of President Evariste Ndayishimiye among the influential members of the CNDDFDD?
The question returns to all lips since President Evariste Ndayishimiye reported during a prayer organized by the CNDFDD on 30 September 2021, that there are people who have a tooth against him and who wish his death. And since he has started to denounce cases of economic corruptions and malpractices in the country.
And he has done very well to clarify that these people who wish his death are not opposed, but indeed members of the CNDDFDD. Indeed, it is the only ones who manage state affairs; All public procurement are allocated to the members of the party of the Eagle. It is clear that they are the only guilty of all known economic crimes in Burundi, the only ones who are responsible for the descent into hell of the entire economy of the country, at the point that the country has become the poorest of the planet when it is full of important mining resources
It was amazing to hear a very supported prayer of Prime minister Allain Guillaume Bunyoni in one of the Protestant churches in Kanyosha, asking God to protect him and protect the authorities against their enemies. He too believes that these enemies are among the leaders at the high level, Christians, but also among the low people.
By comparing the two prayers of Mutama1 and Mutama 2 (two first leaders of the country), it should be thought that one speaks indirectly from the other. Indeed, it is known to all that Marechal Bunyoni is richer than the Burundian state and the origin of its riches remains obscure. It would be among the people who said no to Evariste Ndayishimiye when he declared in a prayer to Ngozi that all the leaders prepare to declare their property before taking the functions in accordance with the Constitution.
If there are people who get furious when Evariste Ndayishimiye speaks aloud from economic malpractices, Allain Guillaume Bunyoni would be the head of the list. Would it be he (and the others) who want the death of Evariste Ndayishimiye? Everything is possible. The wish to replace him probably circulates every day in its brain. It is probably afraid that the President books one day to international justice to get rid of because, all the speeches of good intention he pronounces do remain at the level of words because the execution would be blocked by the first minister and the clique around him. At this point, we can conclude that the president is afraid of the Prime Minister and the latter is afraid of the President. This marriage will not hold for a long time. WAIT AND SEE
Let’s go back to the declarations of Evariste Ndayishimiye who are never followed by concrete facts. He is here to talk about good projects, very good intentions in the management of the country, but the hand that executes these  » orders  » is more powerful and it executes what it wants. It is not able to cut it when he had all the authority because it was she who signed his enthronement to the presidential chair (proposal as the CNDFDD candidate, cheating of the elections 2020).
Woe to our dear president! Whether it is playing the agreed game within the CNDDFDD’s military clique (make statements of good intentions to distract the international opinion and the Burundians not notified and let others continue the implementation of the plan agreed); or that he is actually animated with good intentions and that his entourage, very powerful and corrupt to the bone marrow block his intentions; He is the first to answer the acts that are placed in the country as long as he has not yet had the courage to put the apron. He will have to answer these blood crimes and economic crimes. When? When it will no longer be in power, living or dead.
URN Hitamwoneza once again calls for the Burundian people to continue to document and carefully maintain all the speeches, facts and gestures of CNDDFDD power. The time will come where everyone will have to answer his actions when they are no longer business. And an ideal solution to the problems that undermine Burundi today would be to stop effective strategies to precipitate the fall of this military clique to power before the country is completely destroyed. We are all called to unite our strengths, regardless of ethnic, political or regional trend to succeed in saving what remains to save. Together, we defeat!!

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