Burundi: Pierre Claver Nahimana tries to hide the genocide of Tutsis committed by the Frodebu in 1993 (UN Report S / 1996/682)

Burundi: Pierre Claver Nahimana tries to hide the genocide of Tutsis committed by the Frodebu in 1993 (UN Report S / 1996/682)
His name is Pierre Claver Nahimana, he is the President of the Frodebu Party, a party who has planned and executed the genocide of Tutsis in 1993, after the assassination of President Melchior Ndadaye. We allow ourselves to talk about  » Genocide ‘because it has been described as such by a report of a United Nations commission that made its investigations into what happened in Burundi in 1993 and released a report Written in 1996. Everyone can consult it, it is everywhere.
We say for the same opportunity that it is shameful and ridiculous to hear the president of this genocidal party, Pierre Claver Nahimana, ignore what his party did in 1993 and want to qualify, without reason and without the right to do so, of Hutus genocide, what everyone knows as the repression of Captain Michel Micombero, after the genocidal attacks of Hutu extremists disguised as rebels  » Mayi Malele  » in 1972 and who targeted all that’s called Tutsi and not forgot even to kill the babies in their mother’s womb. A practice that was repeated by the Frodebu hutus in 1993.
We do not know the responsibility of Pierre Claver Nahimana in this genocide of Tutsis 1993, but what is certain is that he was in adulthood and that he did not cross his arms when all the other Hutus were mobilized by Administrators to take machetes and lynching Tutsis with a goal of eliminating them all as such that young Hutu who were going to be born after would ask  » ‘what a Tutsi’ ‘looked like. God helping, Tutsis still exist in Burundi even though the CNDDFDD that took over almost silence them; One way to continue the genocide started in 1993. Moreover, it was these 1993 genocidaires who joined the rebellion to continue the work started under the political coverage of a struggle for democracy.
The information to our possession that we have obtained from the Frodebu environments and confirmed by some influential members of the CNDDFDD is that the Frodebu can join the CNDFDD next year in 2022. Indeed, it is known to all that the CNDFDD is derived from the Frodebu. And let both say defend democracy. That’s why, in his press conference, Pierre Claver Nahimana said that next year, Hutus will be remembered for the 50th year, from them killed by the Power Michel Micombero in 1972; And asked the CNDDFDD to have already completed to qualify as the « genocide of Hutus  » these killings of 1972. Pushed by its ethnic extremism, he goes by the fact that this power does not have the prerogatives.
This request was not randomly made; he already knew that this is the CNDFDD plan. The preparations began with the activities of the famous CVR (Truth and Reconciliation Commission) of Pierre Claver Ndayicariye. He crisscrossed the whole country seeking the remains of the victims of the 1972 crisis. Had the technical means to differentiate a bone from someone who was killed in 1972 of the one killed in 1993 or in 2015? No and no. This is not his problem. The hidden goal behind this work politically exploited by the CNDFDD that mandated him is to disappear all traces of the genocide of Tutsis organized and executed by the members of the Frodebu in 1993. The CVR of Ndayicariye asserts to have worked on the basis of information provided by the population who lived and attended the killings. However, this same population, under the administration exclusively CNDDFDD (as the 1993 administration was exclusively FRODEBU), was for the majority of the FRODEBU. These are these people who killed the Tutsis and they know where the common pits are in which they threw the corpses. This is a golden opportunity for them to get rid of the annoying elements, evidence of this genocide they committed.
URN Hitamwoneza finds unnecessary and ridiculous to remind Pierre Claver Ndayicariye and the CNDFDD who remotely cannot be eternally hiding the truth. She ends up bursting in the open. Yes, they can do it today because they have power. They are able to mount a lot of scenes to try to hide everything they have done since 1993 to this day, but tomorrow when they will no longer be power, everything will be unpacked and they will have to answer all the crimes committed.
We ask Pierre Claver Ndayicariye to jealously keep these unexpired bones. Tomorrow will come experts who will tell us exactly the exact periods of the assassination of the people they belong. That he is preparing rather (if he would still be alive) to answer this crime personally.
We are still asking all the Burundians anxious to know the truth about all the events that have taken our country, also anxious to see a country of peace for all, to bring together all their energies in order to chase power by all possible strategies., the CNDFDD military click; The only way to put all the crimes they committed and have always hidden and continue to hide until today.
We take this opportunity to inform you that throughout the week of October 20-27, 2021, we intend to publish, in the form of writings and testimonies, the maximum information on the genocide of Tutsis of 1993. We ask for this purpose to any Burundian who lived or seen these events unfold to transmit his story to share with others. The goal is to try to silence these high lie voices very high by the military clique of the CNDDFDD in power and its faithful (the Frodebu and others) so that the opinion hears / lies directly the observed or Calvary scenes lived. Let’s fight the lie at all costs because only the truth can save us.

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