Burundi: For what real reason the Rwando-Burundian border still remains closed?

Burundi: For what real reason the Rwando-Burundian border still remains closed?
It is known by the military clique in power in Burundi. It is not the Rwandan authorities that prevent the movement of goods and people between their country and Burundi; They know the interest of exchanges between countries, who care about the development of their country. But, it is the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye who closed the border. For what real reason? The fear. The fear of what?
Initially, all borders have been closed to avoid the spread of Covid 19. At the moment, it is Rwanda that should close the border with Burundi because it was the first country in East Africa if not anywhere in Africa to take and implement rigorous measures against COVID19. It was when the highest authorities in Burundi said that only prayer can overcome the pandemic. However, the Burundians would die one by one and the power of Gitega did not want to bring him to the knowledge of the opinion when other more serious countries transmitted the daily reports to WHO. It is also Burundi who is the last country to accept the vaccine. Here too, the speech of the authorities remains ambiguous.  » The vaccine will be taken by the one who wants because it is still at the test « . This means that the government will never undertake a population awareness campaign on the merits of the vaccine so that it is vaccinated. Yet the same authorities are vaccinated in other countries. Strange!!
As of 31mai 2021, the border of Gatumba between Burundi and the DRC was reopened. A joy for traders on both sides who had suspended their business. Both countries lost enormously at the level of their economy. It is within the same period that the border of Mugina south and Kobero in the north is between Burundi and Tanzania have been reopened. Only all border positions between Burundi and Rwanda have been kept closed. Yet, meetings to try to warm up relations between the two countries continued at all levels until Rwanda sends its Prime Minister participate in ceremonies marking the 59th anniversary of the Independence of Burundi. In his speech full of hypocrisy, President Ndayishimiye did not fail to declare high and loud that it is a page turned, which now a new page will be open between the two countries. To this day, nothing has changed, the speech of Evariste Ndayishimiye remained at the level of words like the others he continues to pronounce to distract the opinion.
In the public conference on October 8, 2021 held by the various spokespersons of the institutions in Karuzi, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Burundi maintained the border between Burundi and Rwanda closed because the latter. Not yet implemented one of the requirements of the Burundian Government: to give it all those who participated in the attempt at a coup in 2015 which would be in Rwanda.
A pretext for several reasons. These people are now in the hands of the UNHCR. They do not constitute in any way a source of insecurity for the people of Burundi. UNHCR cannot send them by force to power of Gitega they fled. It’s against his principles. This then becomes the impossible asked to the Rwandan government. Which then means neither more nor less that Burundi does not normalize its relations with Rwanda; that often made meetings between representatives of both parties are lies.
When we know that the people of Burundi wishes to reopen the border with their Rwandan neighbours to resume trading, why the military clique in power in Burundi continues to play hide and seek? It is this question which answers that of the source of their fear.
For those who do not know, the Kibira forest has become a rear base FDLR Rwandan rebels Interahamwe / FLN who regularly disrupt the safety of Rwandan citizens in the southern region of the country. They benefit from the logistical support of the Defence Forces and the Burundi security. Some sources will tell you that the Burundian soldiers regularly go seek in the forest for hunting. Why they fail to dislodge them? Are they stronger than a regular army with the means of the state? If so, why during meetings with military leaders in the Rwandan Army, they still refuse the proposal to organize joint operations to drive them out of the forest? Anyone can understand what it really is. SOS information media captured the 4oct 2021 reported that a former head of Mabayi area and 17 Imbonerakure, CNDD-FDD militia would be jailed since 2 0ctober 2021 to Cibitoke, accused of collaborating with the Interahamwe FDLR / FLN located in the Kibira . All this is a scheme orchestrated by the laboratory of the military clique to understand the view that the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye does not support these Rwandan genocides. But the truth is known: they are always there, they have the support of President Ndayishimiye and his military clique. That’s why they are afraid. When you hurt someone and that he was, you think it prepares revenge. They believe they have Imbonerakure on all borders, nobody can deceive their vigilance. For them, the opening of the border would allow infiltrators from Rwanda (it is in this country that they think would come from their enemies) to use these means of transport to enter Burundi.
URN HITAMWONEZA believes they are afraid of nothing. As well says the Bible, this is not what comes from outside of man that makes him unclean, but what comes inside of it that kills. The military clique of the CNDD-FDD in power maintains its strong domestic visceral hatred against the Tutsi and they have always tried, in vain, to end this community, not to mention that all Hutus who oppose their projects are also preferred targets. By supporting the FDLR maliciously / FLN, they know they’ll never win power in Kigali, but at least cause widespread genocide in Part Rwanda, Burundi and Eastern DRC. This is the plan devised by FDLR / FLN and the laboratory of the military clique in power in Burundi and continues to circulate in their little heads without managing to implement it as easy as they thought. We must once again awaken the conscience of all Burundians without exception they rise as one man to demand the Ndayishimiye power to expel all Rwandan genocidaires who are on the Burundian territory because they are a source of the next genocide Burundi and in the sub-region. If the EAC, the AU and the international community does not react today to what happens in the forest of Kibira the time to find a solution, they do not come to shed crocodile tears after the disaster because we do not know neither the day nor the hour. In any case, neither the Burundi or Rwanda, nobody will have a lasting peace until these negative forces are not put out of harm’s way.

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