Burundi: The AU is interested in the border delimitation in Tanganyika Lake and does not say anything about the real border between the Burundi and Tanzania

Burundi: The AU is interested in the border delimitation in Tanganyika Lake and does not say anything about the real border between the Burundi and Tanzania
Under the mediation of the African Union, experts representing countries which share the waters of Lake Tanganyika: Burundi, Tanzania, DRC and Zambia, are located in Bujumbura for a 4day meeting; They will study how to make the boundaries between these countries lighter in Lake Tanganyika.
This meeting occurs at the moment when a serious incident occurred in Tanganyika Lake on September 6, 2021. Two DRC soldiers were killed by Burundian Navy soldiers for having confused them with bandits that had the habit of flying fishing equipment in the lake. The administration of Rumonge even wanted to hide the incident; And it was the Congolese army that announced on the RFI having lost two of their soldiers in Tanganyika Lake. This is perhaps this incident that pushed the African Union to think about the organization of such a meeting.
General Idefonse Habarurema, who would be in charge of a border presidency commission stated on the media that the objective of this meeting is to study the ways and means to digitalize the borders in the waters of the lake; This would allow Congolese or Burundian to know the real limits to no longer exceed in the waters. Technically, he did not explain how it will be done. But, the important thing is to limit the incidents like that of September 6, 2021
The problem of borders is not only found in the waters of Lake Tanganyika between Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia and the DRC. The past years of the small Sabanerwa hill, at Kanyaru, which has created a lot of tensions between Burundi and Rwanda. An intermediate solution was found after many meetings of the representatives of both parties in conflict.
But other territorial conflicts still exist between Burundi and Tanzania, Burundi and the DRC. Fred Ngoga Garetsese, in charge of managing this issue of borders between the state in the African Union speaks of 35% only borders who are well drawn between African states and have more than 100 litigation files because in many countries, these borders are not materialized, in others, they have been drawn without taking into account the populations living there.
Will there be incidents between these states for this organization to address these territorial conflicts? Would it not need prevention rather instead of repairing the pots already broken?
If URN Hitamwoneza had a representative in this meeting, Fred Ngoga Gatetsee would have asked what the African Union thinks of the border delimitation between Burundi and Tanzania or simply how this organization plans to rebate Burundi from the region of BUGUFI and BUHA stuck unfairly on Tanzania
We have already shown that successive powers have not been able to claim that the Bugufi and Buha region are returned to Burundi. A territory equivalent to two-thirds of the current area of Burundi. The CNDDFDD, under the presidency of former president Pierre Nkurunziza has rather implanted limits to mark the limits between our two countries; Just to make this file completely forget. It may also be one of the promises that the CNDDFDD would have made in return for the means spent by Tanzania in support of the CNDDFDD rebellion. We had the opportunity to show that the two regions were indeed from the territories of Burundi before colonization.
We doubt that the question is not on the table, neither in the drawers of the African Union because no Burundian government requested that this territory be returned to Burundi. The Government of the CNDDFDD went far by materializing false limits. A real betrayal made by the CNDDFDD under the former President Pierre Nkurunziza regime. When Evariste Ndayishimiye called former President John Pump Magufuli her dad, it was a way to recognize the heavy ways that Tanzania granted as help to the CNDDFDD at the time of rebellion; Reason for which this power will never claim this confiscated territory. He would rather seek to give him the ores extracted in Burundi by signing agreements for their transformation in Tanzanian factories
We would like to hear a good news saying that the African Union has on the table the file of part of the territory of Burundi unjustly glued on Tanzania; We would like to hear that the plain of the Rusizi, inhabited by people of Burundian origin, with a Burundian king, should be returned to Burundi. It is in this way that Burundi will find its old boundaries. On the contrary case, URN Hitamwoneza will never cease to shout, regardless of the consequences, so that our country will find the limits as they have been drawn by our ancestors. We will always fight to reach this noble objective. We ask all Burundians who love our country to support us in this fight. Together, we defeat.

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