Burundi: Belgium must assume full responsibility for the assassination of Prince Louis Rwagasore

Burundi: Belgium must assume full responsibility for the assassination of Prince Louis Rwagasore
October 13, 1961-13 October 2021, 60 years passed after the assassination of Prince Louis Rwagasore. He has succumbed from a bullet pulled by the Greek Jean Kageorgis. The latter was also killed shot on June 30, 1962; Other sponsors including Nidendereza and Birori, sons of Baranyanka, were hanged on January 15, 1963 after trials still disturbed by Belgian tutelage, the true sponsor of his assassination.
Brief bibliography of the prince
Born on January 10, 1932 in Gitega, he died on October 13, 1961. He was a prime minister a few months before the country gets independence. Heir Prince of Burundi at his birth, Prince Louis Rwagasore is the son of Mwami Mwambutsa IV and Queen Thérèse Kanyonga. In 1939, he started his studies at Bukeye’s primary school, then Kanyinya and Gitega. In 1945, he embarked on Rwanda, where he entered Astrida’s school group in Butare and spend 6 years. Back from Belgium after studies at the University of Anvers, he started his political life in 1956.
In September 1958, he founded the Union for National Progress (Uprona) to combat Belgians and claim the independence of Burundi. His father appoints him of Butanesera, thinking that the role of the royal family must transcend partisan policies, but Rwagasore renounces to devote himself entirely to the nationalistic cause.
At the first Congress of Uprona in March 1960, Louis Rwagasore claims the total independence of Burundi and encourages the people to boycott Belgian shops and refuse to pay taxes.
From October 27 to December 9, 1960, Prince Rwagasore is placed in supervised residence, while the communal elections must be held in mid-November. The purpose of its investment in housed residence was to handicap the Uprona, and prevent it from winning the communal elections. The goal is achieved: the communal elections are won by the PDC, backed by Belgium.
Rwagasore will win the legislatures on September 18, 1961, supervised by United Nations . He became Prime Minister of Burundi on 29 September 1961. He is murdered on October 13, 1961. It is said that his assassination was organized by Chief Baranyanka (member of the Royal Family) with other PDC party representatives. The shooter was a Greek named Jean Kageorgis. He will also be treated on June 30, 1962 and the independence of Burundi was proclaimed on July 1962.
Belgium is responsible for the death of Prince Louis Rwagasore
All the proofs are until today to show that Belgian colonization organized the assassination of Rwagasore. Just during the trial, Jean Kageorgis, the shooter who killed the prince, said that it is the Belgian tutelage which is the brain of this assassination, that it is only a simple executor. Witte’s Ludo sociologist later will say that the documents discovered in the United Kingdom National Archives would make it possible to conclude from the involvement of Belgian tutelage in the assassination of Prince Rwagasore. Many updated writings prove that as Patrice Lumumba of the Democratic Republic of Congo (former Zaire), the assassination of Prince Louis Rwagasore was planned by the Belgians. As they recognized their involvement in the death of Lumumba, it is time for Belgium to do it for Burundi to finally ask forgiveness and repair what remains to be repaired. But Belgium is not only responsible for the death of Rwagasore, it is also at the origin of the ethnic divisions that led to the genocides of Tutsis in Burundi in 1993 and Rwandan Tutsis in 1994, as well as other massacres ethnicity observed in the Great Lakes sub region in general. If Belgium had to pays, the bill would be heavy.
Burundi is partially independent
Yes, Burundians recognize the sacrifice of Prince Louis Rwagasore to lower the Belgian flag and hoist the national flag. It can also be said that chores, chick, eggs, cow’s milk and other valuables provided by Burundians to the white man stopped. But, we must also say that Burundians today suffer torture from Burundians like them; True Burundian settlers were born. The human insecurity experienced by Burundians, the multiple contributions imposed by the CNDDFDD power at the moment when they live an unnamed misery, the fear for their next day because of arbitrary arrests followed by imprisonment or murderer, the narrowing of the Political space and the deprivation of the right of expression, are all facts and actions that show that Burundi is not totally independent.
National independence is also the ability to defend and safeguard the entire territory of its country. Burundi has been amputated from much of its territory inherited from our ancestors. Colonization has yielded the Buha and the Bugufi to Tanzania following the Conventions Orts-Milner and Burundi has never benefited from any return from the Belbases mentioned in these conventions, but its territory remained attached to Tanzania until nowadays. Since the signing of these agreements in 1919, it says that King Mwambutsa has made a request to the Belgian guardianship for a retrocession of this territory in 1949 without obtaining an answer. Prince Louis Rwagasore would also have tried to get in touch with Julius Nyerere to settle this case; The latter has friendly advised him, as if to make him forget, to focus first on the acquisition of independence to resolve the problem afterwards. Probably he knew he will not survive and the case would be muffled. That’s what happened because the powers that followed have never done a single step forward to recover this territory which, it seems to be two-thirds of the current area of Burundi. Still huge losses for Burundi in which Belgium still has a primary responsibility.
Indeed, colonization has found a very strong monarchical organization and to impose its domination, it was necessary to weaken it. The fragmentation of the territory is also one of the strategies they have used. Part of ancient Burundi is in Tanzania; another is east of the DRC.
URN Hitamwoneza estimates that to arrive at the true independence of Burundi, we will have to recover these territories. We will also have to put pressure on Belgium so that it officially recognizes their responsibility in the many problems that would still know the Burundi as it did for the case of Lumumba in the DRC for the event of it. Request sorry for repairs. True independence will also go through the peace and security of all Burundians without exception. To get there, we must get rid of the CNDDFDD military clique that takes hostage the Burundian people and choosing us leaders able to unite all Burundians, the only way to make our ways heard to demand our territories unjustly amputated from the country by colonization. Why what happened between Somalia and Kenya who argued 100 thousand square kilometres of maritime territory in the Indian Ocean would not serve as an example? It comes back to Burundian who are victims of this injustice to get up and fight to get our territory back.

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