Burundi: When a battalion commander is killed in tactically inexplicable circumstances

Burundi: When a battalion commander is killed in tactically inexplicable circumstances
His name is Lieutenant-Colonel Jean Marie Nkurunziza Alias Mattwi. He is an ex Fab (Burundian Armed Forces) of the 34th promotion of ISCAM (military institute of military executives). He commanded the reinforcement battalion of the 110th brigade located in Bugarama. His transmission agent (AT), Caporal-Chef faithful Ndayitwayeko, was also killed with his leader.
The circumstances of their death
According to information from several concordant and disseminated sources on social networks, the battle commander went by patrol on October 10, 2021 in the Teza forest Kibira where a rebel group was reported so far not yet identified. It would have fallen into an ambush of these elements; his AT ( transmission agent) died on the spot while the Lt-Col Marie Nkurunziza died at the Bukeye Hospital following several bullets he received in his legs. Little information circulates on the rest of the fights or other victims. It is simply said that shots continued to be heard in Kibira.
What is this rebel group that has stretched out the ambush?
Information from the Bugarama Brigade soldiers say that the Teza Forest has been busy with many military and Imbonerakure militia from the CNDDFDD. What seems to justify that the presence of a rebel group in this forest is unlikely. What would be this rebel group that would manage to infiltrate in this forest dance, settle there and live there when the whole forest is almost encircled by the elements cited here? Where would this group find logistics for living? Among the rebel groups that remain active in the field in Burundi (at least those who are intended to claim actions), most often cited is the Red Tabara. And, in our opinion, he would not be sifting if he had done such an operation. He would have already claimed the action since the first minute of the death of this military chef. It is then said that it is not Red Tabara who killed the Lt-Col Jean Marie Nkurunziza and his AT. What is this rebel group that would be in this forest of Teza? Mystery!
The circumstances of the death of the two ex fab are obscure
According to war professionals, no battalion commander cannot head his men for any well-organized military operation. The structure of the Burundian army and any other army of the world is clear: any battalion commander has under his orders of the company commanders, and they have to their towers of the platoon and the latter also have heads of sections to team leaders. It is then incomprehensible that the commander of Battalion Jean Marie Nkurunziza, with all the notions of tactics learned at ISCAM and at all other military trainings he would have made until the battalion commander, he could go in patrol in the Teza Forest with a slight element. If he would have committed this tactical error, it would be an excess of zeal. And we know that some elements of Ex FAB do so to please CNDFDD military leaders (which have no confidence in them) to receive benefits from them.
Tactical error or a shot mounted
The Kibira Forest is entirely occupied by elements well known by the military clique in power in Burundi. The side of the Cibitoke Forest is above all a hunting of the FDLR / FLN, these Rwandan rebels who always seek to destabilize neighbouring Rwanda. They currently receive support from a good group of cnddfdd’s Imbonerakure militia that have new weapons delivered by Russia. These weapons are also used by these negative FDLR / FLN forces. They are purchased using revenues from mineral extraction in the DRC. Burundian soldiers provide them with logistical support. Yet they cease to distract the opinion saying that they will regularly seek them without finding them in this forest of Kibira. The other side of the Kibira (on the side of the province Kayanza and Muramvya), the forest is encircled by military and immbonerakure that monitor it 24 hours a day.
That means that, according to some sources close to the ex fab, the death of the two soldiers and especially the commander battalion would be planned by the commandment of the army that resorted to a simulacrum of an attack by a rebel group for eliminate it. Otherwise, the shooters would be well prepared and well-positioned ex CNDFDD soldiers on the patrol path that shot at the end at the Lt col Jean Marie Nkurunziza. It is very likely that messages on social networks announcing the death of this lieutenant-colonel are disseminated quickly upon death by soldiers of his unit who were aware of the plan. One way to make you understand as quickly as possible in the opinion that he was killed by a group of rebels who were in the kibira
URN Hitamwoneza once again asks Burundians to realize that the country is taken hostage by a power of criminals that only think, by all strategies, all those who are not members of the CNDFDD, and particularly all those who dare to say a word about all the evils caused by this power to the Burundian people. Members of the defence and security bodies resulting from the ex Fab must know that the CNDDFDD power always keeps a tooth against them; It cannot miss any opportunity to eliminate them to stay with an army with only 100% CNDFDD. This visceral hatred is also reserved for few members of the former FNLs that remain within these bodies. For both groups, we advise very sustained caution because you are in front of wolves who only seek to devour you. The CNDDFDD power will never trust you because it knows that you are annoying witnesses of the crimes that it commits every day and is afraid that one day an opportunity will arise, so that you denounce them. That’s why to eliminate you one by one is a tactic designed by the CNDFDD military clique laboratory. Stay prudent until the day when the Burundians loving peace for everyone will get rid of this dictatorial and criminal power

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