Burundi: The real image of the Imbonerakure militia of the CNDDFDD unmasked in recent days

Burundi: The real image of the Imbonerakure militia of the CNDDFDD unmasked in recent days
The most recent images broadcast on social networks have been seen since October 5, 2021. It was about thirty young men tied up; well-bounded arms with ropes; Sitting on the ground, then embedded in FARDC Pickup vehicles (Congolese army). According to some sources, they were members of the Imbonerakure militia who had just spent time in the Rutanga neighbourhood, at Sange locality, in the plain of the Rusizi, Uvira territory, South Kivu Province. This is undoubtedly the population that saw them live in houses, crowded by room, which would have revealed the information to the Congolese army; a population that feared that these people could one day disrupt their safety. The Congolese army did not want to reveal to the media if they had weapons or not on them. Probably that weapons were hidden elsewhere because other sources say they were working with Maimai Kijangala
It is known that the CNDDFDD in power has always sent in this sector members of its Imbonerakure militia be said to look for rebels that would hide it in order to attack Burundi. These imbonerakure are also responsible for multiple assassinations for people crossing Rusizi from or towards the DRC. It is on this river that many corpses have been discovered.
At the moment since the beginning of October 2021 the population of the province Cibitoke constantly denounces the paramilitary training of these imbonerakure in a place called Ku Kibuye in the municipality of Mabayi, near the Kibira, information of SOS media captured On October 4, 2021 reports that an ex leader of Mabayi area and 17 Imbonerakure would be imprisoned since the 02 October 2021 at Cibitoke . They would be accused of collaboration with the Interahamwe FDRL / FLN in the Kibira.
Even though CNDFDD’s military clique in power always seeks to hide it, the Kibira reserve has become a rear base of the Rwandan rebels FDRL / FLN looking to disrupt the security of neighbouring Rwanda. They regularly launch attacks on this neighbouring country and return to their positions in Kibira, Burundian side. As proof of their presence in this forest: SOS Media has written that since 30 September 2021, that 13 FDRL / FLN fighters are imprisoned in the SNR in Bujumbura. They were denounced by the population of Mabayi and Bukinanyana in Cibitoke and arrested by the army on September 25, 2021.They were recovered by the SNR in Cibitoke while they were injured and then transferred to Bujumbura. These Rwandan rebels were in the same group as those who were killed and of which 5 corpses were discovered on September 24, 2021 on Kirehe Hill in Bumba zone, in Bukinanyana town.
In the south of the country, the Imbonerakure militia has also been unmasked. Seven are held in the police station’s dungeons in Nyanza Lac. Two were arrested and imprisoned on October 01, 2021 for stopping and looting vehicles in the Kazirabageni zone of the commune Nyanza Lac when they were in patrol; Another 05 others had been arrested on September 30, 2021 while they were surprised with equipment stolen on September 29, 2021 evening in a Pentecostal Mirango church in Kazirabageni.
It is important to note that since September 24, 2021, this CNDDFDD militia has multiplied patrols all over the country, especially in cities like Bujumbura and Gitega. It is during these patrols, normally reserved for the police, that they commit crimes of all kinds. With the exception of grenades launched in Gitega and Bujumbura in dates of September 19 and 20, 2021, whose authors have not been directly identified on site, the other grenades that were launched here and there are the work of Imbonerakure well known; Some have even been killed to avoid disturbing revelations about the identity of all those who work with them in these crimes and the goal of planners. For example, Habonimana Dieudonne, an imbonerakure who launched the Grenada in Ruziba dated September 27, 2021 was arrested and led to the Kanyosha area where he was killed, struck by an object on his head in his interrogation. He would have started revealing all the names of the imbonerakure who worked with him in the different crimes committed. On September 28, 2021, a well-known Imbonerakure militia member (Ndagijimana Nestor, alias Rasta) launched a grenade in a shop at Vigizo-Gatumba. He was arrested and led by the police to the police station of Gatumba. The police killed her by bullets along the way accusing him for trying to flee. A grenade who killed a child and other wounded on September 29, 2021 in Kanombe in Mitakataka in Province Bubanza also belonged to a member of the imbonerakure militia of the CNDDFDD. He was arrested by the police.
Note to complete the list of incidents attributed to the Imbonerakure militia that it is quite possible that the 05 Burundian killed by the Tanzanian police at the beginning of the week, 15 km from the camp of the refugees of Nduta, would be imbonerakure that hide with weapons in this camp. This version would be so true that no one among real refugees can have a weapon in the camp. It is these imbonerakure sent by the power to closely follow these refugees, remove and kill some of them supposed to be opponents of the CNDDFDD power, in connivance with the Tanzanian police. The tactic was the same as that used in Kazirabageni. These bandits have put obstacles on the road to stop and loot the vehicles. The first vehicle to stop was a civilian vehicle on which police officers were. These are the latter who exchanged shots with these bandits, killing some of them; Others could escape.
These crimes were committed by members of the CNDFDD militia using weapons distributed by CNDDFDD power. It has been reported that the launch of these grenades would be a practical exercise after a series of paramilitary training during which the use of these machines would have been one of the chapters taught. However, this did not prevent the Nyandwi Sylvestre, Attorney General of the Republic to declare publicly in his press conference of 22 September 2021 that these attacks to the qualified pomegranate of terrorists are sponsored by a group of people whose main leaders are Alexis Sinduhije and Marguerite Barankitse. What has just been demonstrated that it is rather a CNDDFDD power plan to stop, torture and imprison or kill the maximum of no members of this party of the eagle. Power does not care at all the dead and wounded, the important thing is that it reaches its goal.
URN Hitamwoneza is aware of this plan and once again calls on Burundians to wake up and notice that this power and his leader Evariste Ndayishimiye only make good speeches just to distract the opinion, but that their interests prime on the life of citizens. And everyone to give his contribution to block the road to these criminals in order to drive them out of this power and bring them to justice so that everyone meets his actions. It is at this single price that all Burundians can find tranquillity in a secure country and where peace for all is a reality.

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