Burundi: Have you vaccinated at your own risk

Burundi: Have you vaccinated at your own risk
This is the slogan that can be stacked in the Covid 19 vaccination campaign or simply in the campaign against Covid19 vaccine launched on October 18, 2021 by the CNDFDD military clique.
Indeed, it is Monday, October 18, 2021 that the first Burundians were vaccinated in Burundi against Covid 19. The vaccine provided by China was taken by a number of Burundians without the presence of any authority as mentioned. Some media, upon receipt of this vaccine on October 14, 2021, Dr. Thaddeus Ndikumana, Minister of Health had announced « will take the vaccine who wants » while specifying the categories that are priority: the health personnel, those who are older than 60 years and those with chronic diseases. But, all this world should first be registered on a list of anyone who wants it to be first drawn before bringing out the stock vaccines.
This criterion to be registered in advance, not only does it drag the operation, it excludes or discourages those who do not take the vaccine as one of the best manners against this pandemic, especially since the government does not intend to mobilize the people for taking this vaccine. On the other hand, the power of Gitega breaths the hot and the cold. From a moment, he says he has accepted the vaccine even if he does not campaign for his grip; On the other hand, it discourages those who intended to take it because they feel the need. Prime Minister Allain Guillaume Bunyoni went further by holding serious remarks on October 17, 2021 in Rutana, his home province. According to SOS Media, Mutama2 said: « Vaccinated people fell ill, even deceased. This sentence encourages the population to refuse to take this vaccine, especially that such remarks came out of the mouth of an authority of such a high rank.
This brings people to understand why no authority has arrived at the vaccination site to launch the campaign. Everywhere else in the world, and particularly in Africa, such campaigns have been launched by the Head of State or at least one high authority to give a good example to the rest of the population who hesitated on the effectiveness of the vaccine against COVID 19.
In Burundi, it is shameful to see the authorities discourage the people in this way, while they are vaccinated with theirs in a stash. It is said that President Evariste Ndayishimiye would have been vaccinated for a long time in one of his visits outside. If the information is not true, he was vaccinated in the US when participating in the 76th United Nations General Assembly held in September 2021 because no one could enter the conference room without having a certificate attesting that he has been vaccinated. He could not launch the vaccination campaign while he was already vaccinated. Allain Guillaume Bunyoni, after hearing such remarks, could not go launch the campaign. And we do not even know if he would not have himself vaccinated in a stash because according to our sources, some CNDFDD leaders have received the vaccine in some diplomatic representations present in Burundi, particularly in the Kenya Embassy.
URN Hitamwoneza once again reminds the Burundian people that the leaders of the CNDDFDD who lead it do not care about the interest of the country and its citizens, but each of them strives on its personal interests. The management of the Pandemic Covid19 will show that Burundi is led by a military click without vision. It is useless to remember that Burundi is among the three countries that have always trained their feet in the mobilization campaign of their peoples for the observance of barriers against this pandemic. Tanzania quickly caught up with the arrival of Madame Samia Suluhu Hassan after the death of John Pump Magufuli who showed an attitude similar to that of the power of Gitega. It will be difficult in Burundi to develop and the Burundian people to flourish with a power like that of the CNDFDD military click. It is therefore imperative to get rid of it as quickly as possible. All means are good to achieve this goal. Everyone is called to feel this need and to give his contribution, so small, to save what remains to save. Tomorrow may be too late.

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